Beginners: Choosing an Affiliate Marketing Method

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    What is the best method in affiliate marketing? What would you use if you had to start over? These are the types of questions that get asked a lot by people just beginning down the path of affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, there is no one single answer. What works for one person, might not work for you necessarily. But here are some things to look for and do when deciding on purchasing an affiliate marketing method.

    Look for methods and programs that have been around a few years.

    If you are just starting out, or if you have been struggling to make your first dollar online, seek out methods that have been around a few years. I am not saying new products and methods aren't viable, but beginners and those struggling need a method that has proven success over time. Some marketers will try to push a new method, saying the old ones are outdated. While things change continuously on the Internet, the authors of the older methods also update their methods to keep up with the changes. The methods have been around a few years because they simply work.

    Simple is often better

    Look for products and methods that will teach you basic concepts in an easy to understand way. Part of the affiliate marketing business is constantly learning. How are you going to know how to develop your system if you do not have a baseline to work with? Find methods that will walk you step by step through the entire process. Find methods that will teach you basics and how they all work together to bring in traffic and more importantly, bring in money.


    This really should go without saying, but research the method or product you are interested in. There will be a wide variety of people writing reviews or their thoughts about a product. Don't simply look at the first page on Google results. Go deeper. Get the good, the bad and the ugly on the method and make a decision you are comfortable with.

    Ask questions

    Once you invest in a method or program, you are going to have questions at some point. Ask the person you purchased the product from. Honest marketers promoting affiliate methods should either use those methods themselves or at least be knowledgeable about the method. They should be able to answer your questions or at the very least be able to point you in the right direction to get your answer.

    Work you chosen method every single day. If you only have one hour a day to work on your business, work one hour every day consistently. You aren't going to get rich overnight. It will take work no matter which method you choose. Work diligently and consistently exactly as the method is laid out by the author. Never give up. You will see results and you will begin to see your dreams of financial independence turn into reality.

    To Your Success!
  2. Good post, but at the end of the day it all boils down to traffic.

    It doesn't matter which affiliate method you choose or how good your website is promoting affilaite products - it all comes down to the amount of traffic you generate!

    Traffic = RESULTS
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    These are some great content! Like Barb said, Traffic is the key to making money on the internet. You need to be using several different traffic method. Find out which one you like doing and then you outsource what you don't like to do. It's that simple.
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    I would find products that have upsells and that can earn me over $200-$300 per customer. I would even go with products that will earn me recurring commissions.
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    I'm not a fan of Affiliate Marketing because i just think it is plain down right too hard (for me at least) I just stick to my surveys and free offers.
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    Only Traffic is not enough to promote a product. But, that traffic must be healthy and hygienic. What i'm trying to say the visitors must land in our site with the intention of buying products, instead of just crawling. So, it is also necessary to keep up our website more genuine and professional. Traffic can be generated in many ways through traffic exchange and so on. And those traffic cannot help us anymore and so genuine traffic is more important than simply traffic. Thanks.

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