Belief: Does It Play A Part In Your MLM/Biz Opp (Just Some Thoughts)

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Texas Jay Rillo, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. Texas Jay Rillo

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    No I am not talking about religious convictions, although I
    like to think that Jesus was one of, if not The First Network
    Marketer. :-D
    I'm talking about the belief you have/had that caused you to
    start your home business journey.
    I remember sitting at a meeting and listening to a guy speak
    who went to school with my mom and aunt.
    At the time, he was making $15K a month.
    I remember sitting there and thinking to myself,
    "If he can do that, I can do that."
    So it began.
    And I hit up my warm-market, my belief was quickly turned
    into doubt.
    I just didn't know people who were money motivated, driven,
    or more importantly, they didn't believe that they deserved
    I joined that biz opp. Had a little bit of success, but it
    quickly faded out.
    I had to return to my 40+ a week, hourly job to provide for
    the fam.
    Why didn't I just continue? Belief
    I didn't yet believe in myself enough.
    I didn't believe that I could reach out to others.
    I didn't believe that driven enough.
    I wasn't money motivated enough.
    The system works, if you work it.
    If you value yourself, and your loved ones enough, you will
    make it happen.
    Regardless of the product, or company you join.
    I write this to encourage anyone who may stumble upon this to
    be encouraged. Step back and take a breathe.
    Be honest with yourself.
    Write down your doubts, and then your "whys."
    Those are your strongest convictions that will keep you
    They've keep me in the game for 7 years.
    Lastly, the belief that is most important isn't what you'd
    think it is.
    It's not what you believe about the products you promote.
    It's not what you believe about the company you joined.
    It's about what you belive about yourself.
    Texas Jay Rillo
    P.S. Those close to you don't believe in you. What makes you
    think that they will believe in your product or company?
    Of those who read this, how many people in your warm-market
    have you actually ever sponsored?
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  2. A8ch

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    Believing in yourself is the fuel that keeps you going when the going gets tough.
    But that's all it is.
    And like fuel, by itself it is useless, until it is coupled with something else.
    Sitting around simply believing that you will succeed is not sufficient to get you success.
    You've got to add something to it.
    That means you've got to get involved, do your homework, make plans and take action.
    That's the only way to experience and appreciate the real benefit of belief.

  3. payment proof

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  4. Rachael Gorbutt

    Rachael Gorbutt New Member

    Belief is the core of network marketing. If it is breakable it is because we didn't have a deep enough belief in ourselves. It is tough to acquire. That being said, I feel as though belief is cyclical and has its ups and downs. Those that make it to the top have an unshakable belief in themselves and their futures.
    May we all have a deep rooted unshakable belief!
    Rachael Gorbutt
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  5. David J Horne

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    I have another theory... it aligns similar to yours, but...

    There are things called 'Limiting Beliefs'

    We all have them and most of us do not know we have them. It is something that has happened in your past that has stuck with you and has made you act the way you did.

    Knowing how powerful the subconscious mind is (note I am a scientist) - we seem to neglect it. Why because we don't understand it. Even now we all of our technology we are only scratching the surface.

    My Personal Limiting Belief
    I went to see someone about mine... I knew that something was stopping me.

    So... I was uber smart, genius IQ level, came top of my year at university, landed a 'dream job' that 1,000s applied for.

    However when I tried to do something on my own, I always failed!

    Why... a belief was holding me back and it came from a teacher. I would tell her my out of the box ideas and she would shoot me down. 'David stop living in Cookoo land, you will never achieve this!'

    Once I found that, acknowledged it - things have changed.

    I strongly suggest you to consider meditation and specifically repressed feelings.

    Should you have any further questions, please let me know

  6. NetMEmpowerment

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    Fantastic topic about belief. Great post, and some really great replies.

    Certainly our beliefs play a big part in everything, from whether or not we get involved, to how hard we work, to our longevity, and countless other aspects.

    Beliefs have deep roots in the subconscious mind, and most of them we did not consciously install ourselves.

    One quick example, many people believe essentially that money is bad. Most of those people did not consciously choose this belief system. Such ideals were picked-up somewhere along the way, and accepted as truth by the subconscious mind.

    A certain percentage of people who are not open to making more money, have belief issues about money. Another certain percentage may have belief issues about their own ability. Another certain percentage may have belief issues about opportunity. And so on, and so forth.

    After we get involved, our beliefs (again, subconscious) still run the entire show. Some people believe that possibly looking bad is WORSE than staying put in their current situation. Some people believe that their lack of results is outside of their responsibility etc. etc. Success is always and forever about mindset. Great topic!
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  7. YHBNet

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    Belief is a huge part. I think a lot of the motivational speakers tend to overstate or oversimplify things, but this one is really true... if you don't believe in yourself, your company, your product, your industry... you've got nothing.

    You will never be credible if you don't think you can succeed for whatever reason.


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