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    With the collapsed economy and millions unemployed or already in foreclosure, never has there been a better recession proof business opportunity than BellaHomes.

    Help people save their homes as well as stay in their homes, something not possible with a traditional foreclosure or short sale. Our unique service is like no other, and it is free, no cost, no obligation with simple easy application.

    Everyone knows someone who is facing foreslocure due to loss of job or illness, so reach out and help them stay in their home all at no cost or obligation. Watch the free webinar to learn more and see how easy this business model is, never mind how powerful it is received given no other option is available for those who do not want to be forced to move.

    With an unbelievable income potential, both short term, residuals and a large backend, this is the perfect full time or part time business. If you are facing foreclosure, evaluate it yourself before considering it as the best recession proof business there is, and I research them all.

    Success to all,

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  2. New Commercial Division Update:

    With the residential foreclosure cycle well defined with millions already in or are facing foreclosure, there is a fortune to be made helping your neighbors, freinds and business associates.

    Now here is the new collapse taking shape as we speak, the commercial foreclosure rate is exploding, just look around your local area, strip malls are empty, even major malls are running highes vacancy rates in history. Then look at manufactuing plants in U.S. market, it is a disaster and few have a clue how bad it is getting day by day.

    With our new commercial division, we can save these prime properties from foreclosure in the same manner as with our residential properties, but now we can go up to $7M in appraised value. Imagine what a representative can earn with just one $7M deal?

    There are millions of commercial properties of all different types which owners are barely hanging onto. Imagine saving these properties from the banks while also allowing them to reduce their overhead by 40% to 60% carrying costs while they wait for market to return. Would three years, or seven at half your mortgage amount help you retain your property?

    Success to all,
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    Bella Homes looks like a great solution for many in a foreclosure situation, and need additional income from a home biz opportunity. It should help many.
  4. Agreed,

    Having been in the industry, seeing the mortgage fraud issues first hand, and the greedy banks using fraudulent procedures to ram as many mortgages into derivities to be sold to whoever and whenever, and having made billions at the expense of the poor homeowners who are facing foreclosure, there is no better feel good business than this.

    Nobody likes banks, and it has never been worse than now since the facts have come out about all the bank fraud, never mind the bail outs of banks which has now been proven to be an even greater problem. All these big banks should have been left to fail for they will likely all fail regardless of the bail outs, so we, the tax payers will get screwed again and again.

    This new strategy will insure people get a fair deal and not be foreclosed upon since most banks could care less if they take your home and put you out on the street. Saving a persons home, allowing them the opportunity to cut their payments in half while they get back on their financial feet is what BellaHomes is all about, and I like that. The relief factor that someone is working in their best interest is immediate, and at no cost or obligation, the pease of mind and less stress is more important than the financial details.

    Success to all,
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    It does look like a good opportunity to get started with. I wish you lots of success with it.
  6. talfighel: It does look like a good opportunity to get started with. I wish you lots of success with it.
    Thanks a million, I appreicate it. I am working on several commercial accounts already through referrals, so time will tell, but so far, so good.

    Success to all, Mike

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