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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by sinner1919, May 6, 2006.

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    So you want to start your own business and want to know what the hottest markets are. Well here they are the best business ideas of 2006. These are what is hot right now and a great investment.

    1. Tea: This is one the hottest trends out there. Teas are offered in organic brands, mixes, and in individual bags. The health benefits alone will give you content to drive business your way.
    2. Online Specialty Foods: Many people are just not interested in hamburgers and hotdogs anymore. They want specialty dishes and recipes that they don??™t have to leave their homes for.
    3. Do-it-Yourself Meal Preparation: In the day and age where I want it all and I want it now there is this new way to get all your meals done for the month. Consumers pay to learn how to make a month worth of meals that are healthy and that they can freeze. This will save them tons of preparation time each night and make dining easy.
    4. One-Product Restaurants: this capitalizes on one specific type of food and all you can do with it. Sounds crazy but makes many millions.
    5. Chocolate Cafes: We all love chocolate and just can??™t resist. You can eat your profits all the way to the bank with this enterprise.
    6. Shredding: In the day of identity theft it is very good business to have a shredding company. Not only does this promote safety but can help the environment.
    7. ID Theft Prevention and Recovery: The rise in identity theft can offer many business opportunities. Providing safety for a fee is the way to go in this market.
    8. Hosted Security Provider: Get paid to keep other people??™s web sites free from hackers, spyware, Trojans, worms, and viruses. Many don??™t have the time to do it themselves so you can do it for them.
    9. Data Backup: Help others to back up all their data so they can retrieve it later if need be.
    10. Surveillance Camera: These are a hot item these days to be selling. With all the crazy people out there today every business can use one.
    11. Mobil Ad-Ons: This is one of the biggest of the big markets. Providing wireless users with toys for their cell phones.
    12. Aftermarket Accessories: This gives consumers new and fun items to spruce up their cell phones, iPods, and any other gadget they have.
    13. Home Staging: You can showcase a property that will increase the value to its owners and put lots of cash in your pocket.
    14. Senior Retrofitting: This will capitalize on the idea that older people will want to have their home remodeled to fit their needs instead of selling.
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    Nice post. But where is the link in your signature? Why don't you set up a website that tells people how they can get started in these opportunities???
  3. ebay_addict

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    amen to that getagrip!
  4. ebay_addict

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    Hey getagrip I like your website. Did you design it?
  5. getagrip

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    Quoting: ebay_addictHey getagrip I like your website. Did you design it?

    Well, sorta. It came with my Wealthy Affiliate membership, but I customized it to include products I was more familiar with, and to make it more SEO friendly. I also made some additional modifications to it.

    P.S. If you join Wealthy Affiliate and can't find the website in the members area, send me a "PM", and I can tell you where it is located. It was once in a very obvious place, but Kyle and Carson moved it when the came out with "Wealthy Affiliate Spaces" (which is kind of like Myspace, except only for Wealthy Affiliate members - so we can match faces with user names and stuff like that). [​IMG]

    Not long after I published the website, I had to PM Kyle to find out how to access the website since another individual from a different forum also inquired about it![​IMG]
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    Good post, some nice tips in there for sure.
  7. Anna

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    Agree with Andrew, a lot of people like myself always want to start off somewhere, but not exactly sure what markets are going to hit big in the near future. No one wants their business to fail so its worth starting with something that will make you some money! [​IMG]
  8. pgmf

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    Does anyone have the link for an online tea/coffee online business? Please provide.
  9. jseses

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    Google it pgmf...

    If you want to start off a business, the best thing to do is work out little niches.

    Go find a good keyword tool and play around with a few words. If tea is what you do...goto overture or the like and check tea. See what other combinations of the words come up.

    You might get alot of searches for a specific type of tea. Then go and google it. See the competition, what's available etc. Then simply do your research on the products you want to supply.

    You will most definately need to set a start off budget. Get in contact with a few web designers and the like from in this forum. Go from there.

    Niches are your best bet.
  10. Ashreine

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    How can people not from America or Canada participate in websites that, for example, pay you to finish surveys and the like if the websites do not even recognize where they are from?

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