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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by rcerrone, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. rcerrone

    rcerrone New Member

    Could anyone tell me the best place to find quality mlm leads. This company just launched and I am trying to help people get in at the top. Any info we be great. I did do a youtube video yesterday..
  2. wealthandhealth

    wealthandhealth New Member

    You should try to generate your own leads using web 2.0 marketing
    websites like facebook,myspace,twitter,and youtube you can also
    post ads on classified sites like craigslist and backpage.Thanks
  3. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    rcerrone: Could anyone tell me the best place to find quality mlm leads.

    There is no best place to find quality mlm leads.

    What your company can offer to the customers to resolve their problem.
  4. brandon123

    brandon123 New Member

    rcerrone: Could anyone tell me the best place to find quality mlm leads. This company just launched and I am trying to help people get in at the top. Any info we be great. I did do a youtube video yesterday..

    I've heard of the company you are involved with. I'm looking to get involved with them within the next few months. Since it has just launched and there are not too many people involved with it I would use some paid advertising, and all of the free stuff (blogging, article writing, video marketing, social networking, social bookmarking, forum posting, etc) There is a ton of stuff out here that you can use. Just make sure you try to cover as much of the internet as you can.

  5. bestbusiness

    bestbusiness New Member

    The best way to build a business quickly is by using pay-per-click ads. Check out some of Mike Dillard's offerings. If you're not familiar, you can check out my blog. Social marketing is great for free traffic, but it takes awhile to really get traffic and convert to leads. Buying leads is the least productive, but you'll still convert a few to customers and distributors. Don't forget good ole direct marketing through the mail. It all works, but to get targeted, interested people quickly, pay-per-click will be your best option. Just be careful to get some training before jumping in full-force because it can get expensive real quick.
    All the best!
  6. seeyalater72

    seeyalater72 New Member

    There's no magic formula for finding mlm leads. You can talk to 10 different successful online marketers and be given 10 different answers. The best thing you can do is check out some of the advice here on this forum and see which strategies work best for you and your service/product over time.
  7. earlcash

    earlcash New Member

    I would just ask people that I know and trust their outlook,their opinon
  8. samda

    samda Member

    Just have a signature in the forum and contribute to the community. You can get a good amount of leads from here....

  9. gregfleming7

    gregfleming7 New Member

    I would not recommend purchasing "work at home" or "MLM" leads as the quality of leads I've been getting lately has been terrible...even the ones that are supposed to be a few days old or phone interviewed have not been doing well. There's so much "junk" out there, I think the best place is to build some relationships around the various forums and social sites and try to get just a few "quality" people. I, also, am working with a "just launched" company and have been really successful going after just a few quality leads as opposed to just trying to sign up as many folks as I can. Best wishes with your new venture!
  10. Julsy

    Julsy New Member

    Also check out safelists and traffic exchanges, They can generate loads of targeted traffic! And there are 1000's of them on the web.
  11. moneyextreme007

    moneyextreme007 New Member

    Learn to Squidoo for MLM leads. Anyone can do it. It's simple, fun and it allows you to monetize your marketing. I've created some of my best MLM leads through Squidoo.
  12. Larenz02

    Larenz02 New Member


    To ensure a successful MLM business, one needs to come up with multi-level marketing leads which may come in form of the warm market, as a referral, self-generated or even purchased. You should be able to turn these leads into hot prospects which can be seen as both a skill and an art.
  13. moneymagnet23

    moneymagnet23 New Member

    As you can see everyone in this forum has different opinions, the good news is they all work. The question you have to ask yourself is how much time, money and effort you want to put into getting your leads.

    The obvious answer is the least amount of time and money , to get the most amount of leads. If you don't want to spend any money, articles and facebook and the likes are good. Classified ads are also good.

    Also, keep in mind, you don't only have to market online. there are also a tone of offline marketing things you can do such as carmargnets.
  14. kesharn2

    kesharn2 New Member

    I think Google Adwords is the best way to get quality leads too. But you must learn it. I mean really learn it through and through or you will lose a lot of money. There are certain secrets and "tricks" to profiting from Google Adwords. When you think you're ready to add more strategies to your belt go Google!
  15. jeffathome

    jeffathome New Member

    Do a little bit of everything listed here and you will have a ton of traffic. You will find some methods work better for your company than others so you will be able to focus on those methods.
  16. 2x2Prosperity

    2x2Prosperity New Member

    All of the above ways mentioned are good, but go for quality over quantity.

    Get quality leads by knowing well what your product is, how it can help people, and presenting it in places where those specific buyers are more likely to be. That's targeted traffic.

    I wouldn't go for paid leads as you don't necessarily know the quality of them or if they are likely targeted to what you have to offer.

    Go for quality because those people in turn will be able help your business grow much much more. Also, it will be easier to manage and help fewer quality members then an uncommitted mass, who aren't likely to benefit you or themselves so why waste time? Work effectively and yes, PPC, while very effective, will steal your wallet if you don't know what you are doing.


    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    I can tell you that one of the best places to find leads are those around you. They don't have leads worded on their forehead, you have to recognize them. If you know your product and believe in it then you should be able to share it with someone. Give a sample to someone who you think could use one. Ultimately, you'd want to see product get into customers hands so why not just share it with them? That way the prospect can see, feel, or experience first hand the benefits of using your product. What this does is it takes out of the equation the remembering any info you gave them, the wondering if the product has any worth, the task of ordering and waiting for the product just to try it and hoping they don't feel that they were being sold. It would be a good start while working on your online marketing. Wish you the best.
  18. Kurt Henninger

    Kurt Henninger New Member

    Self generated leads are the best quality.

    In terms of free marketing:
    - Articles
    - Press Releases (since its in early launch)
    - Search Engine Optimization

    For Paid traffic:
    -PPC (on any of the major search engines)
    -Ezine Ads

    That should be it for starters.....You'll get way more than 35 leads a day if you execute all of those.
  19. Esngong

    Esngong New Member

    Don't depend on what the company has to offer. If you want people to join MLM's it would have to be people who are not familiar with the internet marketing world
  20. kyrash

    kyrash New Member

    bestbusiness: The best way to build a business quickly is by using pay-per-click ads.
    Before going for pay per click do your due diligence or you migth be loosing the shirt on your back. Cheers

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