Best Way to Learn How to Build Websites?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Hosting' started by jjandry03, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. jjandry03

    jjandry03 New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a college student and love the idea of sitting at home in my free time and making money, instead of say, going to the bar. What is the best way to teach myself to build websites?

  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Build your own website by referring to websites like W3schools, Webmonkey , you will get some practical experience.
  3. deuce23

    deuce23 New Member

    You could also try using premade templates and learn the codes to change it up to your liking. I use Joomla and it's great.
  4. webcomsystems

    webcomsystems New Member

    It's really not that difficult to learn HTML, most people could learn all the basics in a weekend.
    If you wanted to go further you could learn CSS. is a great starting point.

    [Link removed - Admin]
  5. slenderdog

    slenderdog New Member

  6. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Believe it or not I have built a website of over 200 pages and I still don't really know how to do it. [​IMG] I do know how to do a bit of html now within the body of my pages, but the majority of it, I don't know (or care) how to do. Is that disgraceful?

    My site is about chocolate candy, which I love, but I didn't know the first thing about web design, etc. I found a company that has all the software integrated to allow you to build an online business by following a step-by-step guide and downloading video tutorials. I love it. I just sit back and create the content.

    If you build yourself a nice content based site, the traffic will automatically be generated by the search engines, saving you that headache, and you can just choose the types of methods you want to monetize the site (like Google Adsense, affiliate links, selling a service, selling hardgoods, referals and finders fees, to name a few).

    It is a lot of fun, and much better than wasting your time and money and youth at a bar. You could have a legitimate business for many years to come.

    Go for it.
  7. surferket

    surferket New Member

    If you don't want to learn html then you can tryout and they have video to teach you how to built that website.
  8. Bigrich

    Bigrich New Member

    if you go to my url on the cool page site there is a link for free website stuff
  9. acenos

    acenos New Member

    The best way to learn how to build a site is to get yourself a nice template from somewhere online. You can find a good template for around $25. Then get yourself Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is a really powerful web design program that lets you manipulate code, or you can cut and paste images or type in your content and the program will code it for you automaticly. It's a great way to start out, and actually it's how I got started. You can find an older version of dreamweaver cheap, or you can get it odd Limewire. Good luck.
  10. federline

    federline New Member

    Dreamweaver is very expensive is there another bit of software on the market that is reasonably priced and allows to you to modify and build new web sites.

  11. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    You can use FrontPage and there are other free softwares available
  12. LuckyRon

    LuckyRon New Member

    I like to use "Lycos tripod" you can have a FREE website that is supported by banner ads. It is very customizable with lots and lots of templates. You can add sound and video and all kinds of cool stuff. I had a site for selling global lottery tickets before the U.S. government cancelled online gambling. My site address is [Link removed - Admin].
  13. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Google "free html editor". If you don't want to learn html, grab a WYSIWYG editor. If you do want to learn html, do not grab the WYSIWYG editor, but do get a non-WSIWYG editor.

    Then go to and take the html tutorial. Later on take the CSS tutorial. Finally, expand into graphic design, layout, and web scripting.

    Plan on spending the better part of a full year learning and mastering these skills.

    Best of luck,
    Newbie Shield
  14. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    PS. Notepad works fine. I've used it many times to program in several different languages.
  15. klock75

    klock75 New Member

    Using some kind of web site development tool that has a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is a great way to learn. That is, if you are actually concerned about knowing HTML. These progs will allow you to easily create the page as if you are making a brochure in MS Word and then you could click the HTML tab and see the resulting HTML to give you a better understanding of how it's accomplished behind the scenes. I started that way then ended up using Notepad after awhile.

    The problem with those tools is that if SEO is what you are after, they create huge files with a lot of unnecessary code and footprints. They often use tables instead of CSS. Basically the code is ugly and like sifting through mud when search engines crawl it. But again, it is a great way to get an understanding of HTML which after all is the basics.

    If you want to just pump out web sites fast and don't care how to code there are other tools that exist that you can trust are producing quality code in the background. I switched to this route, it's much quicker than using Notepad.
  16. LuckyRon

    LuckyRon New Member

    I tried dreamweaver but it seems like you really need to be dedicated to grasp it. I felt like I should be looking for a night class to help me through it.

    Building a site is one thing but building one that is attractive to web crawlers and search engines is quite another.
  17. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    That's exactly why I am so happy with SBI. I don't HAVE to learn the code. They have what they call a "block builder" that you just choose what you want to add to each page, headline, text, photo, link, etc., and place it in the block. They build all the fancy code for you.

    And, I can trust them to do it the best way for the engines to spider, too. They also analyze each page for me to make sure that it has the right amount of keywords and content.

    I basically build my page in notepad and then just copy and paste it into the blocks as appropriate. Makes my life easier by far.

    I will say this, though. Some people LIKE building the pages themselves in Frontpage or Dreamweaver or whatever. In those cases, SBI lets them upload their own html but still offers all the extra services to them. Maybe one day I'll get that good, but until then, I'll stick with my building blocks. [​IMG]
  18. affiliatesheree

    affiliatesheree New Member

    A WYSIWYG like NVU (free to download) is an cool way to learn HTML because you can go back and forth 2 the site and see what it looks like.

    On my site, I have free website videos that teach you how to do a whole bunch of different HTML codes in little 3-10 minute modules.

    He goes back and forth from notepad to the browser and shows you all kinds of cool tricks you can do with HTML.

    There's also stuff in there ahbout SEO so your site can be seen.

    I recommend those videos to all of my team who want to learn HTML. Very easy to learn when you have visual aid.

    There's nothing like the power of a video for learning, I think.

    [Link removed - Admin]
  19. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    If you are actually interested in learning html and css, you can do it for free at Just go through the free html tutorial. Then if you really want to, you can take the other coding tutorials for free as well.

    Newbie Shield
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  20. bob022

    bob022 New Member

    Here's a great site that has videos on all sorts of web design including html. this site is a [Link removed - Admin]

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