Binary Options Anyone?

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by luckynas, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. luckynas

    luckynas New Member

    Has anyone here ventured into binary options and what has been their experience just saw something on it and considering trying it out but dont know much about the business yet, any pointers?
  2. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Maybe you should go into Google and do a search for it. I don't see any replies to your question here yet.

    There is so much info in Google that you will probably be overwhelmed with info, both good and bad.

  3. winsten

    winsten New Member

    Binary options results from two condition that is dependent upon the target. Either you hit the target or you miss the target. Example, whether DJ will end up in the red or not. An options basically limit the amount of losses that you can possibly incur by rendering your bets to zero upon expiry without the need to top up to maintain margin.

    I have traded forex, stocks and futures for a couple of years using my own savings. To be honest, I have lost at least a few hundred thousands. It is not easy to make money from these trading unless you happen to be a very discipline person and have vast understanding of basic economics, marco econs, company financial statement, GDP, CPI, commodities pricing and more.

    When we discuss about forex currency pairs, are you aware that when commodities prices falls, Aussie dollars drop? Why is that so? Because Australia is one of the major exporter of commodities, when prices of commodities drop it affects the Aussie dollar negatively. How about when Company reports better than expected results, why does it drop in share price? This is because the expectation of beating estimate has already been factor into the pricing and when the actual news is out, the big boys exit their position to take profit.

    The above are just some of the simple example which you need to know to even begin to learn about binary option trading. Please take note that binary option trading can be regarded as gambling as it is a zero sum game. For you to make a 0.95 cents, someone have to lose a dollar. The broker house will profit the difference in spread for their profits.

    If you intend to use this as a single source of home based income, my advice is to reconsider your choice. Maybe you can diversify your income stream. If you need more help, let me know again via this forum. I will try my best to reply you soonest. But I believe there are also other forum members who are experience enough to give you some guidance on this.
  4. jonabrown77

    jonabrown77 New Member

    Do you guys know/use any site that has a minimal deposit that is lower than 50$.
  5. jonabrown77

    jonabrown77 New Member


    Forex software?

    I was thinking about using some trading software such as Forex Megadroid or Fap Turbo software. Has anyone used any of this software at all? I did find this PDF on the Forex Megadroid which is helpful ( Unfortunately all of the "reviews" on the web look like affiliates..
  6. Jim Profit

    Jim Profit New Member

    Hi, guys! [​IMG]

    Anyone tried for binary options yet? They say they pay out 95% profit on winning trades which is substantially more than all other binary websites (I have used any option before which pays about 71%) and marketsworld are licensed in Great Britain??
    Are they a new site?
    I had not heard of them until recently.
  7. mmartinez

    mmartinez New Member

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  8. dean123

    dean123 New Member

    I like marketsworld too. I wish stock markets stayed open over the weekend. Gone are the days when stores shut on Sundays. Stock exchanges should get with the times.
  9. Kyle_K

    Kyle_K Member

    From what I have heard about binary, it is not something for me. The program I am with the compensation is clear and straight forward. There are not break aways, no balancing acts and no tricks. I get paid as much as 21% on my customers and 7% on theres. That's clear to me.
  10. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    People make money at trading binary options, options, stocks, forex etc. And people lose money at it. Just like any venture. Finding a good reliable source to help you get trained and do good trading transactions is the key.

    Search around for sources with a good track record and training and that should help you succeed.
  11. Laura Diaz

    Laura Diaz New Member

    I Hi have been trading binary options for a while now, and yes one of the most important step is selecting a good broker, i trade in VIP Binary and i recommend them 100%, you personal broker support, and in VIP binary withdrawals are right on time, which i think is the most important fact in binary options.
  12. amicof

    amicof Member

    I have done some binary option trading...yes...
    Well, it all depends on how passionate you are about the stock market...
    If you know nothing about it, it's ok. However, in order to be successful at trading binary option you need to invest a lot of time, money (trial and error) and energy.
    If you are determined to explore binary options as a way to make money online, I suggest you make an initial investment that gets you access to "free trading" alerts from professional and experienced traders.
    That's the only way to have a chance if you're a complete beginner.

    Finally, please be adviced that trading is like betting. Eventually it's going to increase your stress levels and possibly become addictive (depending on your personality). So be careful...
  13. vinnyqua

    vinnyqua New Member

    I actually looked into Binary options once, but I felt it was too risky. Its almost like playing the lottery, quick draw. You would have to know like every little thing about a business in order to do an option and feel comfortable with putting in your own money towards it.
  14. Adrian

    Adrian Member

    Binary Options can pay off, if you are lucky. May I suggest going with a reputable broker like NADEX. They are the only binary options broker based in america, and they are also regulated by the government. Almost all other binary options brokers are based over seas.
  15. Binary options are a perfect 21st century investment. They are user friendly, internationally available and technologically advanced. They incorporate the simplicity of regular options with above average profits. They are unique and growing in popularity among the trading community and anyoption™ is leading the way in the binary option trading market.
  16. Carlos Garcia

    Carlos Garcia New Member

    Has i said before it will depend on how serious you are about them and how good is the broker your dealing with i recommend Vault Options. But anyways you can go and take binary options as a game and then expect to earn a huge profits, or worst, go out there guessing cause when you do binary options that way you are definitely gambling, since your investing your money blindly.
  17. Mary Stevens

    Mary Stevens New Member

    Well my best advice is to invest your time before investing your money (try to learn has much as you can about the market), also try demos accounts first before hitting the real deal and last but must important trade with reliable brokers, Vault Options, 24Options, Nadex,,, just to mention a few.
  18. SeanDavidson

    SeanDavidson New Member

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the current issues with the CFTC out of the U.S. and currency trading for US citizens? Some of the bigger name binary brokers are now turning away U.S. customers. Think this will spill over to the rest of the brokers? Can they actually classify Binary Options as the same things as Forex which is where the regulation issues lie?

    Been looking around and can't find much insight into it.
  19. MarieA73

    MarieA73 Member

    There are many investments not available to U.S. citizens due to the nanny-state regulations. However, there are also many scams located offshore so caveat emptor. Our company, Outlandish, allows people to open up brokerage accounts for their offshore business structure which can invest in all kinds of things not available in the U.S. including binaries and cfd's.
  20. whitney black

    whitney black Member

    I've never tried about it but I always hear people talk it about it like it will make you alot of money, try it and see .

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