Binary options, how easy is it to win money?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by DominiqueB, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. DominiqueB

    DominiqueB New Member

    I’m thinking about moving onto binary options to make some money, how easy is it to win on say binary options trading? Please give valuable suggestions.
  2. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Trading can be rewarding if one has the discipline for it. Binary option trading can give you some of the biggest returns with the fast trades with minimal risk but it's still a game of discipline.

    I've always liked trading options and network marketing. Two of the most powerful leverage income generate means that one can implement. Neither yields success without putting in work and study.
  3. Lamilla45

    Lamilla45 New Member

    No doubt it is good, one of my friend have great experience with it..
    I also prefer Trading options..
  4. Adrian

    Adrian Member

    Binary Options can be a way to earn a nice ROI. However in my personal experience with Binary Options, it was more of a gamble. To me it seems that the odds are stacked in favor of the brokers. I would advise anyone who trades Binary
    Options to do so with caution.
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  5. ibuzzmentor

    ibuzzmentor Member

    Binary options are WORSE than a casino. It is an unregulated industry. The spreads are awful and you are betting against the broker who is not regulated. Who do you think it going to win at that. Also NEVER trade forex with a dealing desk. Again they are taking your bets and will do nasty things to shake you out. If you must trade forex trade with a non dealing desk like IB or MB trading. Or just trade equities. Our software has been sold since 2005 with no complaints out there. It is fully automated and makes trading stocks a potential boon for the person who uses the software properly. Please save your money with binaries. I worked on the floors and the market makers will bleed the public dry. Binary market makers are just bookies.
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  6. Carlos Garcia

    Carlos Garcia New Member

    In my opinion they are great, the problem is that many people jump in with out doing their homework, you to invest you time before invest your money, and trade with a proper broker that actually helps you in a make money, i have a great experience trading with Vault Options.
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  7. Mary Stevens

    Mary Stevens New Member

    I have to agreed with Carlos just last week i made 2.3K with Vault Options and already withdraw my profits, the problem that most of the people compare binary options with casinos is because they don't know what they are doing
  8. Anniediva

    Anniediva New Member

    I am new to binary options myself but I was really lucky on my first trade. I don't know alot about it but I must say I was happy that there is a trader (live body) assigned to help you make money. The person that contacted me seemed really helpful and we hit it off right away. She gave me some good advice and gave me the locations of more information to expand my knowledge. I just say take advantage of any help the system wants to give you.
  9. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I would actually go to my local book store and see if I can get my hand on a book that talks about this subject.

    You don't want to jump into this without knowing what you are doing. You need to learn from someone who has done really well and take their advice.

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