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Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by riftarawahm, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. riftarawahm

    riftarawahm New Member

    I just picked up Steve Harvey's Act Like A Success Be A Sucess and I'm loving it, was hoping I could get some more good motivation/success books. So what is your favorite?
  2. Sam Britton

    Sam Britton New Member

    I have many favorites but the 2 books that have inspired me the most in the last few years have to be - Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kyosaki and Beach Money by Jordan Adler

    There are many out there that can transform your way of thinking, just gotta read at least 10 pages a day!
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  3. SandraGJ

    SandraGJ Member

    My two personal favorites would be ''The Secret'' by Rhonda Byrne and ''Think and Grow Rich'' by Napoleon Hill. I highly recommend reading these two books, especially to those who have doubts and lack motivation and inspiration in life.
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  4. JohnC

    JohnC New Member

    I love the books mentioned so far.

    For me I had self made barriers based on my fears and I felt that I had to get over those barriers before I could really start pursuing my goals and dreams.

    To me working on yourself and continuously improving is like building a tower or pyramid, you've got to have a strong and stable base before you can reach higher levels. So for me I had to face many of my fears and I need help with that. To illustrate if you read a bunch of business books while you still have anxiety and fear talking to people and then try to enter the market you will likely run home after a few rejections from clients or mistakes on your part. This was definitely my experience.

    This all started to change after listening to Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers. To me this was the base of my tower and helped me to continue building skills on top of my base. In the CD Susan says that fear is inevitable and that even those that appear fearless in their actions have some level of fear associated with their lives. The secret about your fears is that if you don't face them you will live in a fearful and powerless life. I can't recommend this CD (and she has a book with the same title) enough.
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  5. Sam Britton

    Sam Britton New Member

    I love the stable base thing John. Mine was 'you can heal your life' by Louise Hay. This book got me moving in the right direction years ago.
  6. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    I always recommend these two The slight Edge and the Compound Effect. They are kinda similar but gives you a solid foundation you can build on.
  7. Sam Britton

    Sam Britton New Member

    To me they are the missing link in The Secret!
  8. tmorrison

    tmorrison Member

    My favorite Book is the - The Secret! I constantly go back to it for guidance.
  9. Altairose

    Altairose New Member

    My suggestion is "Rich Dad, Poor Dad".
    I also suggest live workshops like Eric Worre, he is Network Marketing Pro - lots of stuff on!!! Moreover, he is in Vienna, Austria this month to give a 3 day seminar June 26-28, so - if you want, I have spare ticket! :)
    Good luck!
  10. phans

    phans New Member

    My is: "Get Paid To Play Lottery Even If You Never Win" By Mike Caruana.
  11. John_Moore

    John_Moore Member

  12. Claire93

    Claire93 Member

    My favorite is
    Think and Grow Rich;)
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  13. Georgerocker

    Georgerocker New Member

    The Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn
    It's possible to learn and grow from every experience. The authors help readers understand that every season is necessary and valuable-even winter, when life seems harsh and your actions unfruitful.
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  14. Muzzamil

    Muzzamil Member

    I would recommend you to read "48 Laws of Power", "Rich dad Poor dad", "how to win friends and influence people", "the 50th Law", "deep work", and "mastery." If you want to me to recommend you more books that I personally read and that have really helped me, let me know. Good Luck!
  15. TniComRec

    TniComRec Member

    Someone in our company recently wrote a book called "WAH Professionals" by Micaa Miles (I think you can find it on and CreateSpace Estore as well as other places. She discussed the work at home lifestyle and the different things you can do to work at home. There are no jobs in there. It is more for an understanding of the work at home person. Good, easy read. You should check it out. Even if you don't, you can still leave a review on Amazon.
  16. Emily Yu

    Emily Yu New Member

    My two favorite are Think and Grow Rich - Napolen Hill,
    The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - Dr. joseph Murphy
    These are amazing books. Totally changed my life! I'm reading it over and over. It's great every time.
    You'll love it too!
  17. tuongan

    tuongan New Member

    My favorite book is the "Think and Grow Rich"

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