Brand Marketing? BALONY and CHEESE!

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by skywriteing, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. skywriteing

    skywriteing New Member

    You may have heard about "Branding" as the key to marketplace success......
    Yes, its true, Tide, Nike, and a few others get thier way into your heart with a commercial every 2 minutes.
    But for the rest of us without that kind of money to burn...forget it.

    Your ad will be read one time. Once. Your goal is to make that one reading pay. Don't waste your time with your family name or an expensive logo, or even your company name. NOBODY CARES what your company is called. They are looking for answers to questions.

    SO, START your ad with YOUR answer!

    "New toilets installed before guests arive!"

    "Roofs fixed before in rains again!"

    "Checks will show up in your mailbox un-announced!"

    "Banks will send you this notice: Dear Sir: FDIC will only insure your checking account to $100,000. For your safety, please open another account."

    Did you wonder about the name of my company when you read those ads?
    Didn't think so.

    Stop what-ever you were thinking about marketing and learn about direct response marketing.

    Chuck Masterson
    USBison Consulting
  2. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Welcome to the forum, Chuck!

    Your post highlighted a very effective advertising tactic: Grab the viewer's attention by presenting the solution to their problem in your headline or opening statement.

    The way you made your point got me to click on your Web site link to learn more, which I'm sure was the response you intended.

    But then you stepped on your foot when you took me to a site that was Coming Soon.

    So, I would add another point to your fine post: Always make sure every critical element of your campaign is in place BEFORE you click Send. It avoids questionable impressions of your attention to detail and potential loss of business.

  3. bayaba

    bayaba New Member

    He has some good headlines and good ideas there i'm going to have to implement some of those in my marketing strategies
  4. The idea is valid, but your link is completely misleading...
    It's a lure for related websites, but has NO CONTENT of it's OWN.
    So you should be more up front with what you are selling...ADS
  5. skywriteing

    skywriteing New Member

    Good guessing guys. But they were still guesses. My post was the entire lesson. I sell Buffalo Jerky. Not marketing lessons.

    The headline got your attention and you read it.
    Hopefully you'll hear it many times more.

    USBison is a tag I use in my offline consulting.
    My advice is not for sale on-line.
    That's where I make my money.

  6. johnnyappleseed

    johnnyappleseed New Member

    You make a good point, I am just slightly disapointed that there is no baloney and cheese. Maybe I will start my own baloney and cheese website to fill the void.
  7. mangozoom

    mangozoom New Member

    Building a brand is important so are big headlines like baloney and chesse

  8. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    mage sure you grab the "bologna and" domain name, so nobody can steal all the great traffic you will get with the irresistable combination of Baloney and cheese.

    Even better, perhaps, than "chocolate and peanut butter", "Fred and Ginger...", etc..

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