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Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by mommajoy9, Dec 27, 2012.

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    As an incredibly busy stay at home mom for 27 years when I began my at home business a few months ago I had a few goals. Of ocurse, I desired to be successful personally but I also wanted desperately to encourage others around me to make the futures of their own families brighter by joining my team and working together.

    I feel that my first "right move" was finding a company with quality products that I believe in. My at home business is built around health and beauty products that are all natural and really work. After trying the products and being completely blown away with their effectiveness I chose to build a home business with them. I began by sharing my health success with family and friends. I then sat down and worked up a plan to help others build their own successful home businesses.

    There are a few things that I believe have been most helpful in creating success quickly for my business.
    *Truly desiring to build a team by enrolling members and placing them strategically to HELP others on my team.
    *Daily placing testimonials on not only my personal facebook page, but also the pages of those who have joined my TEAM.
    *Texting product information and testimonials to my team members on a regular/daily basis.
    *Having a regularly scheduled weekly meeting where training for team members and introduction to products and business is done for all guests.
    *Sending regular emails and or texts/facebook messages to customers: letting them know that I am concerned with their success with the products and answering any questions. Communication!
    *Monthly parties to celebrate promotions of everyone on the team.
    *Pushing the team idea: building a team facebook page, constant communication and really helping all members of the team.

    I believe that my quick success is attributed to quality products and unselfish business building. Too often the "me first" mentality ends up ruining a home business because instead of helping to build the dreams and lives of others we become too focused on personal success.

    By following this strategy I have been able to build a profitable home business in just about 4 months and we are growing daily. The real joy though is in seeing those I love having success as well!
  2. getagrip

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    Glad to know things are going well. Sounds like you are taking the right approach! ;)
  3. Adrian

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    It really sounds like you are on the right path to success mommajoy9. The only way to truly be effective in Network Marketing is by providing successful DUPLICATION and motivation throughout your team. Judging by your post it looks like you are well on your way to the top.Much success to you mommajoy9.
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    Very useful post, Mommajoy9!

    By immersing yourself in activities that support and encourage your team members to realize their own success, you inevitably create your own success. Giving is an essential and immutable aspect of getting. I would say that your success is assured. Good for you!

  5. payment proof

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    Great post mommajoy9!

    I've been helping people make money online for over 6 years and I have always taken a team approach. Teamwork can really pay off!
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    I just start a new thread with this video in it but I cannot say enough about how inspiring it has been for me. I hope everyone shares it with their teams Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action None of us will ever be truly successful
    unless we understand and implement this simple strategy.
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    It is never an individual who succeeds especially in a workplace, but a team which succeeds, that is true team spirit.
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    I know this is an old thread but it is a good one! I love your list of things that you do to help your team! Great advice :)
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    An old thread here in the forum.

    Seems to me that she was and hopefully still doing well. Take her advice and you too can succeed.
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    I wonder how shes doing now? haha

    Great old post! I'll definitely put those into my notes
  11. PeterMFL

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    I really think doing Team Webinars and havee everyone contribute really helps to build a great close team.
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  12. Robin Bull

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    Those can be helpful. I use an online collaboration tool to talk with clients and teach new writers the best methods to find gigs. It's great.

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