Bulk Email..... (Does it still work these days?)

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by dominoe239, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. dominoe239

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    I want to get into a home business... one that will only coast a consumer $100-200 (i know somebody isnt going to dish out $997 for edc because of an email). I found a bunch of services offering millions of targeted emails at low prices, and im wondering if they work. I heard that the best bet is to not be cheap and go for the double opt in emails which are about 1.00 a piece. Any opinions on the emailing "numbers game" approach?
  2. montyauto

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    So far as my exp the Google Adwords and Email Marketing are the best effective ones.
    Yes it is not cheap but both are the best method as I know.
  3. pcwork

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    The millions of emails are not going to be targetted and you could get blacklisted by your ISP for spam.
  4. catfly

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    I tried those 'FREE OPT IN EMAILS' ......a waste of time they bounce back 40-70% of the time. sent off a few hundred over a few days and got nothin!

    I haven't tried double opt in ones...where do you get them?

  5. Cenay

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    Double Opt-In email addresses are available from services like AutoProspector, but they are expensive. I created a capture page (explaining my opt-in offer) and setup an autoresponder. I send all requests for more info to a list/track in my autoresponder account. They get an email from the autoresponder that they HAVE to validate in order to get your "whatever/free ebook/article/info".

    I pay $19.95 a month for the auto responder service, but THEY work to keep in compliance so I don't lose my ISP. I advertise on Google and pay between 0.05 an 1.50 per "lead" I generate, depending on the keywords I advertise for. Home Based Business keywords are pretty expensive, but other, smaller niches are a nickel.

    Just a thought. Hope this helps. Email me if I can explain it further for you.

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