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    After reading through his guide for article marketing etc. I understood everything except for the part on how an article from ezine or what not gets page ranked? Sure he writes the article on a niche that has little information on a subject, writes a small how to and then he publishes it. He goes into detail how he got to the top ranking site for a how to on a PSP. My question is how did he himself get page ranking for the article he submitted to the article site.
    - I fully understand at the bottom of the article there is links to his affiliate type site, but how does one go about getting page ranking for a submitted article? does it just hit big?


    The link to the article:


    and the site for bum marketing tips

  2. aplina

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    in my understanding ,you have to research , and see what keywords has abig demand.
    then you can write . alot of people are looking for how to do things .
  3. Marktech

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    Maybe part of the answer to you question is that autonomous programs or "spiders" from google and others constantly crawl the internet looking at pages. They rate pages on relevance. If the body of your article matches the title, you have the right keyword density in your article, (4-5%), etc., then the spiders give the article a "thumbs up".
    Your article is deemed relevant to your keyword title, therefore, if someone types in your title, (keyword phrase), into google - your page comes up.

    Also if a lot of other pages on the web link to a page or article, that boosts page rank, (although articles usually point to pages and not the other way around.

    Hopefully this makes some sense, I'm sure others can help clarify.
  4. getagrip

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    Basically, when you are submitting articles to an ezine, that ezine already has a page rank, and you can feed off that ezine's page rank for your article to get a higher ranking in the search engines.
  5. BillyPilgrim

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    Exactly. I've gotten on the first page in an insanely competitive niche. The problem is they tend to drop after a time. That's why I'm using a slightly different method.

  6. opendomain

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    I would definately BLOG the hell out of whatever article you want to stick on top. Also drive traffic there helps, especially when people comment on your articles.

    I've written political articles and had people cross over to my business reviews and such so that is another angle you can take.
  7. dmitch31

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    The point is to make the title of your article be the same as a long tail keyword that is not very competitive but gets a significant amount of searches. Then, if you're lucky, it might be at the number one spot in a couple of weeks. It's not a sure thing. It's try it and hope. He's had some successes. I'm sure he's had several articles that didn't rank well, but you've got to go through the ones that don't work to get to the ones that do.
  8. westfam11

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    I love the newsletter I get from Travis and his
    Bum Marketing. He gives a lot of helpful ideas
    and real help at no cost.

    Becky West
  9. bosco

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    Sorry for getting to this party so late.


    Getagrip answered the question that was asked, but I think others answered what JTMx29 really meant.

    I think he was asking about how to get a top listing on a search, but he called it page rank. Getagrip was right, of course, that the sites you submit to are already ranked.

    The article write doesn't have anything to do with that. The idea is to submit to highly ranked sites, like ezinearticles.com. Their high page ranking helps to get the article writer a first page listing.

    Like dmitch31 said, you want to find keywords that have a decent amount of people searching for it, but that don' t have a lot of websites, articles, etc., optimized for it.

    Long tail is often the way to go. That means more words, Instead of shoes, red tennis shoes, would be longer tailed. But there are plenty of shorter keywords that don't have a lot of competition and
    there are long tails that do have competition. You have to research.

    Look up, KEYWORD TOOL EXTERNAL is Google. It will be the first organic (non sponsored) listing. Leave the settings as they are and type the keywords you are interested in the box.

    Incredibly, you will not only get to know, on average, how many monthly searches are made using that keyword in Google, but they will supply a list of up to 100 related keywords. That is where the gold is.

    Usually, if there are thousands of monthly searches for a keyword there will be a lot of competition, but many times, you will be pleasantly surprised.

    But even hundreds of monthly searches is fine if you can get near the # 1 position on numerous related keywords. That is what makes Pot Pie Girl her bread and butter.

    Travis was, for me, like so many of us bums, my original mentor, but Pot Pie Girl took his place for me. She kicks his ass, in terms of giving up the good stuff.

    Travis gives out good info. Pot Pie Girl gives out unbelievable info.

    Travis would rather sell us fish we can eat. Pot Pie Girl sells (and even gives us) the rod and reel so we can catch our own fish.

    Perfect example: Travis says the way to check competition is to put the keyword in quotes and see what Google says the number of websites that have those exact words in that order are.

    He says, look for under 5000.

    Pot Pie Girl says that doesn't mean sh*t. You could find something with a few hundred and it could be too hard to get a first page listing, or you could find something with a lot more than 5000 and still get a # 1 first page listing.

    I have first page listings with a so called competition of MILLIONS.

    Pot Pie Girl says to go for and check if you have a hunch. Don't just follow some stupid rule.

    That 5000 rule, I am convinced, is Travis keeping out the competition.

    I wrote to his partner, Matt, I believe, about that. I said, seeing that it's so easy to get first page listings when the competition is sometimes way over 5000, why would Travis say that.

    His answer was,

    We chose 5000 because we figured it would be helpful to newbies. It is so much easier to get a first page listing on under 5000. I wrote back and said I don't understand.

    My research has shown me that finding under 5000 competition on keywords with several hundred or more monthly searches, are relatively few and far between.

    I said, what I found helpful is knowing that I don't have to limit myself to those parameters before I start writing articles. It is much harder to find keywords that fit into that criteria. That is not helpful to me at all to tell me that. It keeps me from succeeding.

    I did not get a reply.

    Pot Pie Girl teaches another way to find competition, that works a LOT better. I took it even further. This is long enough, so I won't list it here, but you can PM if you want to know.

    The thing is, I can't believe Travis isn't aware of the method Pot Pie Girl uses. I wouldn't be surprised if she learned it from him in the forum they hang out at. But he still is teaching the 5000 rule.

    Also, he has a keyword list subscription service. Every day you get a list of keywords he and he partner reccomend. It costs $100 a month.

    Pot Pie Girl advises not to bother with keyword services. that you are better off on your own.

    Well, on the sales page they advertise that at a certain number, like 3000, they are going to cut the list off so it won't be too watered down. He even says it is for real and he does not do false scarcity marketing tactics.

    When you join, you find out that they are working on their second group. So there was no cut off at 3000 after all. They used false scarcity, as they tell you they are not using it.

    I guarantee goddamntee you, Pot Pie Girl would never engage in such BS.

    For the record, they say that each group has different lists, so that each list does not supposedly get too watered down. At this point, I cant even trust that statement, but even if it did, are we to believe that no matter how many groups of 3,000 people, that can come up with different keywords that are all just as good as the first one? And that as time passes, the lists are still just as good as when they were created?

    And even aside from that, I can't believe they use the scarcity tactic, while saying they roll that way. Sheesh.

    Scarcity works. When you read that, you think, damn, when they get to number 3000 I will never have a chance to get in. I better get in now while the getting is good. Especially since it is Travis, and he knows his sh*t, and he is honest, and he says this is for real and not false scarcity.

    I'm extremely disappointed. I know he makes millions each year doing this kind of stuff. I guess it's easy to lose your morals when the big bucks knock on your door.

    I think Pot Pie Girl is going 7 figures this year, but I don't ever expect her to forget who she really is.

    The thing with Travis makes sense though. He tells us the 5000 rule since it is harder to get first page following it. Then he dangles the carrot of his keyword service, and people jump, thinking they are going to get lists with 5000 or less competition.

    This is the kicker. The lists don't have many of those. He tells us we have to drill down from his list. What? Drill down? We could drill down on our own? What are we paying $100 a month for? Are you kidding me? Drill down?

    Better yet. He gives us a video on our first day that explains that
    you have to get to the omitted results to get the "real" number.

    What does that mean? OK, I just entered TRAVIS SAGO in Google.
    It said 896,000 results. That's over 5000 right?

    Well, according to Travis, it really isn't. You need to get to the last page that they show before telling you the rest are in omitted results. Then that will be the REAL number of your competitors.

    You do that by clicking on the last page it will let you at the bottom of the page. So it is page 10. Then on page 10 you can get to 19. On page 19 you can get to 28, and so on. I got to page 87 to get to the notice of omitted results.

    So, according to that Trais video that you get on the first day of membership to his keyword service, that real number of competition for the keyword TRAVIS SAGO is 867, or some such.

    Wow, it looked like 896000, but it really is 867. Weird how he didn't tell us until we signed up to his service.

    Let's see if this works. 4 months ago I published an article entitled,
    Pot Pie Girl and Travis Sago - Bum Marketing Royalty. It is on the second page 4 months later. Not bad. Right?

    It used to be on the first page, by the way.

    According to his bummarketingmethod website, we should not even try more than 5000. He didn't say, 5000 after finding out the om
    itted results. He said, 5000, based on what the search query tells us.

    Yet I got first page on competition of almost 900,000. And his reasoning, according to his partner, is they wanted to make it easier for newbies, so they kept it at 5000, because if you can find those, you will have a great chance of getting first page.

    And do they have some water front property in the Everglades they want us to buy?

    Ok, I know I said here's the kicker before, but here is the real kicker...

    Every keyword I have ever checked is under 5000. So I didn't get first page, for a couple months, at least, on his name because the omitted results number was under 5000.

    I got it because I tried it. Like PPG says, you never know if you don't try.

    But since everything is under 5000 when you go to the omitted results, it just goes to show you how he will say anything, instead of just being real.

    When I found out that I could enter the keyword LOVE and take it to omitted results and it was under 5000, I started emailing Travis' partner, like several times, begging for an explanation.

    I'm still waiting.

    I am still on Travis list. He does give some good information along with his deceptive and manipulative information.

    But if you want the good stuff, get on Pot Pie Girls list and read her blog. She is amazing in her knowledge and generosity and honesty.

    All hail the Queen of bum marketing.

    Long Live the Pot Pie Girl


  10. gowriter

    gowriter Member

    The key to ranking well on the search engines no matter what platform you use is:

    --low-competition keywords with good traffic
    --appropriate backlinks from high authority sites

    That's basically the essentials.

    Ezine Articles is a PR6 site which is considerably high. That is why people like using it so much. Hubpages is PR 6 as well.

    There are over 200 criteria that Google uses to determine backlinking. That's why it can literally take months, depending on the competitiveness of some keywords, to rank well on the search engines.

    But you need both backlinks and good keywords to rank well.

    You have a decision to make. Do you want to rank your article optimized for your keyword? Or do you simple want to use your article to draw link juice from the Article directory to your blog page so that it can rank instead?

    When you're starting off, I'd recommend submitting to article directories first (PR 4 and up) because Google already considers them an authority site with all their content.

    Once you're article is published do a bit of backlink with social bookmarks, other articles, blogs, etc. Don't go crazy with it. 60 links a month is normal.

    The more relevant the site is to your niche, the better you links.

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