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    Hello everyone -

    I recently signed up with the Business Finance Store as an Independant and wanted to see if anyone here has worked with them as well???

    As a Finance Consultant,primarily for Real Estate Projects, I was looking for something to assist many of my networking contacts seeking Business Finance for Start-ups or small businesses.

    From doing a bit of research, I decided to join as a Free Member as this company has been providing this service fo r10 years now and I have been extremely satisfied so far with the interraction with my Consultant, the tracking of inquiries and the level of Customer Service. Although I haven't yet started looking at adding on Agents quite yet - I am curious to see if anyone else has?!

    They do have a Free membership to start but I would like to see if anyone has also increased their membership and if that has made an increase in the income produced?

    You can find them at

    Thank you for your insight!
    Linda - Owner & Financial Consultant at Legacy Asset Solutions

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