Can anyone rate Empower Network

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by secret101, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. secret101

    secret101 New Member

    I recently joined at $25 and now upsell and upsell can anyone tell me their experiences with this company and should I stay with them

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  2. fchavez

    fchavez New Member

    I know someone who has made over $800 their first 4weeks with EN.
  3. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    secret101: should I stay with them
    Why did u join? and Why do you feel you may want to quit already?

    Empower Network is an online marketing training system involving a viral blog network for easy automated blogging as well as training on attraction marketing techniques and strategies at the higher levels if one chooses to take advantage of them.

    Along with the fact that you can earn 100% commissions sharing with others.

    Appears to be a good thing to me.
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  4. maicox

    maicox New Member

    I am a member in the empower network. It teaches you how to blog, promote, just all around market.

    I purchase all of the products, and I feel like I am going to be the best marketer. The training is great. In the training online gurus are telling what they have done to achieve the success that they have achieved. Lawrence tam made 67k in about 7 weeks, and has a mastermind on facebook. I hang out in there soak up as much as I can. His team does a lot of coops, and this is cheapest method if you want to get your phd in marketing. I am so excited. If you want to be a great leader so you can have something to teach your team, I advice to plug in and stick with it. I have made enough to cover my investment. I hope this helps.
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  5. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I know of some people who are doing really really well online and have joined this opportunity. If they did then it seems good to me.
  6. pepeto

    pepeto New Member

    can anyone explain me when i join i pay 25 dollar
    now i want to buy the costa rica package( 500 dollars one time) can i buy it whit my 25 dollar account or i need to upgrade to the 125 dollar a month version

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  7. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    pepeto: can anyone explain me when i join i pay 25 dollar
    now i want to buy the costa rica package( 500 dollars one time) can i buy it whit my 25 dollar account or i need to upgrade to the 125 dollar a month version

    I am SURPRISED your sponsor won't help you with this!
    Have you asked?

    I would recommend that anyone who is interested SHOP AROUND!
    There are a number of marketers that are offering memberships with a 50% return on your membership fees.

    That would mean $12.50 per month, instead of $25.
    And $62.50 instead of $125/month for the upgraded membership.

    Why pay full price?
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  8. pepeto

    pepeto New Member

    ok but i am going to buy cotsa rica what do i need to buy before (is it enough 25 package or i need to upgrade to 125)
  9. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    I think you need to find a good sponsor.

    PM me if you like, I may be able to help...
  10. ibuzzmentor

    ibuzzmentor Member

    Empower network is very similar to what JMAP is with Jim Rivas. EN though I understand is having a hard time with getting a good processor. After being in this industry for a while it seems like EN is petering out a bit after a big start.

    The problem I have with companies annoucing " 2 million paid out in commissions" is how much of that has gone to the two guys on top. And if you divide the reps and the commissions the average person is doing pretty poorly.

    If a MLM company does not have infrastructure in place to handle growth and stability to yield long term residuals I do not want any part of it. I prefer the publicly traded fully compliant companies that are hot hype driven.

    Not to say the top dogs arent making great money here but if you crunch numbers you see most aren't. And most people do not crunch the numbers.

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  11. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Empower Network started out with great promise however they forgot to focus on the $25 folks, which is where most members were. The focus was on getting to the upgraded levels, when it should have been a lot more focus on getting the the basic level members marketing effectively with their blogs.

    However, it was hard to do that when your blog infrastructure was not functioning properly, but that didn't stop the 2-3 calls on why you need to upgrade.

    That being said nothing killed it more than the death of the payment processor. The who thing about getting a merchant account was a joke for that type of biz. They would have been better off using the likes of Alert Pay, Solid Trust Pay, etc. Once momentum is lost in these things at a rate of falling off a cliff it never returns.

    Empower network will likely still evolve to something good, if the owners are good people as they claim but the "hay day" is gone, and not sure where the value is with what they have.

    Other better suited companies have jumped on the blog network idea. That Free Thing just rolled out there's for $20 bucks a month. You won't make 100% commissions on referrals but then you likely won't have payment processor and blog issues either.

    EN will have to prove itself to the people again to get even 25% back to where they were, I wouldn't sit around waiting on that in order to make good income with a home business via EN.
  12. riccstar

    riccstar New Member

    Empower Network is currently going through a "Re-launch" The payment processor issue is fixed and they can take payment from any country. They are using e-wallet.

    The blog issues are much better, the system is faster and they are really cranking out some killer training on a more consistent basis with the inner circle membership.

    I think the focus is to help folks make more money, and to do that in Empower Network you need to upgrade. You can't sell any of the higher ticket items unless you own them yourself. Plus the training in these products is current and top notch.

    I agree with TJ money man Your sponsor should offer to help, but the beauty of Empower is that everything is laid out for you....Your success in Empower doesn't have to be dependent on a sponsor.....everything is laid out for you. Sure it can help if your sponsor is a bit more engaging but you can succeed without hand holding......

    The community groups we have in Facebook are far more helpful and responsive than a sponsor would be. Other members and leaders are offering help and support and the community is amazing!

    Personally for me I get jazzed over consistently ranking my articles and content on page one....time after time. The blogging system is powerful.

    Empower Network is still a baby.....we are all newbies with Empower Network. I believe it will continue to grow strong and continue to allow the average person to finally make money online.......
  13. SeaJay

    SeaJay New Member

    I joined EN because it was being used as an "add-on" in another program I had joined. I figured I would get people to follow me from the first program and join it too. However, I never got anyone in either program. I have no desire to blog, so it wasn't a fit for me. I quit before my second $25 payment was due. I'm sure it's a great program, it just isn't what I want to do.
  14. energyambit74

    energyambit74 New Member

    Well I had been looking at it and after my research I decided to join and I joined on 03/18/2012 I will be more than pleased to keep everyone updated on EN. [​IMG]
  15. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    SeaJay: I joined EN because it was being used as an "add-on" in another program I had joined. I figured I would get people to follow me from the first program and join it too. However, I never got anyone in either program. I have no desire to blog, so it wasn't a fit for me. I quit before my second $25 payment was due. I'm sure it's a great program, it just isn't what I want to do.

    I am guessing that you were or are still part of the plug in profit site from your post because it is an add on program.

    Too bad you quit. You could have done really well if you stuck with it and never quit.

    Yes, EN has a few programs you can make money with.

    There is the $25 per month program which the majority of the people join.

    There is the $100 per month program. When you bring in someone else who buys the $100 per month program, you earn that $100 per month.

    There is the $500 one-time for a Costa Rica Intensive marketing training seminar on video. Purchase of this product qualifies you for life to earn $500 every time one of your referrals buys this product.
  16. Interesting,

    Like so many, they quit before they begin, and this is one of the biggest challenges most face in MLM, if they do not cover their autoship of $25.00, in this case, they quit within three months. Low cost autoship of $25.00 helps, but like most, if they are not earning $25.00, they will all likely quit, especially when one sees the value of the product or service is small. In this industry, if you cannot break even in three months easily, it won't see long term success. Attrition rates being so high in every MLM autoship program I have researched is the real killer and why most fail. You have to stick it out if you ever hope to succeed.

    Success to all,
  17. moneyforlife2

    moneyforlife2 New Member

    I am part of Empower Network. Some people are right that there has been some growing pains. I am good with the growing pains because they have proven to me that they are not going anywhere. They are committed. They stayed in contact the entire time. They created an entire payment system on their own, in two months! That is amazing. They are in the top 400 most visited sites online. They have had to upgrade their servers so much traffic goes in. They are now in a re-launch. They offer the same opportunity to international folks as in the USA. I am looking forward to some exciting things to come in the future.
  18. mreese601

    mreese601 Member

    So after reading all these post I'm still not convince as to why one will join EN. Where do you get the most of your leads from? It seem like it would be a great program to become part of!
  19. realresiduals

    realresiduals New Member

    I was in previously, then I quit. I spoke to an old friend of mine and he told me I was crazy as it's one of the easiest things to promote and that I was obviously doing something wrong. Ironically he sent me a list of things and told me that it's probably one of those things that is causing me to fail. Also mentioned that the system is not failing because he's doing over $20k a month residual right now and growing, and told me to re-join back with him and he'll work with me to pinpoint the problem, so I am planning to join back shortly and get back to it. But if it's working for many, then he definitely was right... it's not them, it's me.

    I think the biggest problem was I was telling people about the blog, etc. which scares people away. You need to promote the opportunity and the marketing NOT the blog. Also don't spend time chasing people that don't seem motivated enough, cause they won't be successful anyway.

    Currently I'm re-working my website to promote 4 opportunities which are all great (this being one of them). I've known this guy for quite some time and he is a millionaire from other things he's promoted over 15 years and I can vouch for his legitimacy.

    In short... it's a good system, you just have to work it properly. I don't think blogging is useful personally (not how it's explained), but if you can target the right market it's great.

    Think about it. You pay $25.00 a month, just get someone else to do the same... your membership is paid... why quit? anything extra is INCOME.

    I'm willing to share any of the things I learn with my team though, so if anyone is looking to be successful and is open to LEARN a new strategy then let me know.
  20. riccstar

    riccstar New Member

    I started out thinking sure just blog and the leads will come. Well that may be true, but it takes time to do that.

    I also started using the blog to promote another business, and to do product reviews and affiliate sales. My product reviews are paying for my Empower Network blog.

    I then realized that I needed paid as well as free traffic if I wanted to grow this thing.

    I do safelist marketing and traffic exchanges, and after a few weeks of being consistent I'm starting to get leads on a regular basis. I just posted an article on my blog as to the ones that have been working for me.

    I have participated in lead Coops with mixed results.

    I have participated in a magazine coop which has been slow but steady with leads.

    There is some free classified ads, but time consuming as well.

    For me though there is value in the products and the blog does get content ranked well. I'm making a few bucks here and there. The Empower Sales are like a bonus, i just need a bunch more and with more consistency to make it seem worth all the time and effort I have put in.......but it has gotten better over time, so I do believe!

    But I'm still learning.....and would never quit after a month. Heck it took a couple of months of blogging almost every day to start getting a small trickle of leads. I do not use Social media as I should....that is on me though!

    I was almost going to bail on the safelists, but the last 2 weeks have been good with leads. Gotta stay consistent, play around with different ads. That process also speeds up as you get more familiar with it. Lots of copy and paste!

    The blogging does work but you have to be a bit crafty, remember you have an awesome billboard that does rank content. If you have another business blog, you can exchange links and blog posts. On some posts with the two blogs and with syndication from Tribepro I might have 4-5 articles on page one.

    Plus if you are specific with a product review you might get tons of traffic, sales and leads. Say you are a Beachbody coach and post a specific article on the best sports bra for women to wear while doing P90X or Insanity. That is very specific and if someone is doing a google search they will find you and they are looking to buy. I have a product review article similar to that example that has 750 views this month on that fitness blog, I don't know how many views from the Empower blog, But I do know that on my affiliate sales site the clicks on the product is off the charts and gets me most of the sales I get. I get more from that article than say 15 other product reviews put together. So I'm working on changing that here real soon!

    Anyway I hope this info helps those who are looking into or are already in Empower Network!

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