Can anyone rate Empower Network

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by secret101, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. redoxpower

    redoxpower New Member

    Hi Chris, I like your smart analysis of the situation. Spreading the goods Must be the name of the game.
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  2. James-Jeunesse

    James-Jeunesse New Member

    How does the program work?
  3. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    Its a pyramid scheme. You are basically recruiting people to be in your downline. I have heard good and bad things about this program.

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Like all pyramid structures, first in, first to get paid, nothing new about that, and usually when they hit the 18 month point they start to faulter where attrition becomes greater than the ability of most to recruit more people. I must say, since I was involved, back when we saw the attack on EN blogs by Google and Youtube not indexing them like they were in the start, the value of the blogging alone was not enough to justify the monthly expense. As most know once they enter the blog arena, you can blog all you want for free. One good thing is the Dave's realized this and went beyond just the blogging platform and same old same old repeated hyped up training and this may stretch out success for many of those who built large groups and who got in early. I give them credit for that, so they may see continued growth for the coming year.

    Good luck to all,
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  5. Theresa Johnson

    Theresa Johnson New Member

    Empower is a decent program. Every program has pros and cons. Just do your research before joining a team and be prepared to work.
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  6. Sal

    Sal New Member

    It's interesting listening to all these comments about EN program. I too joined it and was very excited about it. I felt I had finally found my online money program. But something went wrong for me when I was unable to set up my
    auto-responder and I confided in my sponsor to set it up for me. I gave him my password to the programs so he could set it up for me. After he was done I went to log in and I could not gain access. He told me he had not changed anything. I tried in vain getting in touch with the administration. There was no phone to call but only the tickets to send and no replies came. Finally I gave up. I just assumed I had been locked out by the system when someone else logged in to my account from a different ip address. Do you think that could have caused the situation?
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  7. mikeg

    mikeg New Member

    When EN first came out they did the most remarkable thing and that was to find every guru or big time marketer to sign on. The gurus were flown out first in a closed door meeting and from there it was apparent that if you didn't promote it times would be hard for you as far as making money online. I was sold on the fact that this really could help people but my motivation was to get to the gurus so I put together a team of 10 and we promoted like there was not tomorrow. We used software or whatever to get to places that others would and wouldn't go. We made a killing then I tried GSA it blew up even more so but with all that said I discourage people against it because to me all you are paying for is a sub domain and a sketchy plan that at one time moved it's payment arrangements it places where there would be less scrutiny. I have long since stopped promoting or following this program but still get very good money from it and 7 of the ten team members I partnered with are still promoting the offer (3 of which retired from doing anything). I got to the gurus list which was my goal. My advice is to create your own stuff and promote that...hope this helps.
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  8. newbie2pro

    newbie2pro New Member

    It's like any business, you have to work at it. I know the products are expensive but if you don't own them all and someone buys more than the $25.00 from you, you'll lose out on your commissions. You need to work out whether you're going to stick at it and if you are convinced, I would buy as many products as possible and market them like a demon. Someone said to me recently, if you are a $25.00 person you will only receive a $25.00 income but if you think big you will receive big!
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    YAGOOFT Active Member

    If you can keep your pipeline of new prospects flooding your site, you will see success, sadly most cannot sustain the flow and end up dropping out. Those who make it big when launched had huge lists already built, and yes, they made good money, and since I know a few, this is real, but also what is real is attrition which hits every program over time. Now the problem becomes not only bringing in new people, but replacing those who stop, so like many have learned, you have to keep working it, and if you were lucky enough to join a team effort, like the poster above, yes, you can make a nice residual income, but I question the long term success of those joining now.

    Blogging is in death spiral as far as effectiveness, so time will tell as it always does, but as I have learned over and over again, what is hot today does not mean it will be hot tomorrow. The internet is a fast moving tool which evolves constantly. Blogging was hot for several years, and yes, effective for many, but today, you won't find blogs in top organic search engines as they once were ranking. That was what first attracted me to EN, but when Google changed up their search results once again, my blog vanished from front page and that is when I saw the light dimming at the end of the tunnel.

    Success to all,
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  10. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    Some programs are simply scams... Some have become saturated, some have all the cards stacked against you, some are ILLEGAL.

    No amount of work can make you successful in these cases...
  11. Christ Cypher

    Christ Cypher New Member

    How much time and how much money do you have to devote to your business? Do you have a job? You can literally make hundreds of dollars a day. You just need the training and enough time to employ what you learn.
    This is part time for me. I can't work a second job because DOT regulations. I searched for three months and found the systems that can benefit people the most. People who once sat online posting about scandal and who's winning the game, are now making a nice income by simply asking the question. "Who wants to get paid?" It's about your team. Finding a team is easier than building one. Seek good teAms. I've found some ambitious people with a lot of fire. The problem is they place too much value on loyalty. The work multiple systems and insist you sign to them only under the person who brought you to the group. They don't realize that stifles growth. If I join your teammate I'm still on your team.
  12. Jean Nash

    Jean Nash New Member

    Hi, EN I would say is a good company but it is not for everyone, even though that is the impression given. There are persons doing exceptionally well in the company but I came to realise they are all people who come with lots of IM experience and persons with big lists, so they can go All-In as they say, and take advantage of the more advanced training. If you are not All- in there is a lot you are not told and you are left to struggle if you can't buy the upsells.
    And even buying the upsells is not a guarantee of success.

    You are lured in with the $25 product, but you can't make good profit on that. Yes, there are regular trainings and hangouts but it's a lot of hype and fluff and not the solid training needed to succeed in IM business. I am speaking from personal experience and it was only when I shifted to another company I realized there was so much you were not told. Also what these guys don't tell you is they spend tons of money on buying traffic.

    If you'd like to get more info from me you can send me a friend request on Face Book.
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    YAGOOFT Active Member


    Having not seen one single positive post in months for EN, makes you wonder, usually you see posts if a program is all it was hyped up to be, but zip, nada, nothing in months, and this was one of the most active threads. I know those I have known in the biz are seeing the ugly attrition issue start to impact their incomes, and as most know, you cannot keep up with attrition when it is faster than new growth, a problem most programs suffer in my experience. Attrition is the killer, especially for the little guys and gals in the industry. The big list guru's who were lured in at beginning will always make the most, and last the longest, but low and behold, programs with limited value will all have massive attrition in the end, especially for those just getting involved now.

    I have to give EN's double Dave's credit for seeing this and trying to add new value to an old dog, but like most, you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Most will see it for what it is, a desperate move to starve off massive attrition whereby the big money earners are starting to feel the pinch. Heck, I got tired of the same old same old hype of training after the first week. LOL

    Success to all,
  14. JODAD

    JODAD New Member

    I started and stopped twice . No support was given to me by my upline etc. I gave blogging a shot and I guess i didn't have what it took to handle that type of business. I know its all about the opportunity but the product is very important as well. I looked around and someone found me that had never been in NWM and research their opportunity and my wife was so excited she joined. I am still working with her hard to make this fly and it is. I went to a meeting with some very good information flowing out of it and I have to say I still feel I made the right move. I pay way more then 25 dollars a month but the product is well worth it and I can hold my head up high when I share it with others. Where this CO is going though I have a hard time when people do not grasp the relevance of the product and opportunity. This will be bigger then apple or Nike! I guess I am a pioneer!
  15. closerjim

    closerjim Active Member

    There's a couple things people lose sight of when they join businesses.

    1. Were they ALREADY spending money on that product or service, so that it's
    not a new drain on cash flow (current income) that will make it hard to keep
    up with it until they "get it going"?

    2. Is it part of a Mega-Trend that is already pulling people into the awareness
    of their opportunity?

    3. Are they primarily playing on a desire to make money without a lot of
    hands on work?

    None of the "Guru's" made their wealth "hands off" ... even though they'd like
    to have you believe all they did was flip a switch on their keyboard and boom...
    1000's of people flocked to their business and will for you too.

    Best advice I ever got was to pick something to build my base income with
    that ..... is part of a Mega-Trend (blogging isn't) ... that I already spend money
    on in my life now (so it's not a new and strange expense) and be prepared
    to WORK .. not "get lucky" with my new business.

    That was 20 years ago. Haven't had a job since.
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  16. Robin Bull

    Robin Bull Member

    Why would I pay for something that companies pay me to do? Why would I pay to sell and pay to be paid? That just seems silly to me. I can make more blogging for other people than paying someone to let me blog under their brand.
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  17. Justin Woitena

    Justin Woitena New Member

    Most people you talk to have been apart of EN at one point or another and quit, some still stick around and many have earned a lot of money with it but the success stories are greatly outweighed by those who have not seen any results and quit.

    I believe that EN offers some of the best business training you will find on the internet, but it is expensive.

    The original founders Dave and Dave are awesome, I follow everything Dave Wood does.

    My buddy was making over $30K a month with them and was always on their leader board but recently quit because he could not teach people how to duplicate his results, I know you are thinking why quit, trust me his making double that now with his new business and working a lot less.

    I never got into the business end of EN,only the training, which I definitely recommend. I hate their blog platform though. I would say if you are looking to promote EN and make money with them, you will need to get in on some of their upsells because you will essentially be doing the same amount of work to recruit people in the business but if you are only in at the $25 level, that is all you can make and you will be making your upline rich if you are successful.

    MTTB is a much better business if you ask me, but that's just my opinion.
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    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Agreed, some will make big money, but this is true across the across the board, some will always make big money no matter which business they promote, it is all about how big a following they had to begin with. The average newbie will rarely make the big money in any MLM, it is just not possible without a huge list and following to jump start your efforts, these are the poeple who make the most.

    I saw limited value as I have been on the internet since before it went commercial, so I saw the power of the interenet early on. For newbies, once you listen to the first couple weeks of conference or webinars, it is all repeat after that, nothing new, same old same old, and the abrasive language is a bit over the top for most, especially when repeated over and over again, it was like listening to a broken record.

    With all the focus on upsells, as most programs like this do when promoting hype, this too got rather boring to hear, and this is why the attrition level is what it is in all MLM deals, if you don't see the value, and you are not at least covering your own costs to stay in program, well, you got it, most will quit. I did see some value of the blog platform to start for I could get into organic search results on google pretty quickly, but that all went down the toilet when google started to block blogs, so as you can see, nothing is assured when it comes to online marketing. Blogging is mostly a waste of time, especially when google sets its sites on destroying search results which we have all been battling for past few years with our SEO efforts becoming a full time occupation.

    Success to all,
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  19. Joan

    Joan New Member

    I agree. MTTB is far superior and most of the work is done for you. The thing I did not like about Empower Network was the pay plan where you give up one fifth of ALL your sales to your up-line. This is not to say the guys at EN are bad, they are some pretty good guys, but the pay plan is bad if you ask me.
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  20. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised anyone even CONSIDERS an MLM!
    "The REALLY BAD Multilevel Marketing companies outnumber the good by about a gazillion to one, but I don't dispute the fact that there are some good ones out there. I would have to be a special kind of idiot not to see the two pink Mary Kay Cadillacs driving around my neighborhood.... which are, of course, a testament to some MLMer's success.

    But even with the BEST company.... your chances of succeeding big-time are slim at best. And also consider that there are a LOT of people to pay. That means the prices have to be inflated, which means the products are never easy to sell. And consider the fact that because it is SO hard to succeed.... and it's generally SO long before you see any real money.... the vast majority of your downline will drop out or become inactive almost as fast as you can recruit them,"

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