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  1. Yury

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    I think anyone can succeed with any type of mlm/network marketing company. The key is being able to differentiate yourself. You have to be able to provide people value and come across as a real, genuine person. Empower is a good company, and the reason many people fail is because the join an upline that does not provide them any coaching or support or they just give up too quickly after not seeing any immediate results.

    This business take a lot of perseverance, testing, and pushing through the barriers. If you can withstand the initial barrage and keep working and adjusting, you will see success. I've seen it myself with some of my clients.
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    "In Multilevel Marketing, only one thing is 100 percent certain....

    The people at the tippy-top ALWAYS win.

    I plucked this right out of an AD, if you can believe that.... a guy selling a complete course on how to start your own MLM company. And make no mistake about it.... that really IS a way to "get rich quick" (quick and dirty maybe, but quick nonetheless). Here's what he had to say (the caps and italics are his, not mine):....

    "The Multilevel Company always makes money. ALWAYS! No matter if not a single distributor makes money, the company ALWAYS MAKES MONEY!. That's because the company is in the top position. Every distributor sale is dollars in your pocket! .... The beauty of MLM is the fantastic amounts of money that can be made offering almost any viable product or service. People are eager to join MLM programs. Some people are involved in dozens! All are willing to spend their money advertising and marketing your products! That's the beauty of having your own MLM company. You can start for peanuts -- let other people finance your enterprise..... I reasoned that if I were ever going to make money, multilevel offered the quickest and best chance to score big-time. I also knew it can take years to make money as a distributor for another company."

    Kinda sounds like the distributor gets the short end of the stick, doesn't it??"

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Funny, reminded me of a woman I knew who sold Mary Kay and went and bought her own pink Cadillac and she was barely making a couple hundred a month. When others saw her car, they all asked to join her group as it screamed success and she never had to say if she earned it or not, and in two years time she qualified for Mary Kay pink Buick at the time, and in two more years got her Cadillac and was making six figures. So as I have said all along, you have to fake it to make it in many businesses, especially MLM. lol

    Success is easy in MLM if you choose the right products which live up to their promotions, but like most, the never devote enough time to succeed in MLM, and that is sad, but with so many pumping the get rich quick hype, when a person doesn't even break even to cover their own autoship in three months, they quit. It takes time to build a large enough customer base to make a living, and this is why most start part time as my friend did many years ago. If you are patient and learn to earn, you can indeed make a good living in MLM home business. Just don't give up and choose wisely products or services which millions are already purchasing, this is called transfer buying, much easier for newbies in sales.

    Success to all,
  4. TJamMoneyMan

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    And they will be your downine!

    For me it's the fact that I have never seen an MLM product that can't, eventually at least, be had for a better price and better deal from a retailer.

    To say nothing of a competent, competitive marketer.

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Attrition is a killer in all MLM companies, and this is why so few see any success, most who get involved in the industry rarely generate more than 2.1 referrals on average the last time I dug into industry statistics. Pretty sad scenario, and why most drop out when they see these same results, two potential customers who make a purchase means you have to constantly replace those who quit, and given most cannot recruit enough to replace the quiters, then they too quite, and sadly, this usually happens within three months from my experience.

    Competition is also a killer and why so many reject MLM knowing that 95% of companies do not have anything unique or exclusive which means the price point is rarely equal to Walmart as example given most MLM's sell similar products which can be found eleswhere, and with the smart phone explosion, you can research best prices for same products in seconds, which is how I shop to insure I always get the lowest prices. I had researched all these super juices several years back and found a dozen exact same products for a fraction of cost through online healthstore I am member of where everything is at wholesale, same exact products with same ingredients, so it is no longer easy to sell overpriced me too products via MLM.

    Everyone is more price sensitive given the economic pressure on all consumers in last few years. Price matters, time matters, add the two together and a whole new shopper emerges who price shops like never before. This is why I focus on exclusive products in last few years, those which cannot be found in retail outlets or at wholesale online. Yes, not many products fall into this category, but there are enough to promote which do not have the issues of competition like in the nutritional and health related supplement market which dominates the MLM industry.

    A new trend I have seen become more mainstream in MLM is offering potential customers a wholesale membership whereby they purchase from their own distributorship to save money, and it works better than any other marketing strategy I have researched and evaluated. Takes the hassle of selling someone out of the equation, and since most hate to sell, or worse, hate to be sold, this makes marketing a breeze. I love this concept, simple point customers to my website and they all want to save money, so they register as distributor, and then its hands off for the most part since all they need to know about their new business is at their finger tips, no selling, just telling, and it works better than all the other sales gimmicks and hype needed to sell all the me too products out their in MLMland.

    Success to all,
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    YAGOOFT Active Member

    How convenient to put down EN to promote your own WA page, not a very nice tactic. How would you like someone to put down WA to promote their companies? What goes around comes around in this and all industries where marketing is concerned.

    Success to all,
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    I LOVE Empower Network! It is not a pyramid scheme. It is a group of people who have had success in the internet marketing industry band together along with David Wood to go out into the world and teach as many people as will listen how to be successful in the industry.

    The products are education that tells in intricate detail the steps to take to be successful. No they products are not FREE. It is not clicking for pennies. They are detailed and high quality, education for use in any business. The products are designed to grow you while you grow your business.

    There is so much training and it is constantly updated to reflect what is currently happening in the marketplace. If you are looking for a magic potion, well you will be disappointed because EN is designed to teach you how to run your business.
    It is for people that want to make serious money from anywhere.

    Blogging which is the core EN product, enables you to provide value to the person that you are trying to reach, building a relationship of trust, and growing your business with loyal customers and clients.

    People bad mouth Empower Network after they give up on themselves. Truthfully, there is no other company that you can build this kind of lifestyle, while making as much as you are willing to work for. You can blog about anything you want, that is moral and legal like how to play golf, piano, guitar. Knitting, survival kits, feed the hungry, baking cakes...... or anything that you are passionate about, and that provides value to the desired community. Then you learn how to promote the blog to get it in front of interested people.

    EN is leadership training and you get to make money helping others who are interested in becoming leaders too.
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  8. TJamMoneyMan

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    This seems like a recurring WA tactic - I have seen many examples online.

    EN is bad enough to be taken down on it's on lack of merit!

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    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Agreed, it has run its course, and blogging has also run its course like everything on the internet, what is hot today does not mean it will be hot tomorrow or the next day. The internet is a moving and quickly evolving medium, sure has changed marketing strategies over the years.

    Success to all,
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    Great information thanks a lot, I wanted to learn a lot about them.
  11. Joan

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    Big ticket, small commissions, which way to go? The real key is "human nature". Which company do you think the prospect would choose?

    Two Scenarios:
    One company has high ticket products where the member has to purchase extra training (free and paid traffic), learn how to market, talk to prospects, produce sales copy, compete against the big boys in the company and do all the sales/marketing.

    The other company has low and high ticket products, teaches their members how to market for only $49 (free and paid traffic), the big boys do the sales for the member and the company does all the extra work for the member without the member having to pick up the phone.

    Yes, me too...

    YAGOOFT Active Member


    I have yet to see the perfect business opportunity for everyone, but some have gotten close to the perfect scenario. Small ticket verses big ticket has been a debate for decades, and I have known people on both sides who have been equally successful, just as I have, so with so many variables, it is not just about price, but in my opinion, value, demand, market appeal, management, market penetration, exclusive or not, and on and on the list goes. Just no simple answer to which is best, too many variables.

    Success to all,
  13. ScottCofer

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    Personally ... bad experience. Very high ticket product line, and once you dig deep you will realize that the people making a killing with the program aren't even using the blogging platform (which is weak at best) or the information contained in the other products to generate their income.

    Sort of hypocritical, no?

    Case in point ... one of the highest earners is a master at Facebook advertising. He brings in a ton of people daily. Yet he doesn't even use the blogging platform for his main blog, and if you want to know his Facebook strategy you'll have to pay him a substantial amount of additional money or go "all-in" with Empower for $5,000 plus.

    Can you make money. Certainly. But I'm not sure you'll be able to sleep at night if you have any degree of conscience.
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  14. S&DMarketing

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    I have been a member to MTTB now for 1 year and have had some nice results with this program. I haven't tried EN but have tried many other programs. The personalized training that I've received with MTTB has been invaluable and I have learned so much this past year.

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