Can anyone rate Empower Network

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by secret101, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Brandon Lukas

    Brandon Lukas New Member

    ok, Lol,... I'm going to tell you now. Judging off of your signature. Your in Numis Network.. Just a guess..

    Your probably not making any money at all my friend and that's ok. You know why?

    Look at the negative, scarcity mindset, your portraying on a forum out of thousands of forums...

    What is keeping you from success and your frustrations that your portraying on here, is that you do not have a powerful enough desire, that literally drives you soo far out of your comfort zone that your doing anything and everything you can until you hit 10k per month...

    I can almost guarantee your just posting negative comments either to down talk Empower Network in hopes that people go "oh gee he's got a point" and look at your NUMIS network signature...

    A very noobish tactic and I will call you out on it!

    Lol, It's ok though. ..

    Start giving value, value that can help someone grow their business, something they can actually walk away from and apply to what theyre doing now, instead of down talking another business that you obviously can't even grow with the current one you have!

    To your unlimited success
    Brandon Lukas

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Funny, so you like the taste of foot in mouth? You should at least check before making a statement as if it was fact on my signature being Numis, for it is not, and to assume I am not making money, now how would you know that, so you put both feet in your mouth which means only one thing to me, noobish.
  3. hippy

    hippy New Member

    Obviously many people have made a lot of money with EN. The key to making money with EN may be in joining a good team that supports it's new members.
    Many newbies join up without doing any research (myself included) and sign up under someone who is incapable or unwilling to help them.
    I'd suggest that anyone looking to join EN should be looking to join the best team that they can find and hopefully they'd get the results they desire.
  4. PeterMFL

    PeterMFL Active Member

    You can make money with Empower network but the big money has already been made. To make the real big money in MLM you need to join a company just before it peaks.

    Also from what I've released most upliners are useless in Empower network...I really fail to understand why they don't respond or help their downlines...

    I've seen a few posts in here claiming that people are making huge money with Empower Network but it's obvious that these claims are fake as these people don't even have a website and their names don't even match their Empower Network names...

    Just a handy tip.... To be successful with MLM you need to be Honest and Trustworthy... There's not point spamming false claims or opportunities in general... People who are dishonest are the ones that ruin the MLM reputation for the rest of us....

    If you want to be successful with MLM you need to tell people the truth!
    One of the truths is telling people that they will not be making hundreds of dollars in their first month but over time! Because if people think they're going to be making a lot of money in their first month they'll join the month will pass and they'll make nothing and quit.... Successful MLM doesn't work that way...

    So in conclusion, my opinion is that you can make money with Empower network but it's time has passed and that A LOT of people are signing up under amateurs that do not know how to build their business let alone help their downline build there's....

    SO... If your still thinking of joining Empower network at least join a leader who knows what their doing and is always there to help you.
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  5. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    It doesn't matter the number, "my friend", it's THE PERCENTAGE!
    99% supporting 1% is a con-game regardless of "how many people are in the 1% my friend"

    I've learned not to fall for evangelist marketers hawking phony MLM promises.

    If that's negative then yes, I have a negative attitude toward phony MLM promises that have me making millionaires out of the top 1%, while 45% earn ZILCH!

    Negatory on THAT, my friend...
  6. Anders J

    Anders J Member

    It is you that make an opportunity succesful regardless of what the company is and the niche/industry it is in. If you do not see you can make 5 figures with an MLM/direct sales business or EM for that matter guess what you never will. Your selfimage is holding you back. The big money is where you can see and believe it nowhere else.

    You need to use attraction marketing in an MLM/direct sales opportunity to make it effecient and change your position so you do not market with your opportunity up front but as a leader you present YOU, your team and your marketing system. People in network marketing needs to be educated and only the serious ones will win in that industry.

    It is all part of what I teach in the WMI blueprint anyway.
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  7. Luis Baez

    Luis Baez New Member

    Honestly that's just Crazy yes I was with Empower before and Got out! I got tired of them calling me a WUZZY!! for every time I ask for help! and every time the Answer was ARE YOU ALL IN!! I was like listen I'm trying to make Money here not to lose my house and Spend over $5000 to make Money with this Company ..... So I join NEUCOPIA...... I'm all In there and didn't have to Spend $5000 hahaha.... and I actually get help from any member there not just my sponsor.....
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  8. bfryer

    bfryer New Member

    Hahaha, reading some of this thread. A lot of mixed feelings here....

    I am a "user" of the EN platform but NEVER promoted the biz or do I have intentions too.... That being said, I do like the blogging platform and have done very well in my posts and ranking highly. It has brought me a lot of traffic.

    Am I a fan of the whole "badass" approach.....nahh not really!
  9. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    So sell cocaine!
    "YOU" will make that opportunity "successful"... "regardless", right?

    One feature of MLM's is RELIGION!
    OFTEN MLM hawker's will reference the bible, Christianity, etc.

    And just like when a religion fails to live up to its claim, they blame YOU!

    It's always easiest to blame the victim isn't it?
  10. Anders J

    Anders J Member

    MLM has been mis represented for decades and its time to change it.

    I could care less of religion as life is my choice to make not anyone else.

    As for dealing drugs. Somehow society has taught the world the drugs are illegal and those thoughts will get you sooner or later. And who wants to deal with an unetical person breaking the law? Only those who are sucked into that world.
  11. Tina19

    Tina19 New Member

    I tried EN when I first started but it was quit confusing to me so I didn't stay with it long. If you do try it I hope it works for you.
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  12. Suzanne Sobers

    Suzanne Sobers New Member

    You can actually buy any of the products that you choose separately and in any order that you choose. You do not have to have the Inner Circle subscription in order to purchase the Costa Rica product. (Although I must confess that I think the value received from that product far exceeds the cost) ...not to mention the potential for the additional commissions
  13. Dionte Kidd

    Dionte Kidd New Member

    I was once with them but didn't quite understand the concept so I left
  14. kaeb

    kaeb New Member

    I have also been apart of Empower Network. Did I have any luck with Empower Network...NO. I personally think they are overly saturated. However, I also had to evaluate other factors including my committment, my upline helping me and my marketing strategies. I tried every avenue known to me for marketing and I didn't get one single signup. My upline is on 3 leaderboards and I still couldn't get the $25 sale. With anything do your due diligence before opting in. Come in at the lowest level and see if you can successfully promote for shelling out hundreds of dollars...
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  15. ibuzzmentor

    ibuzzmentor Member

    Empower Network was never for me. The whole wussy and bad ass mantra is not one I prefer to market. Of course many are successful with it because they are doing one thing. Spending a lot to market it to lists of opportunity buyers. They do not waste their time marketing to anyone else. Market to those that have already spent money on opportunities and show they a turn key system where people are flashing huge pay checks. You got to spend money to make money is one thing I have learned in my nine years making money from home. But a targeted message to a targeted list of buyers is how they do it. This is why I love genealogy leads and opportunity buyer lists. They know the game and they are eager to jump in without having to be prodded. Good Luck to those in EN. It is over satureated but that does not mean it cannot continue to grow. Just not for me.
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  16. GairyAmeriplan

    GairyAmeriplan New Member

    That is so true. When going gets tough the tough get going. True lasting success comes from hard work! Empower Network has potential, but it takes real effort and hard work to achieve results.
  17. hippy

    hippy New Member

    I really believe that anyone looking to join Empower Network or any other MLM program should first get some basic training regarding affiliate marketing.
    In other words they should have a good understanding of the nuts and bolts of how to promote a program before they sign up.
    EN and many other MLM programs fail to provide adequate training, I know because I spent about 6 months with EN and the so called training was woeful.
    If you are keen to join a MLM program, get some training before you join up, do some research and join an active and helpful team.

    There is only one good free training resource that I know of and I'm happy to recommend
  18. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    The one main reason why most affiliates in any MLM fail is NOT because the company or the owner behind it.

    The one main reason is because they have no clue how to market online. When they try to market something and they don't get results, they quit.

    Empower Network is AWESOME and the one thing I love about them is their compensation plan.
  19. Bob81

    Bob81 New Member

    I have seen Empower Network being promoted all over the Internet, but I am very skeptical of programs that promise to pay you a 100% commission. How on earth does the company pay its expenses? I feel this is a gimmick and in fact, even though the claim is made that you get "100% commission" there is always an additional charge. It would be better if they were more transparent about their compensation plan and their fees.
  20. Noelle Pachao

    Noelle Pachao New Member

    I joined EN back in September of last year. I went all in because I wanted to have access to all the training tools. That is the key...getting all the training tools. Once you are all in and you have the tools you don't need a team.
    Also, once you're in EN you can always join any team you'd like regardless of who signed you up.
    Good Luck!

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