Can anyone recommend a affiliate marketing course for a beginner?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Travis Korns, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Travis Korns

    Travis Korns New Member

    Hello, I am trying my hand at affiliate marketing. So far, Iv'e only made pity sales and have not seen any actual money come it.... a few earnings here and there from different affiliates, but not enough to warrant a paycheck. I've tried a few different affiliate marketing e-courses

    My Online Income System
    Niche blitzkrieg
    Niche Optimizer University

    But have found all systems to be lacking the potential to bring in actual money. Is there a course that anyone recommends that does not cost an arm and a leg, and that is actually worth what you pay? All the courses before seem to either require you continually buy new software as you go through, o get you tor try to promote affiliate sites that 100's of other people taking the course are trying to promote as well... an expensive and not very lucrative venture. I'm feeling a bit exasperated.
  2. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Hi Travis,

    The best affiliate marketing course that I've ever read is the Affiliate Masters Course by Sitesell. It's the one I link to in an effort to help those who are wanting to get started understanding the concept of affiliate marketing without spending any money to learn.

    When I ran across it 5 years ago, it was like a long drink of cold water on a very hot day. It was that refreshing to me after everything else I had come across before it.

    Be forewarned that although it is excellent resource all by itself, it IS a preselling tool for SBI. [​IMG] The Affiliate Masters Course basically teaches a really good understanding of how/why you can build a theme based information website on a specific topic and how that can be turned into a money making business.

    After all is said and done, it lets you know that if you want to tackle that challenge, they've got all the best resources and tools you'll need already integrated into one system and business building package for you to accomplish what they have just described to you. It's called SBI. [​IMG]

    If nothing else, reading the Affiliate Masters Course would give you an excellent example of the best type of preselling, which is what all affiliate marketers need to learn to do if they want to be successful.

    Like I said, it's free! Take some time to read it and then let me know if you are still feeling exasperated. [​IMG]

  3. Heidimarie

    Heidimarie New Member

    When I first started learning about internet marketing I had signed up with Wealthy Affiliate. I thought it was a great program. Lots of information, articles and an active forum. It was a great starting point for me.
  4. I recommend The Niche Blogger. A step by step training program by Amy Bass.

    I have been a member for 3 years and still refer to the course often. [​IMG]
  5. Travis Korns

    Travis Korns New Member

    Thanks for the info everyone, this gives me lot's of reading material for the next few days[​IMG]
  6. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    I started with One Week Marketing and have since added my own upgrades to it and it works very well for me.
  7. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I have only used the One Week Marketing plan and SBI for the most part...looked at a few others and gained pointers here and there. OWM gave me a huge boost with my Squidoo lenses and blogs.

    SBI is my favorite now as that is the one that makes me money every day with the sites I have built with it.[​IMG]

    As you can see, different things work for different people. I would say that SBI is better for newbies than OWM, but then that is just my few pennies. [​IMG]
  8. kenwrites

    kenwrites New Member

    I would suggest the One Week Marketing as well. It's just a really good step-by-step, hold you by the hand approach that IMO is best suited for beginners. Plus you can build upon the strategy.

    However, whichever system you choose....stick with it. Regardless of the immediate results, stick with it. While there are scams out there, most strategies work as long as you put in the effort. Good luck to you.

    And BTW, speaking from experience, you will have fun and be earning income before you know it. Just keep applying the principles and doing the work necessary. Remember, failure is not an option. [​IMG]
  9. aaronempowered

    aaronempowered New Member

    Affiliate marketing has been around so long, their are free information resources available- no need to buy anything. Unless you're trying to puncture into high competition keywords or niches, in which case you don't need an affiliate marketing course, you ned an SEO course.

    Go to Steve Scott's site (just google him) he has a free set of articles he composed that go through the entire process, and his method is the most sustainable and long-term if you're looking for day job-replacing income, in my opinion.

    No short-term Google loopholes where a chunk of your sites get un-indexed when the algorithm changes.
  10. villasana

    villasana Member

    Hi Travis

    You can find what you need in this forum

  11. WahIdeas

    WahIdeas New Member

    If you want total and complete honesty here is what I think:

    Most affiliate marketing "courses" out there, while modestly useful, are usually just a method to get your contact details so they can sell to you over and over and over again. Perhaps I'm a bit skeptical, but I've done well to be.

    My plan if I were in your shoes (and I used to be 10 years ago!!) would be to do extensive research online. In forums like this one and elsewhere. The more you read, the more that sinks in. In other words, the most successful affiliates I know were self taught. Why is this? Well, if you take the time and effort to go out there and do your own research you will be doing something that most other wannabe affilaites are not doing.

    In any case, best of luck with affiliate marketing! Contrary to what many will tell you , there is still good money to be made!
  12. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    Google chris farrell membership. or the newbie workbook. Its a step by step guilde that will show you what to do. Its mapped out for you for 30 days so you won't get confused.
  13. simonfunhouse

    simonfunhouse New Member

    Hi its simon.

    I agree with the last guy. google Chris Farell and you can join for pennies for a trial.

    I have joined and it is great for newbies. The only warning I would like to say is that the products he offers free may be oversaturated.

    For example chris farrell will give you (for free) an e book and he will show you how to set it up with the squeeze page and the thank u page e.t.e.

    He will show you how to set up the buisness but I would not try to sell or give away his stuff cos all the other members are doing the same thing so the market is saturated.

    Try and think out the box. Thing about other ways to market products, this is how I have been successfull.

    Hope this helps !

  14. anderson78

    anderson78 New Member

    I have been trying different affiliate marketing programs for years.

    I use reality-networkers for help in writing ad copys and there is some good information on the site. Its free to sign up but the upgrade has not been worth it to me. This helps with the "trying to promote the same program as 100s of others" problem. You have to write your own catchy subject lines and ad copys to make you stand out from others. Looking at the hundreds of ad copy here can help get you to be creative with yours.

    If you are willing to take the time and sit down and follow all the instructions I would recommend a new program called DotComSecretsX.

    Its a new program from Russell Brunsen that started in march. They have daily videos showing you step by step exactly what Russell does. It is time consuming. You need to dedicate a few our a day in the beginning but after the first week you only need maybe an hour or so a day.

    Most of the videos are only 15-20 minutes long telling you to do one or two things after the first week. The first video is about 70 minutes long and tells you to do a lot of things.

    The program is only $1 for the first 30 days then you can cancel if you want. After that it will be $97 a month. I will tell you the first 30 days of videos are well worth the $1.

    It shows you step by step how to actually build a list that even if you cancel you still keep your list.

    Your list is your most valuable asset as you can then promote to your list other programs you feel are valuable and get those people to join them which in turn will help you make even more money for affiliate programs.

    DotComSecrets has provided me with the most information I have found. They even give lots of tips on how to make your ads stand out and really grab the attention of the people who open your emails.

    However, as others have said definitely Google any program you are interested in and check out what other people have said about it. I hope this helps!

    Good luck with all your programs and don't give up!! Eventually if you stick to it you will find a program that works for you!!

  15. mreese601

    mreese601 Member

    One of the best program that you can get for affiliate marketing is russell brunson new program. You can try it out for FREE for 30 days! Understand this and you will be able to make a ton of money online! The money is in the list! Focus on building a big list and provide value to your list and you will be able to make a ton of money!
  16. msuggitt

    msuggitt New Member

    Before spending any money, I'd look into these completely FREE resources:

    as mentioned above, Affiliate Masters Course by Sitesell

    and offers a 30 day beginner's course (it's intense, but it'd be hard not to make sales following this advise)
  17. JayW

    JayW New Member

    I wouldn't spend any money on affiliate marketing courses. Sure you can learn some great information, but you can find all that information online for free. Also, what you will find is the super affiliates that make thousands of dollars per month are successful because they are well established. Many have websites that have been around for years, huge email lists and they pay thousands of dollars for ad campaigns that most people that are new to affiliate marketing can't afford. If you have a website I would focus on building traffic, creating and building an email list and building relationships. Once people trust you it will be much easier to promote products to them.
  18. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    There is a program that I am using. It is called the plug in profit site (PIPS). You can see that in my sig.

    I know that I sound like I am promoting it because I believe in it from my heart that it can teach you many things that you may or may not learn if you do decide to take the "free" way of learning and not pay a program that teaches you proven ways to succeed.

    Yes, the PIPS builds you your own website but at the back office there are plenty of free and paid ways for you to learn how to bring in targeted leads to your site. The program does a very good job in my view.

    At the end of the day, it is critical for you to learn how to use affiliate programs and how to advertise them effectively to make sales.
  19. anderson78

    anderson78 New Member


    I agree with you about the super affiliates. However, for some one starting out it would be good for them to spend some money on a few courses to understand how to build a list and how to use it as well as how to drive real traffic with buyers ready to buy and not just people clicking for credits. I have been trying to do this for years and until recently never knew anything about a list, how to build one or why i needed one. I learned it all and a lot of other stuff I bought fro a program that cost me $1 for 30 days.
  20. everythingsimpl

    everythingsimpl New Member

    Try the 7 day master plan program. It goes into detail about finding niches keywords products copywriting and driving traffic

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