Can I share my family/video with you?

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    Been having some conversations on other boards about WHY video marketing works and what to do, how to do, what to say.

    After giving some thought to what others said about WHY videos work, I decided I had to seriously consider video marketing as another means of lead generation but had no idea what to do.

    So last night, after reading the responses, I sat at my computer trying to decide what to do. I went to go look for the camera (my daughters) but couldn't find it anywhere so I thought again for a bit.

    Got a lot of personal change going on right now, a story in my sons life that reminds me of the movie "The Notebook" and may some day also be made into a movie.

    My son went into the Navy right out of high school and met his "family" while serving in the Navy. He has been gone for 4 years and this weekend, him and his family are moving back home, to my town, permanently.

    So, after trying to figure out what to do, I ended up (after 5 tries) making a video dedicated to my son and his family (they technically aren't married yet and some day we hope he can adopt baby).

    I'm proud of how this came out but also, proud of my family and want to share them with you.

    Feel free to comment on the video (on youtube) and/or rate it as well.

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