Can money buy happiness?

Discussion in 'Contests' started by Vishal P. Rao, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    I know this question has been raised number of times but I would anyway like to know the general view of you people. Do you think money can buy happiness?

    $25 for the best post!

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  2. RayvinAndRob

    RayvinAndRob New Member

    *** Winner ***

    Oh Vishal, I cannot resist this one!

    If money could buy happiness, then my goal for this post should be to increase your level of happiness while collecting the $25 you are paying me for it. [​IMG]

    Just kidding. Listen, forget the money. Just let me win the contest. That would, no doubt, bring me more happiness than the material item the $25 could get me.

    It's true but, again, I'm kidding. I'll take the money if I win!

    Seriously though, if money buys happiness, then why do I meet so many rich people and poor people alike who seem so unhappy?

    When a poor person sees a rich person happy in himself, doesn't he long to have that same happiness?

    Yet, were that same poor person simply to pause and reflect on the times in his own life when he felt happy, he would, perhaps, shake himself out of his dream that riches could make him happy.

    It could not be true that money buys happiness since the poor man was not rich when he was able to recall a time when he was happy. And that was probably a time when he gave of himself selflessly to some other person or to some worthy cause.

    Let me stop there before I start to bore you with a long metaphysical dissertation.

    Oh but allow me to state one more thing and one more thing only: In the paraphrased words of the illustrious Wallace D. Wattles,

    "Without the tools money can buy, one cannot live a happy and fulfilled life because, without them, one's vast potential goes to waste."

    And so, it would seem, while money cannot buy happiness, it certainly can and does help you to acquire the tools you need for living up to your full potential.

    And it is only when you are living your life to its fullest potential that you can be truly happy!

    To Your Success!

    Rob Nyte
  3. jdejvet

    jdejvet New Member

    No, happiness comes to us when we don't expect it. It comes to us when we give of ourselves to others. Think of the Widow and her two mites.[​IMG] Think of scrooge in the Christmas carol. These people gained true happiness by unselfishness.

  4. CarolinaConsign

    CarolinaConsign New Member

    Vishal I have seen this everywhere's, so the author is unknown to me......unless it makes me $25 richer, then it's me....j/k!

    Can money buy happiness?

    It can buy a House
    But not a Home

    It can buy a Bed
    But not Sleep

    It can buy a Clock
    But not Time

    It can buy you a Book
    But not Knowledge

    It can buy you a Position
    But not Respect

    It can buy you Medicine
    But not Health

    It can buy you Blood
    But not Life

    It can buy you Sex
    But not Love

    Money isn't everything
    It often causes pain and suffering

    I tell you this
    cause I'm your friend
    and want to take away
    your pain and suffering
    So send me all your money
    and I will suffer for you

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. cmartel

    cmartel New Member

    I'm not going to answer where or not money can buy happiness. Life sure is a lot easier when you have money, but like all things, too much of one thing often leads to conflicts with another.

    The secret to happiness? Balancing your personal life with your professional life. Learn how to keep the scales even and not only will you enjoy financial success (and all of the perks that come with it), but you will enjoy rewarding and mutually responsive relationships and connections with other people. Most of all, you will learn about yourself.

    The happiest man or woman alive is the individual that truly knows who they are, what they want out of life, and how to keep themselves emotionally and physically satisfied.
  6. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    "Realize that true happiness lies within you. Waste no time and effort searching for peace and contentment and joy in the world outside. Remember that there is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving. Reach out. Share. Smile. Hug. Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself."
    This happy thought by speaker Og Mandino

    Not having to worry about having enough money to pay bills would make me happy! But than again not worrying about a loved one's health would make me happy .So having money to care for loved one's well being is happiness.

    So I guess the bottom line is everything goes back to having money after all isn't that what we all are doing here in the first place? (here=on this forum)

    The quest for something gives life meaning, money to be able to support a charity or Church that makes people happy. So yes Money makes one happy.

    What about the child's face on Christmas day when they open their gifts, money afforded the parent to be able to make the child's face light up and that goes back to having the money to make a child happy which in turn brings happiness to the parent.

    Think about it money CAN buy happiness!

  7. Servant Leader

    Servant Leader New Member

    "Money Can't Buy Hapiness, But I Sure Am Happy When I Can Buy Whatever I want!"

    Listen, I've had money and I've been broke. And trust me, It's a lot easier to be happy with money.


    Hapiness has become a word so overused, it's almost lost it's meaning. "hapiness" means many things to many people.

    But this I KNOW: true hapiness comes from within, and can be found in all of us who truly seek it. Money or Not!

    Although: It's hard to feel happy if we're not striving to fulfill our potential, and we ALL have potential to attract great wealth into our lives. So an individual who is truly happy because they're doing their very best, will almost always have money. (maybe not millions, but surely sufficient for their needs)

    What brings ME "hapiness"?...

    Serving others, and contributing positive value to other peoples lives. Period. I can have the worst day in the world, and that very same day feel an immense joy if I turn my focus off of my problems, and onto assisting others get what brings them joy.

    Never Fails.

    Thanks for the great question.

    As I always say... The better questions you ask, the better Answers you'll find!

    -Travis Tolman
  8. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    If you earn enough to satisfy your needs, money become irrelevant. Mental peace is more important.
  9. xtrong

    xtrong New Member

    Two brothers were playing soccer outside the house,
    when Julio, the youngest, said to his brother Ricardo:
    - My dear brother, I love you and I never want to be apart from you!
    Ricardo, without paying too much attention to what Julio said, asked:
    - What in hell is wrong with you? What's up with this stupid conversation about love? Just shut up and continue playing the game.
    So they kept playing until the darkness of the night arrived.
    Late at night Jaco, the kids' father, got home from work.
    He was exhausted and in a bad mood, because he failed on a big project at work.
    When Jaco got in the house, gazed at Julio for a second, getting a big and bright smile in return.
    Julio said:
    - Hi daddy, I love you so much and I never want to be apart from you!
    Jaco, full of rage and very stressed out, said to his son:
    - Julio, I am very nervous and tired right now, so please, don't give me this love bullshit conversation at this time! I'm busting my ass everyday so I can keep you guys happy. So, leave me alone!!!
    Julio went quietly to his room to cry on his pillow.
    The mother, Joana, missing the son's presence at the dinner table, went looking for him until she found him in tears holding his pillow tight to his chest.
    She got worried and asked:
    - What happened Julio? Why are you crying?
    Julio's eyes turned to his mom's, with a sad expression stamped in them. He said:
    - Mom, I love you so much and I never want to be apart from you?
    Joana smiled and replied:
    - My dear son, we will always be together no matter what.
    Julio gave mom a big kiss, smiled and went to bed:
    When Joana and Jaco were getting ready to go to sleep, she asked the husband:
    - Julio is acting very strange today, don't you think?
    Jaco, still stressed out about his job, replied to her:
    - This kid is just being stupid, that is all. Now go to sleep because I have to be up early.
    So everybody went to sleep. At two in the morning, Julio gets up and go to his brother's room, stands in front of Ricardo's bed watching him sleep.
    Ricardo wakes up due to the lights, and yells at his brother:
    - Crazy kid!!! Shut the lights and let me sleep!!
    Julio, in silence, obeyed his brother's wish, shut the lights and went straight to his parents room.
    When he got there, he watched them sleep until his dad woke up.
    - What's wrong son?
    Julio, silent, just shook his head like nothing was wrong.
    - So, what is going on then?
    Julio still would not say a word. Jaco yelled:
    - You are sick, go to sleep now!!!
    Julio turned the lights off, walked to his room and went to bed.
    Next morning everybody got up early. Jaco was getting ready for work, Joana was getting ready to take the kids to school, Ricardo and Julio....
    but Julio never got up!
    Jaco that was mad at Julio from the night before, went to his son's room, open the door and started screaming from the top of his lungs:
    - Wake up you lazy bastard!!!! Get up now!!!
    Julio didn't move.
    Jaco noticed his son still had his eyes shut and was pale white.
    Scared, he put his hand on Julio's face. It was really cold.
    Desperate, he called Joana and Ricardo to the room to see what has happened.... unfortunately the worse.
    Julio was dead and without any apparent reasons.
    Joana put her son in her arms hugging him tight, could hardly breath because she was crying so hard.
    Ricardo held tight his brother's hand and only had the strenght to cry.
    Jaco, his eyes full of tears, noticed a tiny paper folded in between Julio's little fingers.
    He took the paper and noticed there was something written with Julio's hand writing.
    It said:
    - The other night God spoke to me through a dream. Told me that, even though I love my family and my family loves me, we would have to separate. I really didn't want this but God explain to me it was necessary. I don't know what's going to happen to me but i am very scared.
    - I just want to make sure somethings are clear if anything happens:
    + Ricardo, my dear brother, never feel embarrassed to say you love your brother!
    + Mom, you are the best mom in the entire universe.
    + Dad, you work so much that you forgot to live.
    - I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

    How often we don't have the time to stop to love, or receive the love given to us? How often do we think the money we make is gonna make our family happy?
    Maybe when we wake up it will be too late...
  10. dodofone

    dodofone New Member

    I know 'Happiness cannot be bought' That's true, only I wish I could afford a flight-ticket more often to see my dear mother who died recently and because no saving I couldn't satisfy her dream! Like she often said in French: "L'argent ne fait pas le bonheur mais elle y contribue" = Money doesn't give happiness but can help you! and I believe so.
  11. faith

    faith New Member

    Yes it can - it can buy everything including your way out of sickness, home loss, lack of food, lack of clothing..and it can certainly buy friends! Maybe not the lasting kind, but friends come and go everyday!

    Its much harder to find them when you are poor...and, if you can let go of some of that money to help others get richer, then you are even happier than when just your/your family's needs are met.

    So, YES, money will make us all happier, especially if we use it well

    Even the Bible says "....but money answereth all"
  12. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    This is too easy. It doesn't buy happiness. At least not directly. Some poor people know how to be quite happy. Money can and is quite independent from happiness per se.

    However, a good dose of cash certainly goes a long way in setting the stage for happiness. This is especially true for one who knows how to handle riches. Poverty usually forces most to focus on their struggle, which is a negative focus.

    If a person does not have to worry about finances or worse, to fight about finances, that person is staged to experience relative happiness. Can there be any doubt?

    Enough said!
  13. c00l2008

    c00l2008 New Member

    The money have never bought happiness
    The money can only get troubles
  14. sylviey

    sylviey New Member

    no, money can't buy happiness; however i believe money can be a means to create freedom and time which can create happiness in our lives. love God, love yourself, love others -- give to others.

  15. asebf

    asebf New Member

    Buy happiness?

    A similar question - Can money buy you love?

    No - but it can buy you something so damned close you cannot tell the difference.

    Send the 25 bucks to someone who is sincere.
  16. APACHI

    APACHI New Member

    For everytime someone says can money buy happiness I would be rich by now.

    I have a friend in Nigeria who wants to come to Canada so badly because the country he lives in is very poor.

    $25 in US funds would go far for him, he could buy much with that money, the money that would buy him food but not a roof over his head. I have in my countless years as his friend, supported him on very little money I had.

    I made a difference in his life, I put trust back where others have taken advantage of him. We live in a rich country, whether it be Canada or the USA.

    The fact of the matter is; what is $25 worth to you?
  17. opendomain

    opendomain New Member

    Quite the opposite.
    Money is the root of all evil.
    The only reason you need money is to be able to give it to someone else...Very back aszword if you ask me. In that way money is more a virus than a happiness bringer. If you work work your tail off to get money tomake you happy and then turn around and trade it to someone looking for happines the same way you were. Only to be left with a want for more money...

    Imagine a world with no money. Sure we'd have no huge economies and large buildings not great corporations. The thing to remember is that these things were only created to make more money. Thus the cycle continues.
    I'd prefer to live in a world with no money, life would be simpler.

    When you get down to it money just doesn't make sense.

    On that note: Until we live in a world with no money; if I win I would like the money.
  18. Trojan9

    Trojan9 New Member

    well i could get all philosophical but I won't. I believe money can buy happiness. now before you go crazy on me, hear my reasons.

    1. You can buy your "significant other a gift", flowers in my case, and this always makes my baby happy.

    2. I maybe weird but, buying tickets to the movies, especially one I've been waiting for, makes me happy or seeing sarah brighman in concert, throw in a good meal, bliss.

    3. You can buy these little four-legged creatures that follow you around, they are cute and fluffy, and fun to pet, and they make you very happy.

    so ya, money can buy happiness.

    if your talking about the pursuit of happiness, now thats a different story. Happiness can be physical, spiritual, or whatever.
  19. mdukeusa

    mdukeusa New Member

    Money can buy me stuff - That can make me happy for a little while.

    God gives me Joy unspeakable and eternal life through his son that will make me happy forever

    You can have it too just ask and I will tell you all about it.
  20. sparkle

    sparkle New Member

    I will have to say no. Because my husband and I were just as happy when we had little money as we are now...the only thing is we are able to buy more,invest and take vacations. Happiness is what you make it.

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