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Discussion in 'Profit Lance' started by destinydtk, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. destinydtk

    destinydtk New Member

    Hi Is anyone else having problems accessing I've been a memebr for many years and have never had any problems. I get an error message as "Bad request". Does Profit Lance still exist? Thanks
  2. Lazy Coconut

    Lazy Coconut New Member

    I am getting the same message when logging onto my as a memeber. I was reading some of the other Profit Lance entries and we seem to be the only recently experiencing this. HEM JOE on another forum post said he has an email to contact Profit Lance, Hopefully he can see this and look into it and let us know.

    I am fairly new at internet marketing and was in the middle of the course when this site went down. Hopefully this is temporary because I really found the site to be very helpful.
  3. tobarski1

    tobarski1 New Member

    I keep seeing this new program profit lance bonus I have sent several emails to both them and profit lance I have the email address. I have a feeling that the profit lance site was bought by another company the original site owner Mike I think was from the UK in the footer the company that is listed is an Australia company. That said I am really not sure I am just trying to figure it out but for anyone that was using that program you can go to that site has a ton of the same information and it better. I feel cheated and I am sure others do to. When you spend $67 or $97 and that other site has just as many of those adsense pages they are putting up to. I sent them an email and they said they are working overtime since profit lance is gone to get all the information up there for profit lance customers
  4. tobarski1

    tobarski1 New Member

    There is a blog post about it at if anyone cares to read about it
  5. alchmo

    alchmo New Member

    I'm also getting 'no such website' message. I've used this program frequently for 3 years and this is the first time I couldn't reach the website to sign in. Do anyone know what's going on. When I signed on 3 years ago it was for life.
  6. alchmo

    alchmo New Member

    I went to the 10Kstrategy website and I'm not impressed. Very amaturish and very difficult to navigate. They mention a special price for ProfitLance members but try to find it. The membership price is listed as $10/mo for membership and that they only have 45 slots left. I don't know, this sounds hinky to me. Any comments, suggestions, etc?
  7. nickv_uk

    nickv_uk New Member


    I bought Profitlance back in 2007. So far as I know this product is NO LONGER available. The original profitlance site has 'gone'.

    Someone else maybe repromoting the material from another site but you have to wonder whether that material is being updated.

    I had no complaints about the product itself it only cost $77, although much of it was public domain material, I would have had to do my own research to find that info.

    Profitlance include advice on key things such as adsense, keywords, copywriting and website creation etc. So it told you what you needed to do.

    Did it work? Well like many I had high ambitions but spent little time actually taking action.

    So obviously I made no money.

    Despite what the sales letters may claim there is nothing thats going to tell you how to make money that does not involve significant time and effort.

    So I learned a valuable lesson if you cant / wont invest that time and effort, everything else is just a day dream.

    A lesson which has saved me ??'00s since I havent bought any 'make money products' since.

    Am I disillusioned, no, I still believe 'anyone' can make money online but its more likely to be a modest return than megabucks.

    At some point in the near future I hope to free up some time to explore the possibilities more fully, but only after I can train my mind to believe that journey itself is a reward rather than just the financial outcome.

    I still have have much of the profitlance material and could share it with anyone who really feels the need....although the principles my still apply some of the techniques must now be out of date.

  8. zulu5200

    zulu5200 New Member

    I bought profit lance about 3 or 4 years ago. I studied everything in it and made one sale in a year. I was frustrated and looking for answers AND support. Now years later I tried to log-in to the members area and it keep saying that there is a "bad request". I have since moved on from profit lance.

    I bought potpiegirl's "One Week marketing" because of the information that someone from this forum told me. It was a good investment because I began to make sales. Not the "$2500 in one day" type of sales. But I started to see that if you put in the work. You CAN make money with this Internet marketing stuff.

    From potpiegirl's "One Week Marketing" I moved on to "Wordpress goldmine". It's a great place to learn everything else that you need to learn about I.M. It's exactly what you need when you are doing this stuff because sometimes you feel like you are all alone out there. The people in the forum are very helpful and it only costs about 20 bucks a month.

    Yeah, I tried to log-in to profitlance because I have it saved as a bookmark on my computer. I can't get on so I have since moved on. I should be mad but I'm not. I have learned so much since then that the $77 that I paid for it. I have made that back and then some!

    Don't rely on profit lance if you can 't log-in. Keep it moving! I am grateful for profit lance because it put me on the path of learning even more about Internet marketing! Keep it moving!
  9. jillwebb

    jillwebb New Member

    I fully agree with you here. I too joined Profit Lance about 3 years ago and even though I have not earned megabucks as a result, what I learnt was more than worth the cost of the membership.

    As you say there are other programs out there. I personally have diversified into learning more about developing websites in niche areas, which is a kind of follow on from the stuff I learnt through Profit Lance. Noble Samurai is absolutely first class for this purpose.

    As one door closes another one opens...

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