Can YOU be successful in Coastal?

Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by hsimpsonjr, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    Lot's of people reading this forum are researching Coastal for the first time. If this is you then WELCOME. You have come to the right place.

    You will see lots of Coastal Vacations members and directors posting here. You can ask questions and you will get answers. You will get LOTS of answers so read them carefully and YOU determine what information serves you best.

    Choosing a director can be a big deal. You need to find someone who will mesh with your way of thinking and your personality.

    There are a few directors that focus on making as many sales as they can and they make a lot. Some make 5, 10 maybe even 20 sales in a week. That's great for them. They have found a way to market that works for them and they are working it hard to make those kind of personal sales.

    I try to think of Coastal in a different way and this is how my personal team thinks also. If I can make 3 to 5 personal sales a month then I am happy. Why, because I know I will be able to spend quality time with my new members showing them how to market, doing three way calls, helping write ads or whatever they need me to help with. This also means they will be passing up sales to me which will increase my income during that month. That is income to me that cost me nothing but some time training my new members. That is time well spent.

    This helps them become productive sooner than later and lets them know that I am dedicated to help them succeed.

    Some people think I am crazy and think that everyone should have the goal of making as many sales as possible. I just don't agree with that.

    With Coastal, you need to create members who are learning how to train their members to duplicate. You need to spend time with them to do that. I personally feel that I can do that much better if I have a limited number of sign ups a month to do that. If I get 3 to 5 a month then I will be happy.

    If you are one of those you can be assured that I will give you personal attention. If you choose one of my personal team members like Bill and Noreen Decker, Susan Eng, Dawn Orbeck, or several others that are on this forum and part of my team you will get that kind of attention. Some choose other methods of marketing and don't post here but they agree with our philosophy.

    The directors that are making massive sales are using a system that works for them. That's great and it works for many. It's up to you. Which system fits you best? This is where your research comes in.

    Read all you can about your group and director. Talk to them personally and see how their group markets the Coastal Product. If you want to talk to myself or one of my team members let me know. We can vouch for eachother and I will even give you my direcotors email so you can ask him about me.

    This is a great company and it will work GREAT for you if you make the right choices for yourself. Good luck in your research and I we all hope to say WELCOME TO COASTAL!
  2. rhondap

    rhondap New Member

    Nice post Harold.

    Duplication and training is key.
  3. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Nice post Harold,

    I've found that you can have a great team and make alot of sales. Here's how it's done. First, you've got to have the right system in place that allows you to work your business AND get results. I work my Coastal Business Full Time - it's how we pay the bills around the NaPier home and if I weren't doing things right....we'd be out on the street!

    Thankfully, we are able to not only pay the bills, but also do things that others just are not able to do. I like to be very flexible in my schedule. This allows me to take phone calls when it's convient for my team and for prospective new team members. My team members call as early at 8AM and Can call as late at 10PM. When the phone rings...I believe you should answer it...and that's what I do.

    I belive you should be right there for people. People should be able to get to know you. They shouldn't have to dig to find your name and phone number...and hey, a picture is good too.

    How personal is personal? I LOVE to spend time with my team members. At events...we always get together. We've done the Arabian Knights show in Orlando, We've done the dinner show at Al Capone's, We've been to BB Kings in Nashville (had to rent a Hummer Limo for this), I've had my team members out to the Loveless Cafe for breakfast & Dinner, and we've even done a tour of Nashville. I've met team members for lunch...and closed a sale in the parking lot of Sticky Fingers in Chattanooga. This is what I call going the extra mile.

    I'm even working on a program that I'll be launching soon where I'll be going to my team members city and helping them either launch a b2b program or do a travel workshop. I'm working on a Coastal Platinum Vacation where my team members will come to Nashville and spend a few days with me...kickstarting their business.

    When it come to this business there are 101 ways to do it...and I share everything. What works and what doesn't work!

    No matter what direction you go. Take the business SERIOUS! I want to meet you at a Coastal event and be able to congratulate you when you quit your job, celebrate your first year in the business and get started at the highest level possible. the $9705 profits are awsome!

    Jay NaPier
    Platinum Director
    Coastal Vacations
  4. coastalspain

    coastalspain New Member

    Hello! It's the first time I post here, and I'm so happy to find a serious place where people can write their opinions about Coastal Vacations and to find there experienced Directors to talk with![​IMG]

    First of all I would like to say that I respect completely Coastal Vacations, because I know It's a serious on-line businness, and that the bad experience I'm going to tell you now it's not the fault of Coastal Vacations Company, but the fault of my Director.[​IMG]

    I'm from Spain, and I joined Coastal Vacations this last summer, but, unfortunately, my Director doesn't help me so much, well, in other words, he doesn't teach anything to me, any tips, just tells me to put advertisements and wait for the customers... and I've been waiting for a long, losing money in ads. and without any results.

    Now, I realize that I must had choose another Director. When I saw the successful histories of you I feel like a stupid, because I don't have any support to learn and to have a oportunity to have a successful business, while others from all over are succeeding in Coastal Vacations.

    I'm really afraid of losing this opportunity business so I would like your help, if anyone would like to train a bit me, answer some questions I have or tell me if exist a foum for Coastal Vacations Directors (I've searched in Google but without results) where I can find some information shared by other Directors for developing my business.

    Thanks for all in advanced! Excuse me for my faults in English and congratulations for your work here![​IMG]

  5. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    You can be as successful as you want to be with Coastal. The upside of this business are the profits. We make from $1000 - $9705 each time. Incredible. Next is the amazing system we are able to plug into.

    If you want to be successful everything is in place. You even get your own personal coach and mentor. What could be better. Ive been successful because I listened to my director but I made sure to use my strengths. We are all so different and have so many thing we can bring to this business to make us successful.

    Here is why ive been successful. Now its worked for me but I think its a good concept to use. I make my team mates self sufficient. I teach them to use the tools that we already have. I show them how to think on their feet. So many of us become too valuable to our teams for our own knowledge and then get tied to the phones and to doing numerous trainings. Now dont ge me wrong all of those things are needed. But in this day and time of technology being the way it is and the fact we are in the travel business lifestyle is more important. I live the lifestyle and show my team to do the same.

    So yes you can be extremely successful in Coastal. I suggest like many others have to do your due diligence in looking at the business. Then pick a director. If you want a good one there are many here. Like everyone im available if you arent working with someone already. Then get started and learn the system your director uses and become successful.

    Also dont let money get in your way. If it's an issue be sure to contact me for details on our new A-Team Coastal Vacations Apprentice Program.

    Adam Frederick
    Platinum Coastal Director
    302 476 2753
  6. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    Hi Maria,
    your english is fine. There are lot's of people who will give you advide off of this forum. You will learn alot here. How have you been marketing in Spain?
  7. coastalspain

    coastalspain New Member

    Hi Harold! Thanks for your post!!

    I don't know if your question is about that, but I'll try to answer you the best as I can! I've joined a System which is specifically for Spanish, Southamerican or people who wants to sell in spanish language (I'm not yet so confident to sell in English, hehe!!), and my marketing consists basically in adverstise my site on Internet and then work with an autoresponder. But I think it's not enough, because I haven't had any results (sells). The marketing system is not like in USA, where the telephone calls are more important part of the marketing.

    The bad thing is that, at least what I have seen, there is a big hole of information in the Systems of Spanish speakers. My Director doesn't help me so much and I also coulnd't find answers to my questions in other Spanish Directors or any forum like this, everything is misteryous and dark. That's why I began to search somewhere where I could find honest and serious Coastal Vacations Directors to talk with and ask them my doubts about the information that it hasn't been given to me.

    I think I'm lucky because I can speak and understand fluently English and join forums like this and learn a lot, but for people who doesn't it's being very hard to succeed in their business. I think it would be fair that everybody would have the same basic information to grow up their own business.

    And that's why I want, because I'm serious at work, that when I have new pupils to coach them, I will be able to give them all the information they need to succeed, all the tips I have, etc, in short, to be a good Director who can helps them a lot. And they don't have to go alone without any guide as happened to me. But, without having been trained well, I cannot offer this, and I'm so upset for this situation.

    Well, excuse me for this large post, but I just want you to know my situation if anybody wants to help me. Thanks a lot and regards from Spain!
  8. asebf

    asebf New Member

    Quoting: jnapierNice post Harold,

    I've found that you can have a great team and make alot of sales. Here's how it's done
    So I missed the part about how it is done. You only covered working with your team.
  9. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Success is relative. To me success means making a few million. To someone else it might mean an extra $1000 a month. Both are realistic goals with Coastal. This is the big draw here. It has something in it for everyone. And better yet the product we market is travel.

    You can have any success you want in Coastal. I have a few thoughts on how.

    1- Learn your product

    You can market something effectively if you don know about it.

    2- Learn to advertise

    The better you are at advertising the more you will make.

    3- Learn to be a student

    Learn from every source you can and be open to trying new ideas.

    4- Learn to teach duplication but to also be willing to be different at times

    This is important if you can find a niche and show others how to duplicate you will be truly successful.

    5- Learn to lose any ego you have.

    I dropped my ego the day I got into Coastal. The best decision I ever made ( on both join Coastal and to drop my ego)

    If you can do these 5 simple steps then success is yours with Coastal.

    Adam Frederick
    Platinum Coastal Director
    302 476 2753
  10. rhondap

    rhondap New Member

    Yep, one of Dani's Johnsons favorite sayings "Weigh Your EGO with Your Bank account"

  11. asebf

    asebf New Member

    Quoting: hsimpsonjrGood luck in your research and we all hope to say WELCOME TO COASTAL!


    By the way -- thanks for your help so far in our little research project.
  12. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Quoting: rhondap"Weigh Your EGO with Your Bank account"

    Great point Rhonda. There are alot of folks on the forum and online who think a whole lot of themselves....YET, a closer look shows that they don't event have a business bank account. Hmmmmm...

    When you get REALLY serious about your Coastal business you incorporate your business. I chose an LLC. There are several options available, get with your CPA and find out which option works best for you.

    Put your money where your mouth is. I invested over $60,000 in personal development last year. Some was better than others....but I invested in myself. This year, my focus has change to a more relaxed business style. I got to see what "Mach 3 with your hair on fire" looks like - No, it was not me it was a trainer and coach in the industry.

    I prefer being me. I'm an easy going kind of guy. I live a relaxed lifestyle....BUT I also like a few toys here and there.

    The biggest thing this business has allowed me to do is be a better giver. I enjoy giving and I enjoy being able to help others. Without making this a "get some credit" type of post I'll simply say that the BEST thing this business has allowed me to do is Give to my favorite charities.

    Jay NaPier
  13. asebf

    asebf New Member

    Quoting: hsimpsonjrRead all you can about your group and director. Talk to them personally and see how their group markets the Coastal Product.
    Harold and others - In the little I have poked around in here - I'd say to new people that in choosing a director it might be best to interview NOT the director - but those on his/her team -

    Just a thought.

    I thought this was a thread about if new people can make it and how? Can we hear from some newbies and people that are doing OK - and how they are doing OK?

    I see lots of people pounding their chests, but I don't read much about nuts and bolts of what works. Details etc. Not details about bank accounts - details about what is working and what works to get new people profitable asap???

    For example on the email blast thing that uses something called contact talk - only one person posted results and she only loaded it with 200 people. That is what I mean - nothing about what works. If contact talk is so great - surely there must be someone who can give numbers of how well or how bad it worked??
  14. asebf

    asebf New Member

    more - this place is worse than trying to get a straight answer from a presidential candidate [​IMG]
  15. linkmetro

    linkmetro New Member

    Quoting: asebfmore - this place is worse than trying to get a straight answer from a presidential candidate

    lol Bob, then tell us just how much money you MAKE[​IMG] with your little, free to join business?
    You sound like an IRS agent now.

  16. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    Hi Bob,
    You are right about talking to a directors members. I am glad to give email addresses or even phone numbers of my members so prospects can hear it straight from the horses mouth about how much help they can get from me. And that also means how much my members help me also. YES, that's right. I LEARN FROM MY MEMBERS, too. It's a 2 way street and if a member of mine has expertise in an area I don't I am willing to learn.

    One really cool thing about this forum is you can see who is for real. For instance, When I came to this forum almost a year ago, I didn't have any members posting here. I started talking to people here and answering their questions and people started signing up with me just from what they saw me say on this forum. WOW!

    The next thing you know, this is the biggest section of the entire board dedicated to a specific group. Lots of my members are here posting now. I will vouch for them just like they will vouch for me. For instance, I talk to Bill Decker pretty much EVERY DAY. We have gotten to know each other very well and he helps me as much as I have ever helped him. I can tell anyone doing research on Coastal that Bill would be a GREAT director. I can also vouch for Dawn Orbeck, Susan Eng, Evelyn Legerski who are active posters on this very forum, ALL members of my team and all of us work together. I can also vouch for Nikki Carter and Rhonda Peterson and they aren't even members of mine but I talk to them also. Like Bob said, talk to members of teams and see if they are satisfied with their director.

    One other way is to simply do a google search of the prospective directors name. You can really learn a lot that way. You can see articles they have possibly written or some things that have been written about them, positive or negative. This usually applies to the more well known directors that have been around for a while. One example of this is my director, Jeff Mills. I have read a ton of good things about Jeff but I have also read a couple of bad things that some wrote about him. The bad things I read I know are lies because they said he would take your money and run and I can personally say that if I EVER need to email, chat or call Jeff he ALWAYS answers my questions and my personal members questions AS SOON AS HE RECEIVES THEM and he checks his email about every 2 seconds!LOL- I could get on yahoo messenger right this second and chat with him or call him. That's the value of having a good director and that's why it's so important to get references and look at what you see on the web be it positive or negative so you can make an educated choice. The internet is a great thing as you can see if you are reading this so use it to help research anyone who you are considering to be your director.
  17. rhondap

    rhondap New Member


    Thanks for your kinds words. [​IMG]

    I got your message hopefully we can touch base Monday.
  18. asebf

    asebf New Member

    Quoting: linkmetrolol Bob, then tell us just how much money you MAKE with your little, free to join business?
    You sound like an IRS agent now.

    Link - with all the money rolling in from the Mall - I will surely have on big mess coming up with the IRS -

    I'll be writing off business expense against zero income - can you do that? [​IMG]

    Your answer is above. Of course I have not done much with it - so I'm not slamming the Mall deal. I think Newbieshield would have a better idea of if/how it works than I.
  19. linkmetro

    linkmetro New Member


    Quoting: asebfI'll be writing off business expense against zero income - can you do that?

    You know the answer for it. I don't have that much expenses running my Coastal business. hehehe
    I may just visit your mall and drop some coin there.
    Are you still in the mortgage industry?

  20. asebf

    asebf New Member

    Link - finishing up the last few properties - then should be finished. The last 6 months I have done almost as well as the income from the mall deal. [​IMG]

    Looking at maybe turning our lead generator stuff around towards Coastal - still in R & D on that. I do however like your Coastal System - it obviously works for you.

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