Can you help me find a MLM?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by DSUnique, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. DSUnique

    DSUnique New Member

    I'm thinking about joining Team Beach Body. I'm looking for a good MLM to get into, learn about and teach/manage a team. I'm not the greatest sales person, but I am a great motivator, organizer, etc.

    If sales in the main focus, I'm looking for something moderately priced. I'm going to do a lot of my recruiting offline at first and the income level isn't that much around here. So, I'm looking for things that people need and would want to buy even when times are tough.

    Something similar to Avon and Marykay, but not? I don't want to get into those since, around here, they are so over saturated. I want something new, exciting and fun. Can anyone help out?
  2. junior994

    junior994 New Member

    If you are still looking for an opportunity that has a product that everyone needs(or has to have), then check out a company called My Harvest America. This is an online grocery store that can save prospects 30 to 50 % or more on their shopping.The products are shipped for Free and no tax. The start up cost is very low and so is the Monthly.Who doesn't buy groceries!!! The comp plan is great also.Fairly new company.Check it out.
  3. Julsy

    Julsy New Member

    I am an Avon eRep and highly recommend it for only $20.00 to start you just can't beat it, but I understand about being overly saturated in your area, I have been up against the same issue here in my town, but found that the majority of people now like to order for themselves online and have it shipped directly to them. So, as long as you have good contacts (e-mails, facebook, twitter, etc.) online is working great, so at least give that another thought before you decide.

    I also have some really good friends doing Pampered Chef and making really good money, but they have at least 2 - 3 parties going a week. So they put lots of time into it.

    I think you are on the right track thinking of a business that has real products for sale. I blew a lot of time and money trying several different online MLM's that really didn't care if you sold products or not, the main focus was the recruiting, not the product. That in itself is a huge red flag to watch out for!
  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I have heard good things about Team Beach Body - so good luck![​IMG]
  5. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Good luck with whatever you decided to pursue. With any business opportunity success will result from training and support and consistent marketing of your business.

    I myself am loving the only viable legitimate business I've found that requires NO Selling, Trying, Switching, or Using Anything for success. Easy business I've seen in 15 years of network marketing.

    Getting Paid To Collect Public awesome unique home business opportunity that is using that is implementing the power of Crowd Sourcing.
  6. ShawnCharles

    ShawnCharles New Member

    If you are going to be doing your recruiting online then you need make sure what ever company you join that they have an internet marketing system in place.

    What you really are going to need is your own lead capture page and what everybody refers to as a funded proposal, but that is another post in and of itself.

    You can go to to find a big list of MLM companies that you can investigate. Before you join make sure you have a passion for the product and company or else you'll probably quit when the times get tuff and they will.
  7. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    I would do a lot of research first, in any case.

    Then, come back and ask when you narrow things down.
    Good luck!
  8. weebitty

    weebitty Member

    There are alot of MLM's out there. You need to really believe in the company and or product or you will burn out. How much learning is involved, what kind of support do you get?? If you like sales that is good. I myself am burned out on them so I was looking for something alot more simple to do and I found it. But that is me. You on the other hand may like the sales part of it more than I did. I wish you luck with whatever you decide to do. And you are right it has to be something that is kind of recession proof right now. Is this something that people need??
  9. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    What ever company you decide to join, make a commitment to succeed in it because you will have many times that you will feel like quitting.

    It is so easy to get excited about an opportunity and keeping a positive attitude is very important to your success.

  10. drunyan

    drunyan New Member

    Have you thought about an MLM business that teaches people how to market their business? I have found an MLM that is practically fool proof. I don't want to mention names, but you can reach me at my signature below. This program walks people through a painless way to market just about anything they want to market and you guessed it, you make the money helping them learn how to market their MLMs.
  11. ccathome

    ccathome New Member

    Here's what I would tell you...absolutely LOVE what you are doing. If you love make-up sell that, if you love working out or health products sell that and do your research. How long has the program been around, who's running it, do they know what they are doing, will you have support or will you be on your own, what's the training like and how much will that cost you? These questions are essential to your success because you will at some point want to quit but you're more likely to stick w/it if you LOVE what you have to offer others.

    If you don't love it don't bother, keep looking for something that you can fall in love with.

    If you have a problem talking to people, or setting and sticking to goals there's a wonderful program called Your Wish is Your Command. It's great and has inspired me and cleared money blocks and beliefs I didn't know I had. Sometimes we're our own worst enemy. But truly if you are seeking something better that's all your own then you are already special.

    Best of luck and don't give up your dreams.
  12. Mike McClurg

    Mike McClurg New Member

    Beach Body is good....
    Take a look at Trivita frist
    They both use Multi Media
  13. JHandy

    JHandy New Member

    You sound like someone who wants to be successful in business and that's great. My recommendation to you is that it doesn't matter what kind of company you want to join, if you don't know how to market it, you're doomed to fail. It doesn't matter if it's offline or online. Don't spend your wheels realizing you should have done this first. Save yourself some time and get the training now.

  14. MarcS

    MarcS New Member

    Have you heard of herbalife ?
  15. BruceMiles

    BruceMiles New Member

    You must believe in what you are doing to be successful at it, and in order for you to have the inspiration to pick up the phone or to speak to someone about it. If you do not suppose it is real then it won't be. Once you find that company that you can stand behind, treat it as if it was yours, because after all- it is. If you just opened a coffeehouse you would consider that your coffee was the absolute right? Same mental attitude applies here. There aren't any "I will try it's" in this business. You have to be an "I will do it" type person to survive and succeed in network marketing.[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  16. gingerva

    gingerva Guest

    Hi and congratulations on deciding to join the Network Marketing community.

    There are literally thousands of great companies to choose from. You're on the right track - learn, teach and manage a team. Except we really don't manage teams, we inspire them.

    The most important first step is to pick a product/service. It's not possible to be successful promoting something you don't believe in. Just like anything you are considering spending money on, do your do-diligence and make sure the company provides training, a rock solid plan and has values that match yours.

    In other words, think about what you want your Network Marketing business to do for you and does the company provide you with that?

    Mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef, Amway, Herbalife, Melaleuca, MonaVie are all good companies with solid reputations and good histories. And that's the downside you mention...they have been around for a long time.

    I am not in any way "pitching" my business however, it may (or may not) be what you are looking for. It is new, fun and exciting and is right for this economy. If you are interested, check out the website on my profile and feel free to call me if you have any questions.

    My background is sales and you do not need to be good in sales to be successful in Network Marketing. You can learn the skills and I would encourage you to do that. I recommend that everyone read Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell. It really helped me.

    Hope this helps you.

    To your success,

    Ginger Hogue
  17. flyingbiker

    flyingbiker Guest

    DSUnique I am new to this and am trying to be an energy broker. Electricity is something that everybody needs and wants to save money on. Since deregulation it is opening up an entire new market.
  18. emma2020

    emma2020 New Member


    I think you have to carefully research what you are getting into first. Something can appear to be fine then as soon as you know its not working out.

    I hope it goes well.

  19. jeffreysloe

    jeffreysloe Member

    An MLM company is just the vehicle, a way for you to make money. However, finding a company with a product and/or service that you believe in will go a long way in keeping you from getting burned out.

    Do you due-diligence, and find the company that fits your personality. Make sure the company is stable. If it's a start-up, make sure you check out the principals.

    Be prepared to work hard, and never quit. Set your goals, and stay focused. Enjoy your new journey.

  20. wendell wilkins

    wendell wilkins New Member


    I know that you are doing a noble thing in joining the mlm community. I am a little late to this forum,but I would like for you to visit my blog in order to get some ideas about joining a home based business and getting the tools to helppromote it.

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