Can You really make money at home or is it fake?

Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by Babydoll2, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. Babydoll2

    Babydoll2 New Member

    Has anyone really something they can do at home and make money? with out having to keep spending more money?
  2. Babydoll2

    Babydoll2 New Member

    I don't believe that you really can unless you have your own business. I set up to type ads for companies. and I paid $97.00 to join and they did not even help me or give me the information that they said they would. to get me started right. every thing that I seen I would have to spend more money to set the ads up. I think that it is a rip off!
  3. dynawealth

    dynawealth New Member

    You can babydoll2. Don't loose hope. Just find the right company and right people to learn from/be with. There are literally millions of money making opportunities. But my best recommendation is always to own your own website as well as join a bigger company as a an affiliate or something.

  4. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

  5. Mommasluv

    Mommasluv New Member

    There are ways of making money at home usually it does mean doing a business but some of these can be started with minimal funds. There will be costs involved in advertising and such , just like if you do something offline like childcare or dogsitting you would have to get the word out and such but if you love what you do and do what you love then the rest will come, just keep track of what you spend and then you will know when you have reached your profit and can see what works and what still needs reworked etc..
  6. eprofitssuccess

    eprofitssuccess New Member


    Since the Internet is a goldmine, there are endless opportunities out there begging for attention. But finding the right one is tricky, time consuming and at times expensive.

    Typing ads and things like that at home cannot make you real money since you are still trading your time for money.

    If you can log in, check your balance and follow screen prompts, then e-currency exchange (DXINONE) is the most rewarding and profitable home based business out there. Hand's free if you'd like to call it.

    There's no need to rely on any advertising, sales or recruits unlike all those other stuff out there.

    Anyways, I'm out.

    Laters all.
  7. philena30

    philena30 New Member

    OH man.. That's terrible babydoll2. You had to find out the hard way about those ads they post about working from home, and all you do is post the same ads. That sucks. I knew about the scams, but you're the first person I've met, that actually did it. You live and learn. Not too many easy money making businesses out there, but that's why most people don't look at ads anymore for a home business, they look at what others are already doing. That's your best bet, for just starting off.
  8. dynawealth

    dynawealth New Member

    You can try out a business that has no/minimal risk upfront, in a couple of hours time, I will be launching a promotion where I will pay you to start the business and I will cover your costs therefore you don't need to worry about loosing money or being scammed. I will announce it later or pm me if you are interested to know more.

    Cheers! [​IMG]
  9. dfatsiletos

    dfatsiletos New Member

    I know you can because I did it. Check my site [Link removed - Admin] to understand how you can do it. For more info read my blog

  10. shadowdncer

    shadowdncer New Member

    I think I found the best way. Make money 15 minutes from now!
  11. twnuck

    twnuck New Member

    You can definately make money at home but you do have to be careful. Often our desire to work at home gets ahead of our common sense and we look up 30 days later with a lot of money spent on information. I think you should always be cautious of work at home opps. that require you to spend money first.

    Of course the difference is whether you want to work from home for someone elses (i.e. a worker that just happens to be at home) or do you want a business at home. Anytime you want a business then you need to be prepared to work off a budget and spend a little bit of money to get things going. As a worker you should never have to do that. So it really depends on what vehicle you use to make your money at home.

  12. Renier

    Renier New Member

    My advice to you is look for a business that has a automatic follow up system.

    The business must a have a 10 year record.
    The business must have a product that is high in demand
    The business must have a good system that can follow up prospects and leads why you sleep.
    The business must have a high return investment.

    I think the best business is a internet business it takes less cost to start.

    All the best

  13. asik28

    asik28 New Member

    Yes it is possible to earn money online , autosurf, MLM , etc [​IMG]
  14. wanda

    wanda New Member

    Hi there,
    I agree its very frustrating trying to find something that is legit.
    My suggestion would be take a look at the factors:

    Funding behind it
    Management Team
    Compensation Plan
    Support & Training

    These are the top factors to consider and vital to your growth.
    My first month with my company I made 2137US, pretty good for a start

    Good luck in your search
  15. kathyg

    kathyg New Member


    Yes, it is possible to make money from home, I've been drawing a pay check for almost 2 years now. It is customer service, which is not for everyone, but take a gander if it strikes you.

    Good-Luck, Kathy
  16. taityl

    taityl New Member

    I think you should only join a program if you feel comfortable with; and spend only if you are affortable to do so, never ever spend your grocery money for the internet business! Oh yes, as I mentioned this is an 'Internet Business', you must treat it as your business!

    Don't ever think about those 'get-rich-quick' kind of programs.

    Anyone who runs a real home business knows we almost always end up working more than 40 hours a week! Of course it can be reduce once you already put your business in long enough and strong enough. Also, nobody said that starting a home business is cheap (even the surf for money programs, you need to put in money to earn money), it takes money to earn money, that is not a new concept.

    Before we think of work from home or start a home business, we need to looking at what really works as far as promotion and overall dedication to succeed. Also, research before you join!

    Just my 2 cents words [​IMG]

    Happy earning,
  17. dargen_5378

    dargen_5378 New Member

    frickin admin always removing links....guess we cant help people anymore......type daily 12 and pro in google...see what happens

    Spy Vs. Spy
  18. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Quoting: dargen_5378frickin admin always removing links....guess we cant help people anymore

    This forum is indeed created to help people, but many people in disguise of helping others, help themselves, and as I have no sixth sense to identify which affiliate links help themselves and which help others, all affiliate links/self-serving links are removed.


    Frickin Admin
  19. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Way to go, Vishal! [​IMG]

    Delivered with objectivity, impartiality and a refreshing sense of humor.

  20. netjobs

    netjobs Member

    Facing lots of scams, I started my own website and making a handsome money from the comfort of home, even I dont have any products to sell, but still I make money with programs like Google Adsense, and free to join affiliates programs like CJ and Clickbank and I hope these companies would be never been a Scam like others in future...

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