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Discussion in 'Paid Surveys' started by Imrannizar, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. Imrannizar

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  2. mkl315

    mkl315 New Member

    I say anything you have to pay for is a scam. They give you a list of sites that are the same ones you can fine on your own just doing a search. Unless you do not want to take the time to seach for them and have the money to pay one of these sites, I would not join.
  3. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    In my experience, paid surveys are a waste of time...
  4. happygal

    happygal Member

    Yes, scam. Don't pay for something you can easily get for free. Namely: a list of survey sites.
  5. mlynn

    mlynn Member

    The problem with those sites who ask for your personal information to access their list of surveys is many of them might spam you...there are many sites offer 100% free access to the same information, nothing required.
  6. pinkyparrot

    pinkyparrot New Member

    I'm not sure that I would call it an actual scam or not, but as stated above there are plenty of free resources out there. Also as stated above that they probably have a so called huge list of sites that you will have to sign up with and many of those will spam you.
    My suggestion is to browse around on this forum and other forums and take a look in signature links. You will find many free websites that people have built for your convience.
  7. paulie65

    paulie65 New Member

    I do paid for surveys that do not cost anything. But you do only make a small amount. I get a $20 gift card for Coles/myer about every 2 months. i don't think I would pay to do surveys because you should not have to pay to give a company something that they should pay you for. They are fun but don't really charge alot. I have been on a lot of sites to try make an income and most of them you a lot up front then don't deliver or they take up lots of you time. As a single mother of 3 I don't have either. Unless you are been taught a skill or step by step how to do something don't do it. You should get something out of it. I will only pay for something that I know will deliver. Especially if you get money back guareenteed or personal help
  8. softzephyr

    softzephyr New Member

    I've done surveys with tech companies starting in the 90's and those were legit and paid well. Once the surveys started to show up online with a price tag to "join" I feel there was a 360 degree change in conducting surveys. The middleman came in to make some money for themselves. PLEASE do not join when you have to pay to take surveys!! accumulates points and you can change them into gift cards. While they do have surveys, they also introduce you to other services and products which when you visit, they give you points. We've had dinners, breakfasts and lunches with the accumulated points.
  9. cosmics1979

    cosmics1979 New Member

    Not everything you have to pay for is automatically a scam but its a indicator that you should be careful (especially in the survey business).

    In survey-business you should earn money or receive a reward or something for give your honest opinion and spend your time doing surveys.
    The survey-sites make their money with your opinion...why should they also need your money. The companies who need your opnion for their products pay the survey sites and the survey-sites pay you. Everything else smells a bit fishy.
  10. happygal

    happygal Member

    I just don't agree with the concept of charging people for something that is readily available for free.

    If someone's definition of a scam is "am I paying for something that I shouldn't be paying for..." Then my opinion is yes, that would qualify.

    But to each his own.
  11. I agree completely. Plus, with most of these sites you are not even getting what they promise you. Many of them have a lot of outdated sites that are no longer running. And they are usually filled with more GPTs than actual market research.

    Plus, most paid databases spam you.

  12. jane85

    jane85 New Member

    If you find the qualified survey companies, you may earn extra moneys from surveys, but finding the profitable companies is very very important. According to my many years experience, if you register to the correct site, you may be successful.
  13. arch2009

    arch2009 New Member

    Hi jane85,

    i have also registres myself on few surevy sites.Please let me know if you have recved any cash from surevey sites.
  14. innerpeace

    innerpeace New Member

    Hey Imrannizar,

    I'd be inclined to agree with the majority here. I always say to the people that come to me for advice:

    "NEVER pay for paid surveys"

    This applies no matter what you're being promised.

    Just a few things I notice about the cashsurveysonline website:

    1. It doesn't actually make it clear on the sales/sign up pages that you have to be a US citizen

    2. No.1 is contradicted by the fact that "Everyone is qualified for survey work ??“ you cannot be turned down"

    3. The phrase 'Be Your Own Boss' is mentioned frequently... I thought being your own boss meant being in control - this is practically impossible with surveys - you get a survey when you're given it - you can't say "I'll do 200 surveys today please..."

    4. "CSO is the only company that lists only cash paying survey sites". Erm... if you can browse the internet, I think you'll find that this isn't quite true... you just need to look at some of the signatures in this thread to see a list of cash paying survey sites. And you don't even have to pay membership to see these lists!

    5. There's no date on the bottom of the website so how do we know if it's being updated? Furthermore, the formatting could be better in some places, and it would be nice to know who is actually in this 'CSO team'

    As far as the name behind the domain and contact details are concerned, here's what I found:

    - David Rosenberg
    (a yahoo domain for a company's email address doesn't exactly reassure me - though doesn't necessarily mean anything...)
    - Cash Surveys, Inc. (company name)
    - (347) 414-0304

    I did come across a review that I was almost taken in by at but then I discovered they had sneakily concealed an affiliate link so I didn't feel so bad about my initial skepticism!

    Anyway, I always write way too much but in summing up, maybe this CashSurveysOnline is actually a good product... but I'd never pay for a surveys product or membership...

    And if you look at their wording very carefully, they don't say you can make a living doing surveys (if they do, they're lying)...

    They say:
    "Working over the internet has a lot of benefits to it" and go on to list 'financial security' and 'dream homes' as possibilities - this is true, but 'working over the internet' is NOT the same as 'doing surveys online' - you won't get your dream home by doing surveys...

    Have a fun week everyone,

  15. treefrog1962

    treefrog1962 New Member

    I have tried the Free Survey route and I have found that they usually are a affiliate to a paid survey site. In my experiences, nothing is ever free!
  16. jane85

    jane85 New Member

    Hi Arch2009,

    Of course, I may get online earnings, but the important thing is to register to the right survey site. One of the criteria is these survey sites should work with global worldwide companies. This criteria is important, but only this criteria is not enough.
  17. treefrog1962: I have tried the Free Survey route and I have found that they usually are a affiliate to a paid survey site. In my experiences, nothing is ever free!
    That is the farthest thing from the truth. You should never pay for a list of paid surveys! That's rule #1 of taking paid surveys. There are so many free lists available that are usually better and more frequently updated!

  18. celebratelife54

    celebratelife54 New Member

    I recently started trying online surveys, some are ok just time consumming and slow to arrive at the min payouts ... Ater doing some rearch some actual pays. However, stay away from - scam. They are surveys only site, no offers which I thought was good, until I did survey after survey all the way through and it tells you"unfortunately you did not complete survey ....." or some other message to keep you from being credit money for the survey. They award you with $5.00 to join then there's nothing afterwards. Scam - stay away - save you energy.
  19. Survey Taker

    Survey Taker New Member

    No reason to pay for access to paid surveys, there are places to find them for free.
  20. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Maybe you should look into affiliate marketing more.

    I can not say that survey programs are total scam because you can earn an OK income and get many free prizes for participating. I have seen people make decent money with it.

    Yes, you can get free access to free surveys but a lot of people just don't want to spend so much time to look for these surveys themselves.

    You can spend hours looking for a solution online to what ever problem you have or you can spend a few minutes to pay for it. It is your choice and lots of people just don't have the time or patience for this.

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