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    Would anyone care to list all the cell phone network companies they know of? Here are the ones that I know about, in no particular order:

    - Lightyear Wireless
    - Vitel Wireless
    - ACN?
    - 5 Linx?
    - Spirit Mobile

    My cell phone is getting worse and worse each day, but I dont want to support typical corporate structures. I want to join some sort of independant/self-employed cell phone business, either as a customer or business owner.

    I'm looking for an android phone with a large screen and preferably 4g although I suppose 3g is acceptable. I dont want a long-term contract.

    We currently dont have any cell phone providers in the Lyoness network, or the issue would be sealed for me.
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    I did not know that ACN is a cell phone network marketing company. I heard they are doing really well.
  3. FreeCashMan

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    Others in the game are FHTM, and Life Mobile. However, I've seen non that give one the option to stay with who they know like and trust and still get paid for building a networking home business, like Vitel Wireless does.

    Vitel Wireless has the best plan for the average person to succeed in this category of networking home business.

    NO Customer Points in order to make money, like ACN, FHTM, and 5Links. And no Switching and/or buying of a new phone like Lightyear or LifeMobile.
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    Hi. Lightyear is the only company that I know of that gives you a way to get you and your customers their cell phone service for free, while getting paid at the same time. We do offer 3G or 4G Android phones with no contract. The service is on the Sprint network. Truly unlimited talk, text, and web for $59.99. (You will never be throttled down or forced to pay more no matter how much data you use). We also service our own customers through our corporate office in Louisville, Kentucky.


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  5. FreeCashMan

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    Yes Lightyear us to be the only one with such a set up.
    Vitel Wireless makes is possible with the ability to earn $1000s in monthly income.
  6. Interesting,

    Having first gotten into the Tel Com industry back when deregulation in 80's, I have seen it all. Like everyone, we all want to save money on what we already are purchasing or using, so I found concept of Tel-Com industry exciting.

    It didn't take long to see the industry over crowded with resellers, and yes, dozens of MLM deals jumped onboard, but in the end, technology is ever changing, and the competition is fierce, so you have to be serious enough to stay ahread of the curve in all Tel Com deals, and now wireless industry.

    When I first got involved, I went into payphone side of business, did pretty well, but it did not produce the promoted results no matter how good of a location I secured, and seeing industry changing, I sold business. Then I got into Network2000 MLM deal which exploded as one of, if not the first MLM deals. I did real well, until Sprint evolved through our efforts and pulled the plug on us distributors and I lost a six figure income overnight. Enough to make me give up MLM for years. Live and learn, don't trust any company in the Tel Com Wireless industry is lesson learned, very greedy industry.

    Then I jumped into Cognigen since I did have a huge downline with nowhere to go. Since I knew owner, it was someone I could trust, and over a fifteen years later I am still earning a residual income even after he CEO and founder died. It was taken over by others and they honored existing distributors, but the commissions were cut and new requirements made it not worth promoting anymore. Never made big money because it was a free to join business, and the only commissions you eanred were through actual Tel Com useage, not coding bonus money. Another lesson learned over the many years in industry, the margins are too small to make the effort worthwhile.

    I jumped into Excel with friend, and low and behold, built it up and this too went south, so the second time I had a six figure income erased overnight. lol They got enough pressure from regulators that they pulled the plug before any convictions, so I have always wondered how ACN survives since it was a copycat of Excel with the old coded bonus headhunting strategy. Wouldn't touch any pay to play Tel Com or Wireless deal again for there is not enough margins to make any money without the coding bonuses, and these have always been considered illegal, so time will tell if regulators go after ACN or Lightyear like they did Excel.

    Bottom line, yes, you can earn a little extra income with some of these deals, but at what risk knowing the real money is in recruiting others, not selling the services. If you had tens of thousands of customers, yes, you can do well, but how many people can accomplish this success when there are now hundreds of resellers selling the same deals, never mind competing with direct companies like Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T to name a few. Then you have Virgin, Cricket, PCS and all the pay as you go deals for unlimited everything for as low as $30. a month. Crazy competition compared to when I was hot and heavy into industry. Now look at Walmart deals, impossible to make serious money starting now in my opinion. Well, hope this history lesson in Tel Com industry helps you decide.

    Success to all,

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