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    ok starting jan 1 I'm going 2 start 2 work out and lose the extra weight I have & I want to know has anyone tried chalean ( and for a diet pill I will be taking release500 ( it's that safest pill I've found has anyone tried this one 2???? I hope I'm posting right ....thx 4 your help ; )
  2. joanpeterson

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    Have you tried changing your lifestyle to lose weight? I think Beachbody has good products but more people seem to succeed in keeping a good weight if they change their lifestyle for the long term.

    Consider exercising in the home or outside. A local gym is good too if you live near one.

    Also, eating the right foods with low fat would be beneficial to you. Calories in must be able to be calories out in whatever activity you do.

    They say the general rule of thumb is that you need to consume 100 calories for every 10 pounds you want to weigh. So if you weighed 140 pounds, you would need to consume 1400 calories to maintain that weight. Of course, that amount also depends on your activity level. You might need 2000 or 2500 calories if your physical activity is intense.

    And why wait until Jan 1? Your health is important - why not start now?
  3. ebbony4u

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    2 be honest I haven't changed anything yet but I will .. and jan1???? because the holidays are coming up and I think that will set me up 4 failure but thx 4 your tips that are greatly needed I decided I'm going to lose this weight and stick with being healthy and set good examples 4 my 2 boy 2&6yrs........................ again thx ; )

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    ebbony4u, i strongly suggest you start now! There is no reason to wait for a specific time later. That will just make it take longer to get results no matter what do decide to use. Also, stay away from diet pills, period. This is what i tell everyone, The key to any fitness program, whether it's weight-lifting, endurance running, martial arts, or anything related, is a solid foundation to build on. That foundation is nutrition(food). The body needs food for two things-energy and nutrients. Energy comes from carbs, fats and proteins. Nutrients are from vitiamins and minerals. btw-water is a nutrient, the body needs that too. Once you have established that, you are well on your way to your goal. Exercise helps accelerate weightloss but is mainly to keep your systems(respiratory,pulmonary,immune) strong. If you would like more tips let me know i'd be glad to help.
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    So did you finally start with Chalene's fitness programs? I am doing Insanity right now and then in mid July after Insanity is over I am doing her new one TurboFire. Let me know if you did start and how you did. I love hearing body transformations! [​IMG]
  7. ChristinaM

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    How are you doing with Insanity? How's the music?
  8. commit2beingfit

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    Hi ChristinaM,
    I am loving Insanity! But I am going to tell you that the name is PERFECT for this workout! haha! We are on Day 44, my hubby and I are doing this workout and to date I have lost a little over 16"! I am so excited. The music is ok...not like Chalene's stuff but it is pretty motivating. When he has you doing really hard stuff, the music is SOOOOO dramatic! It actually makes you push yourself harder, like those actors in the movies! lol!

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