Chocolate mousse:

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    Chocolate mousse:
    Chocolate 100 grams
    Butter 50 gram
    Eggs 3
    Milk ?? cup
    Coco powder 1 tbsp
    Sugar 75 gram
    Vanilla essence ?? tsp
    Gelatin 1 tsp
    Water ?? cup
    Fresh cream 200 grams
    Caster sugar 1 cup
    Melt chocolate over pan of boiling water. Add butter, milk, coco powder and mix well
    Now beat eggs with caster sugar very well till they turn fluffy. Then add vanilla essence. Fold the chocolate mixture into the egg mixture and add gelatin very gradually . Then fold in the whipped cream Chill till firm or set
    Decorate with fresh cream and chocolate decorations
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    does anyone have any really god recipes on how to make mint chocolate mousse??

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