Choosing Right Keyword for your Site

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by katereber, May 3, 2011.

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    Choosing right keyword for your site

    Before submitting your pages to search engines, the most important task is to select the right keywords to get your website in search result. Keywords which will best way describe your site and which will bring visitors to your web page. you should be very careful about choosing right keyword. After you make your own list of keywords, ask your friends to give you their suggestions and feedback. Use a thesaurus or dictionary. Some words may make perfect sense to you but may not to others and vice versa. After you choose them, add plurals of the same keywords. Always try to use keyword phrases so they make sense when they are put together. The key to successful promotion through search engines is to have the right keywords implemented at all the right places on your Web Page.
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    katereber: Use a thesaurus
    One of the most powerful tools at our disposal is a thesaurus.
    If I could recommend only one book to read it would be a thesaurus.
    katereber: Some words may make perfect sense to you but may not to others and vice versa.
    Excellent point.
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    Just2EZ: Excellent point.
    Thank you so much, hope that this thread will help other members here that are on the stage of learning..

    Good day..[​IMG]
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    A common mistake that new website owners make, is to target keywords that are not contained in their websites content.

    If your going to target a certain keyword, for example "dog training" as thats a popular search term, then you need to have the keyword "dog training" within your page content somewhere.

    The more instances that the keyword appears, the better the page will position and rank.

    Do not go over the top too much though and keep adding the keyword just for the sake of it, otherwise google will penalize you for keyword stuffing.

    It's best to just target one keyword per page, otherwise you will confuse the google bot when it comes to crawl your website, and therefore receive a much lower search engine position.
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    Basically, you need to choose a keyword phrase that a lot of people are searching for but has a relatively low number of competing websites with that keyword phrase in the title, anchor links and url.

    Much easier said that done! I use Micro Niche Finder but there are many similar tools that can help you do keyword research.
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    When picking the main keyword for your site it is important to chose one that you can easily use when writing.

    If you chose a long tail keyword containing 4 words you may find it hard to keep using it naturally in your content without it sounding odd.

    Try writing the content for your pages using your keyword before buying your domain.

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