Cleaning your baby cloth together with family cloth

Discussion in 'Raising Kids' started by gregriv69, Dec 3, 2006.

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    Some parents feel that the baby's clothing needs to be washed separately from the clothes of the rest of the family. This belief seems to stem from the fact that the other family members' clothing could somehow taint or contaminate the baby's clothes. There is no reason to worry about this at all, and it is perfectly safe to wash baby's clothes, and also their bedding, along with everyone else's. The only exception to this rule is cloth diapers or nappies. If parents are using the traditional cloth diapers, and washing them at home rather than using a diaper service, they must be washed apart from everything else.
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    The only reason you would need to separate the baby's clothing from the rest of the family's, is because you should not wash baby clothing in the same detergent as what the adults would use. It tends to irritate the skin, since the baby's skin is so sensitive. But after they get to be a certain age, I think it's one year, you can wash everything together, with the exception of diapers.
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    I have been using regular detergent on my little ones clothes from the beginning, he is now 18 months, and I haven't had a problem. I do however wash he clothes separately because it is just easier to fold his clothes all at once.
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    I am separating my baby's cloths with ours because his clothes are delicate and I don't want him wearing odd smelling clothes.

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