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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by prmarketing, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. prmarketing

    prmarketing New Member

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my email.

    Im new to clickbank and Im promoting about 8 products but Im focusing on 2 and
    Im using PPC for them.

    I started to use the Integrated Sales Reporting (ISR) with my adcenter ads so I can track clicks and sales.

    yesterday and some other days I noticed that I have :

    7 conversions for the first product.
    8 conversions for the second one.

    But no Sale?? I know it has been said that conversion tracking is not 100%
    accurate, but, such a difference?

    I have tried and tested everything. With other words, I simulated a sale by
    clicking on the ad, visiting my page, then click to the vendor site and going as
    far as the order page.

    THIS DOES NOT create a conversion. So,

    What DOES? Sales, in my opinion. How else? Since the person who would buy,
    actually buys and lands on the page where the conversion tracking code must be

    correct me if I am wrong, but, the correct tracking would be this:

    Visitor clicks ad, lands on my page, gets cookied, then goes over to vendor
    site, reads site, buy, pays and then, the script should record the conversion as
    sale, right?

    Since it does not fire when I follow the procedure up until the actual

    Very frustrating to see that Im spending money to see results and all stats within Adcenter tells me 15 conversions... and Clickbank shows $0.

    Appreciate all help a lot.


  2. biggles

    biggles New Member

    I notice from your post your advertising with Adcenter, in my experience with Adcenter their conversion tracking is notoriously innacurate. I don't promote a lot of clickbank products right now but when I have done in the past, conversion figures quoted by Adcenter have been roughly double the actual conversions. Are you using tracking ID's with your clickbank links? This in one way to accurately track where your conversions are coming from.
  3. OnlineHelper

    OnlineHelper New Member

    Hi there!

    To increase the odds of someone actually purchasing the product and not simply finding the landing page and then leaving the site, you need to find more targeted traffic. By targeted traffic I mean an audience that has expressed some level of interest in what you are selling.

    I personally like to use Facebook Ads for this. FB ads gives you the opportunity to create laser targeted adds. This means that you can create an ad campaign that is visible to people that have mentioned somewhere in their FB profile the keyword that you are targeting.

    For example, if you are promoting a Clickbank product that is about gardening, you can create an ad campaign that will only show ads to people who have mentioned gardening in their Facebook profile, making them a much more qualified customer who is more likely to follow through and purchase the product when they click on your ad.
  4. onedumbaussie

    onedumbaussie New Member

    What you may also find is that buyers have a cookis already on thier machine with another afilliates id in it.

    I had big problems with review sites that I own in that people find a product then search for a review, If the review is good they buy. Sometimes the sale goes to the person who first showed the product, NOT to the review site.

    I had one product in particular that showed great order form submits but very low conversions. This was the reason.

    It is frustrating but you need to be the first to introduce the product, with cookies as long as 90 days you can make many sales.... but they are for other people.

    Becareful what you target as the product name itself may actually cost you money

    Take care
  5. bhuff85

    bhuff85 New Member

    What are you referring to when you say "conversions"? Are you referring to order form submits or hops? You can have a gazillion hops, and they can come from various sources.

    If you've had 15 order form submits and no sales, that's something worth looking into. What type of product is it? Sometimes with "make money online" products, you'll see a ton of order form submits, but low sales. That's usually due to fradulent CC use or other issues that happen in the checkout process where payment doesn't go through all the way.

    Some more info on how you're figuring out "conversions" would help figure this out a bit better. Let us know what you're referring to and hopefully I can point you in a better direction.
  6. prmarketing

    prmarketing New Member

    Hello and thank u for the answer I'm the kind of person that like to talk with the boss lol so o contact clickbank and this is what they have to say about my issue:

    Thank you for your inquiry. Please note that when you set up Integrated Sales
    Reporting in your ClickBank account, ClickBank reports to Google every visit to
    the Order Form and also the Order Confirmation page.

    This information shows in the "Conversions" column in your Google Account. A
    "conversion" does not necessarily mean a sale happened. All "conversion" means is
    that someone viewed one of the pages that you wanted Google to record visits to,
    including looking at the order form.

    If you would like to be able to see which conversions came from just looking at
    the Order Form (before any sale) and which conversions came from getting to the
    Order Confirmation page (post sale), you will want to add the View of a Key Page
    label and Purchase labels to the Integrated Sales Reporting section of your
    account. That way, when you log in to Google, you can go into the advanced
    reporting section of your Google account to see a detailed breakdown of which
    conversions (views) came from which page.

    If you choose to use custom conversion labels rather than the automatic ones,
    you will locate those in the tracking script and add them to the tracking
    information in your ClickBank account when you originally set up the Integrated
    Sales Reporting.

    Using custom conversion labels will help you tell the difference between
    conversions coming from just simple Order Form Impressions and conversions that
    come from actual sales in the Advanced section of the Google AdWords reporting.
    Once again, if you are not familiar with how to view these differences in Google,
    please do not use Integrated Sales Reporting at this time.

    For detailed instructions on how to add the necessary labels, please see the
    following article:

    Thank You,
    Senior Client Support

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