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  1. fear

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    hi, i am curious about this site. i think its a work from home job but not really sure. well i wanted to ask if anyone here tried this site or belong to this site. are they really real, cause it has a data entry positions (people say data entry are scams). who here tried this, anyone? please let me know, is the work easy and stuff? the reason i ask is cause the administrator suggested this site to one of the members asking about data entry and i know he wouldnt put scams here. i went to the registration form and i didnt see they ask for credit/check information that we have to pay and stuff but they have a 1 out of 3 parts and maybe that was gonna ask part either 2 or 3, you know? unless the administrator was saying something else about click n work. well if anyone knows, does experience require? or good at typing. please give me details about this.

  2. is a online company that provide business services to companies worldwide using a group of experienced home based professionals and workers.

    They do seem to be legitimate but it is difficult to find any information.
  3. fear

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    do you belong in there? was it hard for you, if you joined? well thanks for the response
  4. fwshopper

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    I did fill out an application with them and there was no charge. Seems legit, but I never got any work from them. Since they say they don't withhold taxes, I'm assuming these are Independent Contractor positions.
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    Clicknwork is a legit company that I've worked for and received a check from. Its not always easy to get work, because they have rooms so to speak, where people find a topic that has to be researched, and so you may have 4 to 5 people who are also working on finding info on the same topic. You have to provide a link where you found your info, then post the most relevant info for the topic posted, and the moderator may accept or not accept your post. You just keep plugging away! If you have a lot of time to spend at it, I'd recommend this for sure. So if you hone your info and provide what they are looking for, you should do well at it. I'm just one of the people who work as a freelance researcher.

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