Coaching and PIN suddenly appear.................

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by netty2bye, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. netty2bye

    netty2bye New Member

    Has anyone else been subject to sudden appearance of Coaching and/or PINS on upsell and closure rates? Never in working a year with West have I had one, now they are popping up. Seems odd to me, anyone in the same baot?
  2. suni315

    suni315 New Member

    Well I had resigned and today would have been my last day . Well I chickened out and removed my resignation. BEHOLD I just got my first PIN an it was a step III due to a clause I missed in the never ending verbatim. Funny I never had gotten one until today and I have been working the line since January when it first started and have never gotten pinned I should have left my resignation in place Cause now I read in the pin statement that until the PIN expires you are not eligble for promotion or transfer I don't know if transfer is internal or C*T* specific But if it pertains to W*S* I wouldn't be offered a new line untill the pin expires

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