Coastal Vacations bought Hanna Montana Tickets for my daughter

Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by jnapier, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Wow...has it ever been a great year. Mary, my 9 year old is a BIG FAN of Hanna Montana and Miley Cyrus. Well...TONIGHT, we're going and it's all thanks to Coastal Vacations and the business which allows us to do so much.

    I'll let you know how the concent concert tickets....and it's all THANKS to Coastal.

    Jay NaPier
  2. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Wow...."It's the best Christmast Present Ever!"

    My daughter Mary loved it. Ok, so I was 1 of maybe 600 Men out of 10,000+ at the arena. Most of the Men's rooms were relabeled Women. Hmmmm....

    Anyway, the concert went well. Mary had a fantastic time. It was like going to the circus, they had all the little toys to buy...and lol, well...I did. Nothing but the best for my little girl.

    We had floor seats so we could see it all. Mary loved it and enjoyed the concert. A great family evening focused on my daughter.

    Coastal gives us the opportunity to do ALOT of things. I KNOW there were parents who would love to have taken their daughters, but could not even get any price. So, this event was Priceless.

    Jay NaPier

    P.S. - Nothing like spending Miley's birthday with her!!!
  3. victorious

    victorious New Member

    Awesome, Jay!!

    Those are the virtues of this great Coastal business: money, time, freedom, this is the lifestyle we've lived since we joined Coastal Vacations in August of 2006; and you bet we love it!!

    Not only does Coastal gives us the time freedom but the 'location' freedom, we can work from anywhere in the world and still making money!

    So glad your daughter had a great time at the concert!

    God bless.

    Matt & Catherine Willis
    The Christian Marketers
    Successful Coastal Vacations Level 3 Directors

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