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Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by cdpaine, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. cdpaine

    cdpaine New Member

    Can anyone tell me or have had experience with Coastal Vacation group? Selling vacation packages. Life time packages.
  2. Michele Fancher

    Michele Fancher New Member


    I joined Coastal Vacations in June 2004. I really like the travel packages (save me $$$), but I was a terrible salesman and could not get people to join/buy. From June '04 till May '05 I made not one penny.

    I came across the Professional Closers Call Center in May. Where I used to be talking to prospects all day, all I do now is advertise and team train. The new prospect calls the call center and the center does all the work......takes the call, presents Coastal, and closes the sale. They send me the 1K commission check in the mail for each sale.

    The call center makes money by charging more than the regular $1295 for a level one package. They charge a one-time $1995 instead. That extra $700.00 investment has made it's ROI already....this call center is definitely a great investment. (you'll get that $1995 right back as the sales start rolling in).

    I don't want to start sounding like an ad. Hope this info helps!

    Michele Fancher
  3. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    I'm a Level 3 Director with Coastal Vacation. I love the package and I'm personally selling 3-7 memberships per week.

    IF you can share a phone number and a website, you can too. I don't HYPE, tell Pie in the Sky stories, or tell people that they don't have to work - I'm upfront, honest and I can help you reach your goals.

    Jay NaPier
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  4. jaynapier

    jaynapier New Member

    Updated information in profile.

    Jay NaPier
    Level 3 Director
    Coastal Vacations
  5. michport

    michport New Member

    With Coastal, people either focus on marketing the vacation packages or the business opportunity. It's up to you to decide which you prefer. My sponsor, Julie Shinew, started doing retail 5 years ago and has done very well and is now the retail training expert for the organization. Her approach was like many sales professionals...running her own ads, calling on businesses, doing trade shows, etc.
    My reason for joining was to work at home, particularly in the winter, (I hate cold with a passion.), so I want to do the Hallway Commute. I focus on marketing the business opportunity, but this way, you need to buy leads (Cutting Edge Media provides excellent leads) and be committed to working those phones. I've found that most of my fears were unfounded. I don't have people hanging up on me because they have requested information. I've "met " many really nice people all over the country!
    The key is to get interested prospects through your websites and joining a live call. The calls are truly inspiring! If they're serious now and the business is exciting to them, they'll join.
    Statistically, marketing the business opportunity is more profitable, but both can earn you great money if you work at it consistently. The business changes as you get your team built up. You'll spend more and more time training new people to get their qualification sales, so you'll do less and less prospecting. It'a a great system!
  6. Renier

    Renier New Member

    Well I think coastal vacations is a great business if you work the business and use the travel membership.

    If any one need more adivce pm me I will be happy to asist you.
  7. PNL Travel

    PNL Travel New Member

    I also have a Coastal Vacations business. I would like more info. on how the call center works. If they do everything for you, how do you know if you want to work with a person or not? That is half of what I do, I like to figure out if the person I am talking to would be a good match with me. Also, if the call center is doing the prospecting and closing, are you just doing retail training? All of the training is the main reason I am in the Wealthbuilders group. I have been hearing about the call centers since I started Coastal, I'm curious!

    TC TRAVEL New Member

    I don't know about the call centre thing. I wanted to do coastal because I wanted to be a business owner and be able to work my business from my home office. If the call centre does all the work for you doesn't that take all the fun out of being in control of your own business? I enjoy talking to prospects and finding out if they are motivated and easy to train. I am part of the Coastal Synergy Group. This group is the best. They have just offered an upgrade to our marketing system where prospects can log into a one hour live presentation hosted by some of the most successful directors in our group. Because the presentations are so compelling we don't have to sell people they see how much we all love this business and they want to be part of the fun. They also offer 15 training calls a week. If you are considering coastal the Coastal Synergy Group is the way to go.
  9. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Quick Update:

    I'm just coming off of over 23 days of vacations. I've attended all of the Regional Training Events offered by the Coastal Synergy Group. It's been a fantastic business.

    I'm a very successful Level 3 Director out of Nashville, Tn. I personally do 5-13 sales per week with 75-80% being the Premier Membership.

    If you're looking at Coastal....You're looking at the Right Opportunity
  10. independentwoman

    independentwoman New Member

    Hey CDpaine,

    Coastal Vacations is by far the best thing for someone like me. I'm 18, i'm a musician, and I didn't want to change from a part-time job that I didn't like to something at home where I still didn't like.

    The best thing about Coastal for me is that it totally blends well in my life and the benefits are definitely well worth it.

    But I see there are a lot of people giving you their hand out to help you=) So i'll leave it as it's a great opportunity. But choose your director wisely. I have dealt with some whom try to weasle around their prospects and who are con artists and try to take advantage of new comers. Some has gone as far as asking/buying their testimonials from their new prospects in retrurn that they well give them breaks on packages but never followed through. Either way it's still schemy and a lot of people out there are like that not just in Coastal. So do your research well. I was very lucky to drop the director when I did and found a great one who's been truly a part to my success.

    But if you need anything just feel free to contact me.
  11. independentwoman

    independentwoman New Member

    Definitely check out some rip-off reports!

    And if the director is running around in circles, chances are they are just trying to feel you out to whichever way they can get your money first.

    But don't get me wrong, a lot of directors are great. That's why i'm happy to have associate myself with good hearted directors that in return make me want to do better.
  12. AnaMariainSB

    AnaMariainSB New Member

    I have been in the travel industry for some years and I love how this business allows me to create a wonderful income and sell a product I am passionate about: TRAVEL. If you are looking for your own business, I think it is crucial to do your due dilligence about the company and product.

    To your success!
  13. Rdcyclist

    Rdcyclist New Member

    So is the a real deal? I've had two people contact me about this company and before I call one of them back I would like to make sure this company is a sure thing.
  14. MMP mauro

    MMP mauro New Member

    hi guys
    I have interest in getting signed up to coastal.

    I have few questions!!

    how do i know this is the right director to train me?

    what about coastal Synergy Group? is there more about coastal? how many groups they have?? are they all the same?

    if I ever buy it can i travel me and my girl, same price?
    who's AGEL?
    seems to be good.. where can I contact ?
    thanks guys
  15. WealthyWAHM

    WealthyWAHM Member

    Quoting: RdcyclistSo is the a real deal? I've had two people contact me about this company and before I call one of them back I would like to make sure this company is a sure thing.

    Hi Rdcyclist,

    Yes, it is most definitely the real deal! [​IMG]

    I joined a few months ago, through the new Automated "version". I have my own Personal Marketing Assistant following up on my calls and managed to replace my PAS monthly income with this rather quickly...

    I do agree with others that you need to be careful who your sponsor is and be aware of the different "branches" of Coastal that are out there so you find the right one for you...

    I don't like cold-calling and like to have records of who views my website, when they request a callback and the reports on the follow ups that they receive from my PMA, so the version of Coastal that I chose is PERFECT for me!

    If anyone wants some documented proof of the sorts of savings that you can get with Coastal, files on what is included in each package or info on the Automated version, feel free to email me at .[​IMG]
  16. lizzie75428

    lizzie75428 New Member

    I am a new Coastal associate and I am struggling to get my business off the ground. Your conversion rate is super! Where are you getting your leads?

  17. armour

    armour New Member

    i just joined coastal and have been having difficulties with my director. Ever since i signed up with him he has become condescending and talks in circles when i ask a question. I have only been a member for a week. How can i change directors? You mentioned you did that. Please advise.
  18. acadian99

    acadian99 New Member

    hi everyone, ive been looking into coastal vacations now for several days now, ive been on the Q&A call yesterday and ill be in the live theater tonight. This seems like the real deal and i did most of my homework on it. How do i know if i can trust my director and honestly how much money are level 1 dirctors actually making a month. I know it varies from each individual, if i were to get into this, i would be in this as a full time job not part time. Also, are the vacation packages in the level 1 any good. PLEASE BE HONEST with your answer, negative feedback isn't a bad thing. thanks
  19. rottenluv

    rottenluv New Member

    Hi, I joined Coastal about two months ago and still feel kind of lost as far as getting people to my site and getting the deal done. I have a google account and since October 27, 2006 I have had about 80 hits with no sales. I just signed up with and don't seem to be having much luck with that either. I don't have any additional funds at this point to buy leads and am really feeling like I am dead in the water with this so to say. I have no problem buying leads as much as my first pocketed sale will buy...but as for now I just feel like I need help. Does anybody have any ideas. Please? Thank you so much
  20. acadian99

    acadian99 New Member

    rottenluv, do you have your 2 qualifying sales and if so, does your director help you to get sales. Also i were to buy into this and my director/sponsor just left me out to dry after my 2 qualifying sales, how can i change directors/sponsors, would i have to buy another package.

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