1. coreyjroman

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    I have been a rep for cognigen since the beginning and they are a great organization. It never costs you a dime to participate... ever. They have a great back-office and their online training is the best. regular conference calls and constant attention to the sales or various products and services, downloadable and printable sales materials, free customizable web-sites, a corn-a-copia of diffrent products.

    cellular phones, web hosting, voip, sattelite tv service, travel, an online mall, home security products, internet service, dsl, T1 internet connections for business, calling cards... and the list goes on and on.

    Commission pay-outs are a little slow (90 day hold back) and they don't accrue until you reach a minimum of 50 dollars. They are and have been listed for years on the NYSE. Based out of Washington state and the company keeps growing and growing. They allow you to make money selling without the stress of requiring the creation of a downline but you can increase your profit margin exponentially by creating one. 24-7 tech support for all products and services offered by the company. I literally make enough to support my family with this but it did take years to get here. I did it part time for some time and then began building a deep and strong downline. Now my downline alone produces me 4 figures a month. I now am back to just part time effort but Most of that is just keeping a good relationship with my downline.

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