College student needs to make money!

Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by mcavene, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. mcavene

    mcavene New Member

    I was wondering if anyone knows how I can make money at home. I need just enough for a second small income to pay for my college, room, books, gas, food, etc... So if anyone knows of anything please reply back ASAP!

  2. workingathome

    workingathome New Member

    Hi Ness,
    Welcome to the forums. This is a great place for advice.

    I do autosurfing. I paid only $30.00 beginning of december and my last payment was $1434.00

    All you do is look at other members sites- it's so simple it seems too good to be true.

    I am doing so well that it is now a second income for our family and I hope it never ends.

    Here is a blog that explains it really well
    [Link removed - Admin]
  3. mcavene

    mcavene New Member

    Can I sign up for free just to check it out?
  4. workingathome

    workingathome New Member

    Yes you can sign up for free just to get your feet wet. Then when you're ready, you can put in as little as $6.00 and as much as $6K. It's cool because you'll see everyday 12% earned on top of the money you started with/upgraded.

    Only put in what you can afford...Number one tip with autosurfing. I know many people want to put in thousands right away so they can get a lot back quick, but I say only invest what you can afford.

    [Link removed - Admin]
  5. dargen_5378

    dargen_5378 New Member

    also, if you want to take a risk...try 300% return in 5 days... no minimum deposit and withdrawals are done in 24 hours or less
  6. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenix New Member

    Hey Beth,

    Would you mind telling us how many hours you spend at your computer with this auto-surfing? And what if you don't have DSL or High-Speed internet access?

    I have a problem where I'm at, getting bumped all the time. I have dial-up and when it freezes outside, things seem to slow way down and I have trouble staying connected.

    And how do these companies verify that you've looked at all the sites they want you to look at on a daily basis?
  7. Alan

    Alan New Member

    Hi Ness,

    Why don't you try Agel Enterprises ( and give them a try. You can get started for $249 and they give you all the training you need.

    Email be back if you have any questions,

  8. fiberoptical

    fiberoptical New Member

    Beware of college students with all this madness going on!!! [​IMG]
  9. 1stepsystem

    1stepsystem New Member

    I once found a automouse where you can set it up to click every so often to auto surf the sites.

    These days it seems to not work so well.
  10. pcincome

    pcincome New Member

    Beware of the "get rich quick" mentality.

    Do your homework, visit other message boards and ask around there too to as least you are informed.

  11. eclair

    eclair New Member

    Quoting: mcaveneI was wondering if anyone knows how I can make money at home.

    Writing is one.

    What are your skills? [​IMG]

    Actually you could try writing. There are many opportunities online and if you personally know people who would like to get you as a writer or something similar, that would help.

    As a student, I used to tutor young kids. That helped me in covering some expenses.
  12. Jonathan

    Jonathan New Member

    If I was you I'd try something offline, using the skills you've got.

    Some "investment" sites or autosurfing are dodgy at best, and your money would be better spend elsewhere (or saved!).

    Eclair got it right in something like tutoring - stick to what you're good at.
  13. tafkaga

    tafkaga New Member

    No offense, but I'm curious what autosurf you are using where you were able to spend $30 and turn it into almost $1500 in just 3 months. Sure not any autosurfs I've heard of.

    I recommend eBay to everyone I come across. It takes time, but it is something that you can set up with very few expenses and start learning. It's hard work but so is everything that's really worthwhile. I've tried autosurfs and other "investment opportunities" and ended up with zero.
  14. ellenjharris

    ellenjharris New Member

    Send me an email if you are still looking. Maybe I can help you.
  15. dreamweavinit

    dreamweavinit New Member

    I think alot of this sounds dicey.
    Maybe it's not.
    Has it worked?
    I am happy with my safe, secure business.
    Good luck.
  16. Collin Andersen

    Collin Andersen New Member

    Quoting: mcaveneI was wondering if anyone knows how I can make money at home.

    Hey Ness,

    Curious why you are looking to make money at home as opposed to other options such as work-study programs, temporary labor, part-time jobs, etc.? Does it have anything to do with physical limitations, is it time constraints, or simply your preference? I have a few ideas but I would need to know a bit more about what you are hoping to accomplish.

    I worked/paid my own way through college and can appreciate your plight.
  17. Looking

    Looking New Member

    Just learn to make web pages and make web pages for people. The way I see it, you souldn't have to pay someone to work for them. [​IMG] If someone is saying you have to pay to work, I would just stay away. Me I make my extra money 2 ways. Helping people make webpages and doing online surveys.
  18. FriedxTofu

    FriedxTofu New Member

    1 step system seem to works for everbody.

    it worked great for me [​IMG]
  19. melisa

    melisa New Member

    Try internet marketing for a major company like me. I set up accounts for a multi million dollar company, in good standing with the better business bureau for over 20 years.
  20. Samual

    Samual New Member

    You might try

    In my area, they advertise a little, (it's a low budget thing) so I am able to earn between $50 and $200 per month mowing lawns or painting. One guy even paid me to cater his barbeque after I helped him build some flowerbeds.

    I'm not sure where your located, but even if they aren't advertsing in your area, they recently added the ability for you to print personalized flyers to you can take them around your neighborhood and hand them out or leave them on the door.

    Hope this helps!

    Sam D.

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