Comments + stars = higher rating?

Discussion in 'Squidoo' started by Lauram, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Lauram

    Lauram New Member

    So...silly question, but, I'm guessing the stars help your lens somehow? If you get comments with lots of stars, does the search engines rate it higher too? Or does it mean nothing to the search engines and ALOT to the author?
  2. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    I feel it helps with rankings some.

  3. Lauram

    Lauram New Member

    Thank you...I'll have to take some time and view others lens!
  4. ImportEyedea

    ImportEyedea New Member

    From my understanding with Squidoo, the stars and comments tend to help drive your Squidoo ranking. If you notice in your Dashboard next to your lens information, it will list a "lensrank".

    This is not a Google Rank and while Highly Ranked lenses do well on Google its usually due in fact to SEO techniques and niche marketing.

    I highly recommend joining the SquidU forum as well- you can find a link for that on your dashboard as well! They're extremely helpful and friendly as long as your respectful of their time. They'll give you all kinds of help with how to find HTML coding to jazz up your pages and tips on how to get ranked better.

    Good luck!
  5. ImportEyedea

    ImportEyedea New Member

    Oh and your question wasn't silly at all! I wondered the same thing!
  6. Lauram

    Lauram New Member

    Thanks ImportEyedea, I have signed up with SquidU, but just haven't had the chance to post much there as I seem to stick with this forum! Everyone is so helpful here...

    But, yes, I'm sure they have some wonderful ideas as well as far as jazzing up lens....will have to post there too, thanks!
  7. ImportEyedea

    ImportEyedea New Member

    Alot of Lens masters have created lens with HTML codes and their explanations and uses, they're the most helpful thing on the planet.
    I had absolutely no prior experience with HTML coding before Squidoo and while I'm not perfect, its been a surprisingly easy way to learn!
  8. mattjosh

    mattjosh New Member

    I was the #300 ranked Lens for all of Squidoo and the #3 ranked lens for the WAH category and the traffic that I got within Squidoo itself was pretty minor. So don't focus on getting traffic from within Squidoo, instead rely on getting high rankings on Google.
  9. malina

    malina New Member

    As I noticed squidlikes and comments does have an effect on the ranking - I have one lens that has more likes and comments and fever visits but it ranks higher than the one that has fewer likes and comments (which I promoted outside squido and it has more views)
  10. PeterFrosen

    PeterFrosen New Member

    mattjosh: So don't focus on getting traffic from within Squidoo, instead rely on getting high rankings on Google.
    I think that is key here. Get noticed on the SERPs for the keywords that you're trying to get ranked for, then you'll get tons of traffic.
  11. weblogger

    weblogger New Member

    yes organic comments+reviews will rank your lens higher within and in search engines like google too Organic vote always carries good value [​IMG]

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