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  1. gregriv69

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    If your toddler becomes constipated then another great way to help them is to get some prunes into them. You will probably find that they don't like them so a great way to get them to take it is to buy prune juice which tastes yummy and is easy to add to their bottled water or even with their cereal. Even adding just 1 drop of Chamomile Oil to some gentle oil blend and massaging on the baby's tummy can help ease constipation.
  2. brookiel

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    I've also heard that pears can relieve constipation.
  3. Newbie Shield

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    I'm not so sure that prunes taste yummy.


    You might try making a tea consisting of half milk thistle seed and half dandelion root. Both should be ground to a powder and mixed evenly - half and half. Bring it to a boil and take it off the heat. Steep for 3 hours or so.

    Do not let it sit over night as it will become sour and undrinkable.

    Sip throughout the day for 7 days or so. It will also cleanse and rejuvinate the liver.


    Newbie Shield
  4. ezmoney

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    Good ole Karo Syrup worked well for my boys. Just added a little to their milk a couple of times and everything was swell.
  5. aplina

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    you could also give them warm water. it works wonders then juices which has been mention
  6. juno44444

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    Also lots of fruits and vegetables, in general.
  7. onestopshop2day

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    brookiel: I've also heard that pears can relieve constipation.
    Rule of thumb P for Poo

  8. happywife

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    Aloe Vera juice is another good remedy for constipation. It's also very soothing to the bowels.
  9. kelly wood

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    If they have a belly ache and you need them to go fairly soon a tablespoon of mineral oil works good.
  10. VictoriaNTC

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    My son had the opposite ..with constipation behind it.
    He spent 2 weeks running to the bathroom and changing...over and over again.

    I discovered the correlation of his sugar intake..that was the culprit.

    I spoke with his physician, and she says the only drinks kids can have that are not overloaded with sugar and milk, water, perhaps with a little Chrystal Light.

    Sadly juice has tons of sugar.

  11. beginhere

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    I found Miral Lax to work wonders for all ages. It is some what expensive. However, you can purchase 2 - 18oz containers about $35. from Costco.

    It comes in powder form and is tasteless. Can be mixed with any beverage.

    About a year ago it was prescription form which was much cheaper.

  12. dpace

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    My daughter was one who stayed constipated. Karo syrup worked for her along with 100% apple juice.
  13. tamilee

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    I used karo syrup too. It works great but you have to use the dark kind. My doctor recomended it and every time my daughter gets constipated it works!
  14. Lauram

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    I've been breastfeeding my daughter, so, I've never had to worry about consitpation!

    But, other things that would work are:

    fruit and vegies
    flax seed, ground up
    psyllium husks

    Hope that helps!
  15. babo2708

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    Eat BANANAS!!
  16. yahia

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    No banans. Bananas CAUSE constipation.

    Pears work like magic with me and my kids. Oranges are good too.

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