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    I just wanted to give my insight on this opportunity. I have been working from home for the past 8 years. Prior to that I worked in the financial field here on the trading floors of Chicago. It has always been a dream of mine to find a legitimate opportunity that married the two. In this marketplace there has been a real dearth of quality big ticket direct sales opportunities. I have gotten jaded with the personal development hocus pocus, the blogging platforms that no one would ever buy if there was not an opportunity attached to it , or the auction scams that are obvious ponzis. As a personal preference I prefer big ticket though over your typical nickel and dime health and wellness or coffee MLM. I think if you speak to the right people make a $3500 sale is just as easy as making a $100 sale plus that new person is more likely to be emotionally invested into the business and not someone just looking for a handout.

    Now as to why I joined Cool Trader Pro. First the it met the MOST IMPORTANT criteria ANYONE researching ANY home business should look for. DOES THIS PRODUCT SELL WITHOUT THE OPPORTUNITY ATTACHED TO IT?

    So many companies market marginal over priced goods that have no retail customers. Cool Trader Pro has been selling their software since 2005. They had over 14k subscribers in over 40 countries with no opportunity attached to it. They wanted to take it to the next level though and the CEO of the company decided to open it up to networkers and direct sellers. The product used to sell for $4000 and then $4000 a year to retain the license on the software. Now the product sells for only $3500 and after your first year it is $125 a month. Where do you ever see a company REDUCE the price when entering a direct sales model? The reason why obviously is economies of scale. With more sales coming in corporate is glad to slash the price and allow those bringing in sales to reap the rewards.

    Now the software itself is truly UNIQUE. I have worked for arbitrage firms and prop firms who have all sorts of quants and black boxes. This tool gives the middle man a chance against these algos. There of course are zero guarantees but this software will automatically trade for you once the parameters of a trade are set. IT , or the software is the one making the decision. Being disciplined and being able to enter trades STEALTH at your parameters are key to increasing your probability of a winning trade. Again the software will trade for you automatically. Now I was most impressed with the relationship that CoolTraderPro and the cool trader pro software had with the biggest and best trading companies out there. Interactive Brokers or IB is the best of the best where all professional retail traders trade. Etrade, Ameritrade, MB Trading, are all companies well respected. These companies would never allow a company to trade on their platforms if the software was no capable and legitimate. This is not some bogus red light green light software some off shore guy created in his basement who hides behind a website. This is a company that has spent millions of dollars on code and the software has every parameter a trader could want. It is sophisticated but simple enough for the common folk to be able to use it. Again it is a tool that is a must have I believe for the retail trader. Again success cannot be guaranteed, a company can go bankrupt tomorrow and the software will never know that. But being able to hands free automate your trades and have IT do all the work for you is priceless.

    The comp plan is robust as well. Paying roughly about 65% back to the field. To me that is the sweet spot. Plus they have the most amazing field management system I have ever seen. Not only does this company have professionally done webinar and training daily ( on both the software and opportunity) but they plan on having a major offline presence. Corporate compensated trainers will get paid to do trainings in areas ALL over the country. This is still open to successful pros who enjoy the financial markets and can speak in front of crowds.

    In my 8 plus years experience doing very well from home this is to me a home run. As long as the reps keep things compliant and they do a tremendous job of training others I believe this software and this opportunity will be the big ticket direct sales business of 2013 and beyond. This is what people are looking for. So many people feel so jipped buying into hogwash PD , ebooks, and obvious scam. We all know the companies. I prefer a company like this because we are catering to a higher class individual. No offense to anyone but honestly people are very gullible believing they can join a $25 program and make a fortune. This is not for everyone but for those looking for something unique and REAL this is it.

    I have three distinct markets I will market this towards and am happy to share that with anyone. I am right under the director of the hiring of the management system so am very happy. I hope no matter what people find a business they are PASSIONATE about because that means a higher likelihood of success.

    Success to all in 2013.

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    Cooltraderpro seems like a nice opportunity for big ticket product sales. It certainly is a niche market for what is offered but those that find a way to effective marketing such should find success. Good to have some thing that is proven.
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    From being in the financial industry for years I have seen plenty of traders and investors buy all sorts of software for thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. I prefer these bigger ticket items with niche markets because those that get involved understand the concept of enterprise and are more likely to be able to properly fund a business. I have three distinct niches I market this business to and will not waver from it. So many people in this industry get started in some nickel and dime program that just makes the owner rich marketing to every tom dick and harry. Most of those people are looking for a handout and have never ran a business in their life before. I also firmly believe that when you have the right person and you show them the right opportunity selling someone on a $3500 product is just as easy than a $100 product plus that person who spent $3500 is a lot more emotionally attached.

    This product though has the potential to really help someone learn how to pull money out of the market daily. Another income stream we all need. Nothing is guaranteed but this software gives someone a legit shot and a strategy. We are attracting some major networking leaders to this company as the field management system and corporately paid trainers and enticing a lot of people. Plus there truly is a real shortage of big ticket legit opportunities out there.

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    Just wanted to share with everyone my experiences in Las Vegas for the Train the Trainers event for Cool
    Trader Pro. First a little background on myself. My background is financial in both NY and Chicago. I have worked on
    the trading floors for prop and arb firms. Since those days I have been doing direct sales. I prefer bigger ticket stuff
    as to me I get paid what I am worth. As many of you will agree there is a true shortage of legitimate big ticket direct
    sales opportunities out there. Many of it is the same old hackneyed junk. The hocus pocus personal development, the worthless ebooks, the travel packages, the flat out money games, or the 100% commissions deals where no one would ever buy the product if there was no opportunity attached to it. I have learned a lot doing this for 8 years. I have been involved in unscrupulous deals myself. My uncle is a deputy AG in a Western state and he has always taught me a company must have a proper customer to rep balance and that money games or 100% commission deals on worthless products will ALWAYS come to an end.

    When I came across Cool Trader Pro of course I was attracted to the product. It is a true automatic and robotic trading software that takes the human emotion out of trading. Most people lose money in the markets because they cannot control themselves and they cannot compete against the algos, black boxes, and market makers. What I love about this product is that it has been around since 2005 WITHOUT an opportunity attached to it. Since then they have had 14k subscribers buying it for $4000 per year in over 40 different countries. What I also loved about it was that you can use this software to run on the big boy platforms. Companies such as Interactive Brokers, Etrade, Ameritrade, etc. There is no way in hell those companies would allow some penny anty program some pimple face in Costa Rica contrived to trade on their platforms. Many of these companies sought Cool trader pro out. The reason why is they want customers to trade and earn a commission so as long as the software worked and was legit they wanted Cool Trader Pro to be affiliated with them. The software is extremely easy to use for the middle class investor who needs an edge. It is also very sophisticated as it has every indicator one would want. Another great thing about the software is that it trades in stealth. This means your orders are never seen by the brokerage firms and the market makers. Market makers get filthy rich by knowing where your stops are and taking a stock to shake you out.

    Now again there is such a shortage of legitimate opportunities out there. What also intrigued me was the Field Management System this company has put together. Basically they understand that the real way to build a massive organization is to train its
    customers and distributors properly. So they devised this FMS system which has really never been done before like this. Some other companies have tried to implement it but haven't. Basically everyone who buys this software is entitled to get trained on it. They are also entitled to get trained on the opportunity. So everyone who buys it will have the ability to go to a local venue ( right now it is small but as we grow they will be all over the place)and get trained on how to use it. Myself as a Senior Regional Director in Illinois will earn up to $160 per head on everyone I train in my area. Get ten on a weekend that is $1600. More and you can do the math. I also will have Regional Directors under me that will also give the presentations. They will make $100 per head and I will make a $60 buck override. To me this is an ingenious way to grow an organization. Not only to have a great online presence, not only to have a product that has no competition and truly is unique, but to have a way to train the masses in person. As we all know direct sales is a person to person business. Cool Trader Pro realizes this.

    Now I was at Vegas the past weekend with about 120 other FMS leaders. There were some monster names there that have made tens of millions over their lifetime in the industry. I was actually floored that I won 2nd prize in our 2 week contest for most sales. We learned that the number one legal man in the networking marketing arena is the counsel to the company. Compliance was the utmost thing mentioned as working in regards to the financial arena can be dicey. Cool trader pro is a software company. IT, the software, is the one who makes the trades based on the inputs YOU provide. We recommend everyone trade in simulation mode before they go live to get a feel for the how things work. What I know is that the markets go up and the markets go down. The high frequency programs make money each and every day based on this premise. This software gives the smaller investor a chance to potentially capture some of those daily profits.

    In my 8 years working from home I have been looking for a business like this for a long long time. Yes we all know that any business can crash and burn at any point, there is a risk in anything. But in all my time I have never seen such a leadership team in place from the genius CEO creator, to the monster networkers they have running that side of the business, to the compliance they have in place. And the customer support is amazing. I bought the software and THEY called me to insure it was installed properly. When it wasn't they did a file share and logged into my computer to fix it for me. Good luck finding that in 99% of companies where people hide behind a support ticket system.

    I tell people they have the potential to make money three ways here. First to potentially pull money out of the market daily. Secondly to refer others and make some great money in the direct sales compensation plan. And thirdly if they qualify as a leader, to be corporately compensated to train others. I prefer a model like this as I have defined niches I market to. I market to investors and traders, there are a ton of them out there dying for something like this. The software turns itself on every morning. Today I didnt go to my laptop until 10am and it already entered 4 trades for me. It closed them all out at 1pm. I didnt do a thing. Once the parameters are hit with the strategy you choose, it then shoots the trade off to broker. Totally hands free. I will of course market this to other leaders and opportunity buyers who are starving for a real product like this. And of course to those in the financial sales field. One of them gets this and they bring in hundreds of customers. Half of my sales so far have been product only customers who do not want the opportunity. One of the big points made in Vegas was that we are a product driven business where those customers will then become networkers. That is how I will market this. I am blessed to be involved with my good friend Ken who is in charge of hiring the trainers all over the country.

    I know that everyone believes their deal is the best. It has to fit your background and you have to be passionate about what you do to become successful. Ed, the creator of this software is beyond passionate. Sick and tired of the masses getting churned by their brokers, or losing money in their mutual funds that cannot go short or cannot get out of losing trades. I love trading as millions of others do . I am very happy this has come around and as long as the distributors stay compliant I can truly potentially retire with this powerful opportunity. This were just some of my impressions and opinions about what I saw in Las Vegas regarding Cool Trader Pro. Would love to discuss it further with any other leaders out there looking for a legitimate business. The fact I am a SRD in Illinois, where traders are all over the place is amazing. I am glad I am direct and in the ear of Ken who hires as I will make sure I find some players here in Illinois and all around the country. This in my opinion will be the big ticket direct sales opportunity of 2013 and beyond. We are the next evolution in trading. We are the next revolution in direct sales.


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