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Discussion in 'Web Design and Hosting' started by treevee, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. treevee

    treevee Member

    How does one go about using copyright images on their site, being that the site is built around products of a famous TV show and the only images may be copyrighted? I can't find any other images.....
    I was thinking to include a link to the source, would this be kosher?
  2. desktop

    desktop New Member

    You have to contact the copyright holders and ask their permission.
  3. haiden

    haiden New Member

    Images with a copyright? Honestly, I have never heard of anyone making a fuss about using someone images. But it does happens, people get sued.

    I won't say the site, but they were fined $4,000 for a $10.00 photo. It's ridiculous. Of course, everyone here in the U.S. sues everyone for just about anything, just to make a buck.

    I'd def. seek the permission. Simply linking back, or proclaiming "no copyright infringment intended!" will not help.

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