Cornwall Car Park Payment System

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    Hi everyone,

    I went on holiday to Cornwall UK, earlier in the year and we stopped to park the car in a car park. There was a small hut where the attendant would normally be but there was no-one in there and i wondered how to pay.

    I noticed by the entrance there was a sign giving the car park charges but next to that was a letterbox in the wall with a sign on it saying, 'honesty box, thank you'.

    There was a few car parks like this in Cornwall and i like the idea because it leaves you to deal with your own conscience to pay for the car park when no-one is there to collect the money.

    They have the charges displayed on the wall but you are then left with how much you want to pay, and this made me laugh but i thought it was a superb payment system to use to leave the payment entirely up to anyone who is using the car park.

    There's no ticket system just a conscience system...

    Check out the picture, what do you think? :)

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    Judging by the rust stains, the Honesty Box has been there for some time. So it must be working well enough?

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