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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by robinincarolina, Aug 5, 2013.

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    I just had a very interesting question posted in my facebook group. Perhaps it can help someone here. She is brand new to affiliate marketing, see her question below:

    So here is a question I have been thinking about. There are a lot of different interests I have that I am passionate about, and I don't know how they all fit together necessarily. I'm not sure if I can nail myself down to one niche. Is that necessary to be successful at this? I feel like I remember reading somewhere, or maybe Robin said it in, not sure, but somebody was saying that a particular writer wasn't doing too well at getting his articles published at Ezine because he was submitting articles of a variety of topics and therefore did not appear to be an expert on any of them.

    My reply below:

    There is no one right way, there never is just one right way. I think if you start out just dabbling, that eventually your true niche just comes to you! So as a beginner, I say go for it. You don't have to know the ending of this story yet! It's those that wait until everything is perfect and crystal clear that stay stuck in my opinion.

    So in summary, I don't encourage just jumping all over the place, but if you struggle finding your niche, it doesn't hurt to put different stuff out there. Pick one and just start, whatever inspires you for that day perhaps.

    I started writing about my break up for I was heart broken when I picked up affiliate marketing. I had also started a bit of online dating, so I dabbled in writing about that too. The first year or so I made very little money, but I kept writing and creating anyway. I stopped with the online dating but still make some money from the efforts I put there way back when.

    Now 4 years later, I am an expert in healing through a break up, but I sure didn't start there.

    The key is to just start, the idea does not have to be perfect or complete. You just need a little idea in you head and then take action. I am still going back from time to time and tweaking a few things from years ago.

    Your path will become clearer once you start walking forward. If you are waiting for clarity before you get to work, well that's like ending your vacation before it even starts. You really don't know where something might lead you, so just jump in and start swimming!
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    Well said Robin! I think one should have faith in the universe too. One of my brother's favorite saying is - "Universe has it's own plans". Let me cite my example. About 2 years back, one of my neighbor introduced me to aeromodelling (building and flying radio controlled planes). I was hooked on to it, not because it was exciting, but because I had this unfulfilled desire of building radio controlled planes (in fact all types of planes/paper planes) since childhood. Back then, there was no Internet and resources were limited and hence this desire was buried deep inside me.

    When my neighbor introduced me to it, I was absolutely thrilled and drawn like a magnet towards it. 2 years down the line, I have almost mastered the art of building radio controlled planes and am planning to start an outlet that will retail ready-made models and conduct workshops too. I don't know how successful the venture will be but I don't care about it. I enjoy this hobby and feel that I'm made for this.

    We all have some special talents. Just keep walking, like Robin said. In addition to that have faith and keep your mind open. One day you'll come across something that will draw you like a magnet towards it. You'll feel strongly inside you that you were made for it. Once you discover that, your life will be changed for ever.
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    Starting is always the hardest thing (in my opinion). I don't know if it's the fear of trying something new or not knowing where to start. Perhaps it is a combination of both.

    If someone has a variety of interests, it might be a good idea to pick 2 or 3 that you think you could write about, work on, turn into a niche, whatever. Focus on those few. If one of those few doesn't work out, you can always substitute in another.

    I really liked your post Robin. :)
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    This post goes straight to the core of my heart. I remember being at this point 10 years ago...knowing that since the internet existed there had to be someone making money off of it, and if that is the case I needed to be a part of it. Knowing my goal was to learn about how to earn this money, then teach others that were in my same circumstances (to be brief, low income) to do the same. All this ambition and not one clue of where to start.

    But the most important thing is to start; and start I did. I investigated, and tried out, I read and researched. Sitting here 10 years later I have tried almost everything you can do from behind a keyboard, and just now finding an earning avenue that I am truly happy and elated about.

    I would tell this person to start with the first thing that speaks to their heart. Of course do the research to find out what it takes to earn doing this thing, but the very first thing to jump out to your heart will most likely be your passion; and that passion shows throughout each and every action she will take thereafter.

    I agree with everyone else, very great post. Liked, FB, G+

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