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Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by f5mtadas, Nov 1, 2010.

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    I read a previous post about what software to use if you want to do multiple postings on Craigslist. We do alot of business of Craigslist and find it a pain to do each and every location manually.

    So I actually tried all the packages to see what would work.

    Craigslist Auto Poster Tool - Downloaded Demo, could never get it to post without alot of configuration and even then most came back marked spam.

    Craygo - Purchased software, alot of configuration done, and alot of my postings were marked spam. Much of a pain to use.

    EzAdSuite (kmesiab "User on this site) - Put a post about his software, talked to him, gave me demo. Used it for 2 days and then purchased. Great software, easy to setup, easy to modify postings, basically none got rejected as spam once I got it going. Support is "great". Have a bunch of businesses I advertising "nationwide" and this is the software that makes it easy. Great Job.
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    I thought the days of inexpensive automated posting on craigslist were basically done because of the phone verification.

    Can you elaborate on how this software is working? The categories of posting? Do you need multiple verified accounts? Etc.

    My group is coming out with a craigslist marketing strategy that has worked well for others just based on manual posting, so before looking at automated software would like to know it really can consistently deliver good posting results.
  3. Ydris

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    Sounds interesting. I too thought those days were over, but i know people pay to get their ads on Craigslist.


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