Created an ebook, now what?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by robinincarolina, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    Clueless in Carolina here. I finally wrote an ebook. I converted it to pdf, but now what? I have never worked with auto responders. I need a cover. In other words, how do I now put it together and actually sell it? Are there any resources out there to walk me through this. Landing page? Shopping cart? Adding the cover? How do I get it to just automatically go to the purchaser?

    Yep I am clueless on the technical end. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    There are products out there that can teach you how to do all the necessary things to move forward. I am just not sure which products or programs to recommend.

    I am sure that someone will come here and give you some sort of a link to some product that can show you step by step how to move ahead.

    The best thing I would do is to find a similar product to yours and buy it and see what they are doing.
  3. Chrissy15

    Chrissy15 New Member

    Hi Robin

    How would you like to sell your ebook?

    You could consider leveraging the enormous power of Amazon and Kindle. Either publish the book on Amazon or upload it to Kindle (this is free). There are a couple of quite reasonable courses I could recommend if you wanted to go down that route.

    Then there's always Clickbank if you want to sell your ebook through their Maketplace? Fee involved of course.

    If you want to sell independently online, then you will need a sales page, with some good sales copy on that will convert and you will need to drive traffic to the sales page.

    You don't need a shopping cart as such, since a Paypal account would suffice (you can create payment buttons quite easily).

    A really nice ecover graphic is essential in my opinion to make the book look professional and convert well. would be a good resource for this - just as it sounds, you can get things done for $5.

    With regard to getting it to go automatically to the purchaser, if you use Paypal you can specify a URL to direct the purchaser to after payment is completed. This would norally be a download page, where they click on the file and download it from your server, or perhaps Amazon S3 if you have an account.

    Sorry if this sounds a bit complicated but just let me know if you need any help. I would be happy to help and give you some more pointers.

    But really well done on creating an ebook in the first place!

    All the best

  4. mticknor

    mticknor New Member

    Hi Robin,

    I was right there with you last week, lol! I also created my first e-book but had no idea where to start. I have done a lot of research in the past week and this is what has helped me.

    1.) Clickbank - I decided I was going to sell my ebook through clickbank since they have an awesome affiliate network to spread the word. They also deal with a lot of the technical stuff (payments, sales tax, order form, etc). Of course, if you go that route clickbank and it's affiliates take a share of the money but I think it's worth it. I already sold 2 copies in a matter of days of joining clickbank.

    2.) My E-Book Cover - I found this site and I was able to create a free ebook cover fairly easily.

    Hope this guides you in the right direction!
  5. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I wouldn't be too concerned with a cover for the ebook right now - I'd be more concerned about a good landing page. You can probably find someone to do that for you at for a cahrge - and they could also do the ebook cover part for you too!

    If you don't want to spend money on the landing page, I would recommend heading over to and picking up a free trial web design program and play around with it. In fact, you can download and use EVERYTHING at for free! [​IMG] Perhaps ebook cover software?

    With regard to a payment solution, as others have suggested, Clickbank might be a good way to go. Realize, however, that last I checked, it cost $50 to list an ebook on Clickbank.

    A better solution, also as others have suggested, might be just to put a PayPal button on your website. I started a thread on how to do this here:

    How To Create A PayPal Payment Button
  6. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Also, check out if you want to hire someone to do technical stuff.
  7. otiose

    otiose New Member

    Allow me to offer a contrarian perspective. I speak from experience...

    Be certain of one thing -- you WILL be ripped off.

    Your PDF will end up in the dozens of repositories that freely give away stuff that should be paid for.

    Yes, there are protection devices but they are about as useful as a used train ticket.

    Dozens of Crackers 'out there' exist only to break copyright protection because, to them, it's a challenge.

    They conveniently forget that for you, it's part of your income.

    As for Clickbank -- it's TOO EASY to get a refund. You'll be ripped off that way, too.

    At least you'll go into this venture with your eyes wide open -- bit like a rabbit in the headlights. LOL

    Good luck. You'll need lots...
  8. Tatty Bumpkin

    Tatty Bumpkin New Member

    Depending on the sector the ebook is targetted, you could build a landing web page and optimise it for the particular niche or subject it covers.

    Landing pages usually consist of just a couple of pages, and depending on the phrases you wish to be found for can be fairly straightforward to optimise for so you could be appearing at the top of Google within a few months.

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