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  1. Brewed

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    I am brand new here and just waiting out the storm.

    I went to the Chicago rally and was impressed by the company and invested a small amount. At the rally a red flag went up regarding any credit card purchases, they said the charges would have to go to an off shore account, this seemed odd. If anyone could explain this I may be a bit more hopeful that this is not a scam.

    This forum is really great!
  2. tmorrison

    tmorrison Member

    Who told you that? That is odd!

    ASD's business transactions are handled by Bank of America...
  3. Brewed

    Brewed New Member

    It was someone from ASD who was helping to keep the lines moving. There was a room for those paying with cashier's checks and another for Visa only. He made an announcement that only Visa was accepted but there would be an extra charge because it went to an "off shore account".
  4. SixMinuteMan

    SixMinuteMan New Member

    Actually not an "offshore account". Their current credit card processor is an international processor and the charge would show on your bill as not coming from the United States. They told us beforehand about this so you could notify your credit card company as they may see the international charge and deny authorization.

    Don't psych yourselves out.

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