Day 1 and I Am Already Lost/Having Trouble

Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by OnMyWayToWealth, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. OnMyWayToWealth

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    Hi everyone,

    I am a newbie to Coastal as a member, but I have known about the Coastal Vacations Association and business opportunity for years. Today is my first day with the Coastal Closers. If anyone here is with this group, I could use your help with understand all the guidelines we have to follow, (with pre-staging leads, etc). PM me so we can talk!

  2. asebf

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    I believe they have an ongoing and intensive training schedule. Whoever got ya in is the best place to get all your questions answered. I do not think many staff people play in here much.
  3. closerjim

    closerjim Active Member

    Hi Brittni & Readers,

    Brittni enrolled in a new program we have for people who are
    "budget challenged" at this point in their life, but would really
    like to earn money with Coastal Vacations ... called the Marketing
    Associate Position.

    The cost is affordable to anyone, anywhere, at just $69.95 to
    enroll and $49.95 per month for their website and tools.

    In our Call Center, The Coastal Closers, our Full Pay Members
    (from $720 and up), WE make all the outbound calls on leads
    from our Approved Vendor list and all Form Fills, personally spoken
    to referrals and responses to any ads they run.

    Marketing Associates can join for the $69.95 first month and
    keep their site active for $49.95 and the "trade off" for not
    joining at a Full Pay level is, the Marketing Associate must do
    what we call "Pre Stage" their own leads and contacts before
    turning them over to our Closers for follow up and closing.

    "Pre Staging" is simply calling the lead ... and see first, "is the
    phone number correct and working?"

    If they get a valid number, the next is "do they answer their
    phone or return the call?"

    If they do, the final step is to ask them, "Are you still open
    to exploring a business ... as long as it's a good fit for you
    of course ... if so, may I have one of my partners give you
    a quick call to go over what we can offer you?"

    That's it. But it's a great help in saving time for our Staff
    dialing leads that DON'T have valid phone numbers or will
    never answer their phone or return a call.

    Actually, this process if used by more Members, would
    save them a lot in Lead Money because they can catch
    "bad leads" in time to get free replacements.

    We're here to partner with Coastal Members who can't sell,
    don't have the time, haven't developed the skills to sell or
    simply want something that doesn't take all their time.

    We've worked with Coastal for 7 years and have had our
    Closing Center working this system for nearly 3 years now.

    It works, but does take "mutual cooperation and understanding"
    to really maximize the benefits for both of us.

    Thanks for the question .... see you all at the Top!

    Jim Stevens
    Owner / Founder
    The Coastal Closer
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  4. victorious

    victorious New Member

    Well the first thing I can tell you is that just by reading your headline I can tell you we expecting trouble to happen even before you joined.

    My suggestion is 'change your attitude'. If you expect trouble, guess what? Trouble WILL come. If you expect good things to happen, guess what? Good things WILL happen.

    I tell you this in love, hope you take it the right way. I'm a trainer, this is what I do, teach people to change their mindset to help them succeed.

    Matt & Catherine Willis
    The Christian Marketers
  5. asebf

    asebf New Member

    Matt - your words carry deep wisdom. I hope more than just a few hear them. And it was a good reminder for me!!!

    Well spoken.
  6. victorious

    victorious New Member

    Absolutely, Bob. We attrack what we think. The Bible says 'life and death are in the power of the tongue'.

    Imagine how much power our tongue has that we can confess good things and good things will happen. Thanks for your reply.

    Matt & Catherine Willis
    The Christian Marketers
  7. sahota7

    sahota7 New Member

    in response to changing your mindset i reccomend two books, most importantlt 'think and grow rich', truely inspirational book! and 'the secret', both based on the law of attraction [​IMG]

  8. JenaV

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    Another book - Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life. It's a little... harsh, but once you get past the opening chapters, it's a Real Eye Opener.

    Warm Regards,
  9. MrSmileyface564

    MrSmileyface564 New Member

    This world is which we live is merely an illusion manipulated by fequencies and forces whcih our body's senses are not tuned to pick up. Every thought you think has a frequency that travels out to the universe and changes what you will experience. So if you think happy good thoughts. For the most part happy good things will come to you. Now this doesn't mean you just have to sit around all day being happy you still have to put effort in. But life is a lot more fun and enjoyable when you let it be. Don't think life is supposed to be hard and struggle because it is not. It is suppossed to be a wonderful learning experience.
  10. Well Said Mr SmileyFace
  11. closerjim

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    Hello Reader & Visitors,

    "Happy" and "Satisfied" and "Success" --- are all choices we make
    not "conditions" we experience because "things" happened today
    to MAKE you any of those things.

    Can something unexpected happen to make us "feel" unhappy or
    unsatisfied or un-successful? Sure .. in the short run (like an hour
    or two) --- but then, you realize YOU are the cause of your life.

    Then, if you're in business (Like Coastal, the reason for this thread)
    you also see there are CHOICES you can make as to which group
    and style of Coastal business you can be with that makes things
    EASIER and BETTER ... more SUPPORTIVE to your efforts.

    Those are "conditions" ... easier, better, supportive .. that can then
    CONTRIBUTE to your Happy and Successful life.

    Weekend meditation for you ....
  12. wheels90

    wheels90 New Member

    coastal is a scam.. tried it and lost 1200. sorry and good luck

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