Dealing with aggresive creditors who are after your assets?

Discussion in 'Accounting and Legal Advice' started by greenion, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. greenion

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    I am in debt. I am not the only one here or elsewhere in debt, I know that. The thing is this though, as I work towards making a living online, I am genuinely concerned that these vultures are just ready to pounce on my financially carcass.

    It is not like I am intending to avoid these people forever, I just need a bit of breathing room to get myself consistently established online first.

    And considering that I had recently opened an account with Alertpay, I am worried that they will smell the scent of new money and pounce on me in my financially weakened state. *I sure hope that they don't for awhile, because I cannot afford a high-caliber lawyer right now.

    If anyone here is in a similar situation, or has been in a similar situation, please share. I and the rest of the members here can benefit from your experience. Thanks!!
  2. talfighel

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    Just pay your minimums and what ever you can pay. Call them up and set up a monthly minimum payments.

    Don't let anything or anyone get in your way of succeeding online. You can do this. The daily struggle of not having money to pay for creditors and building an internet business is a part success online for everyone who starts an online business.

    Just know that you will always have setback and a few challenges here and there.


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