DEBT - How are you handling it?

Discussion in 'Accounting and Legal Advice' started by greenion, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. greenion

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    I had a earlier post that mentioned that I had creditor issues. Who doesn't right?

    But, this post is in reference to debt in general and how it puts pressure on how we are able to invest what we do have.

    It is also a bit nerve wracking, when one's trying to not let the constant phone calls and letters bother you.

    Someone had a remark of just paying the minimum. Well, what if the minimum is outside of your budget. Then there are usually the folks that reply with smarmy remark like, 'it's your fault you are in debt, you should have more fiscally responsible.' The sad thing is that they are quick to judge not knowing the full extent of someone's situation.

    I not one to wish bad on anyone, but these folks sometimes need a lesson in empathy and humility. Something bad could happen them, to put them into a similar situation.

    Well, I guess this is another rant. If you agree (or disagree), I'd like to read on it. Take Care!!
  2. mountainmom5

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    Great post greenion! I totally agree and having been on the side with all the phone calls, and debt issues... I hope I never lose the sympathy I have for folks in that situation. I have not used a credit card for almost 2 years now and hope I NEVER EVER have a card again![​IMG]
  3. westfam11

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    I feel for you. I have been in a position of very heavy debt but it never got as bad as getting phone calls, I am sure that is humiliating and doesn't help the stress level.

    I am happy to say that I am debt free now. It is a great feeling and it can happen to you. Check out a guy named "Dave Ramsey" and his total money makeover. That is what helped my husband and I.

  4. FreeCashMan

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    Well familiarize yourself with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

    Since most don't know it the collectors hound you. All you need to do is when they call tell them, that this is a notice under the FDCPA, to not call me by phone, if you have anything to say send it in writing.

    They may call you once again, and you can repeat it, and be stern. Make it known and hang up. You can also say, I've told you this before, give me your name as I am making recording of this continuous harassment and will pursue all legal action available to me under the FDCPA.

    Some collector may try and tell you it has to be in writing but unless the law changed it does not. If you do prefer you can send them a letter.

    This will stop the calls. When I was in that situation I used it with no problem.

    Now move on to getting a prosperous home business to change your financial future. You can do it, others just like me are, so believe in yourself and you can overcome all the challenges and reach the "land of success".
  5. Marketing Tool

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    I study recently found that if you recognize the phone number on caller Id or they leave a message with there number ...Don't call back or answer it at all ..after a time they will stop thinking that the number is wrong and or a waste of their time. When they send you a letter immediate sent them a Cease and Desist letter with a reference to the FDCPA
    This is an article I am about to post referring to an article in the NEW York Times ...hope you enjoy it.

    Interest Rates Have Nowhere to Go but Up

    On Sunday April 11, 2010, 1:00 pm EDT

    "Even as prospects for the American economy brighten, consumers are about to face a new financial burden: a sustained period of rising interest rates."

    We are about to face a sustained period of rising interest rate...What are you talking about? We have been facing what appears to be a lifetime of higher interest rates. What this article warns is that if you were one of the "lucky ones' that had "low interest rates 7-8-9 % they will now be going after you too. So much for your cushy life. Wall Street has not been kind to you! Blue Chip investment loss 70-80 % of their value and many went down the drain to join the Derivative sewer. Have they told you that your debt to income ratio requires that they lower your lines of credit to what you have used up.

    The Media told us that Americans are overpaid and will need to adjust their living standards. If you have a job, you will be getting a pay cut. The futue of the dollar is in trouble and maybe de-valued sometime in the next 12 to 24 months by 30-50 %! Rich folks got rich by working round the clock at great sacrifice to their family and health. Rich, and poor folks are all on the same boat now. What do we do now! Americans are paying approximately 42-47 % of their income on interest bearing debt. The NEW financial burden scenario for all folks is that they will be facing greater debt, no new credit and less income to live on. These are not just financial number on a page Numbers don't lie. Liars lie ..."Even as prospects for the American economy brighten". We ask is this a reality that you can tolerate? Americans wake up stop looking at their reality for us and be apart of making a realty that is better and works for the Country.
  6. wealthbuilders

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    Check out Debt Cures, by Kevin Trudeau, from your local library. It has worked wonders with my friends & family members!
  7. ModernMother

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    I am glad this post was written. It actually makes me feel better and I couldn't agree with it more. I was a person who "had it all" and with the economy as it is had to face some unfortunate situations. Most people do not choose to be in debt. I had struggled with creditors for years trying to keep them happy until I read My Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. I learned that I had to make my own plan and stick to it no matter how many times creditors called. This was the only way I could start systematically start chopping away at my debt. I know have half of my debt paid off . I also started doing little things to earn a few extra bucks online, such as surveys and affiliate marketing.

    It's nice to know that I am not alone in this struggle and that I am not the only good person to have hard times.

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